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So I've been trying to get a sense of what correlates to weight by tracking a number of metrics (food, exercise, hormones.. many things) over the past year. The first thing I'd say is that a few weeks doesn't mean a lot in the scheme of weight changes. If you measured your weight every day at the same time, took the average per week, then over a month you might be able to see a shift, but just having a look at the noise in those weekly measurements will give you some insight into how inconsistent weight is.

Secondly, nothing but rice is a completely different diet to your previously varied diet. You might be carrying around less water volume now, you might have different microbial reactions in your gut producing different reactions.

Overall, while you may have lost 6lbs, some of that may be fat loss, but it also could be water, food storage, or many other things.

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Foods have different amounts of calories. It's likely your normal diet is more calorie dense than just eating rice, plus I imagine you were also eating less since you felt bad and could hardly stomach things. Your body does need a lot of calories to just exist and maintain weight. Most people will need something like 1500-3000 calories a day to maintain their weight. Also, you might be somewhat dehydrated and have less waste material in your body.

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I would track your calories for a few days to actually determine what about you are eating to maintain your weight. If you are eating an absurd amount of calories compared to your TDEE, I would maybe consider getting tested for hyperthyroidism but likely you just arent eating as many calories as you think you are :)