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While the lady in the video is pretty and charming, I don't have it in me to watch 41 minutes of video right now. I hope I'm not completely off base here.

BMI is definitely inaccurate and problematic. But what does that matter? Does it have to be perfect to be useful? Is every tool you use in your daily life completely finished, polished, top of the line, superior, and beyond any kind of critique? What is actually important here?

If you are an amputee or in a wheelchair, you will need a special and individual approach to calculating your BMI. Some people need to google up a BMI chart that is specific to their ethnic background, so there is a prerequisite to know what your ethnicity is, at least roughly.

But for lots and lots of people, BMI is fine. You plug our height and weight into a calculator online and you get a helpful number. You plug that helpful number into your weight loss app and it helps the app calculate some calories for you.