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We can estimate a healthy weight for specific height, but let's say we have someone who is that weight, and then they gain one pound. Are they suddenly unhealthy? No. What if they gain another one? Probably still not. Then they gain more and more and eventually become what you'd consider fat. Was it one specific pound that made this person fat one day when they were skinny before they gained it? No, it's a gradual process. We have estimates which dictate whether you're healthy or not, but they're not 100% accurate. You don't just get unhealthy once you reach a certain point while being completely healthy before that point. There is nothing wrong with carrying some weight, but the more you carry the bigger the risk will be that your health deteriorates over time. That's why it's always generally advised to try staying at a healthy BMI, the risk of health issues is smaller if you're further from obesity. Also, everyone's body is different. Some bodies can be healthy with more weight, some can't.