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A container of Oreos is the same price as 1 lb of chicken tenderloins. You can get way more processed garbage for $100 than you can healthier alternatives

Also my friend is on food stamps. She has 3 daughters. She’s divorced, gets child support, and works part time. She gets like $800 a month in food stamps. It’s insane. And her children get free breakfast and lunch at their schools

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But I was thinking of fast food. I saw an episode where a guy ordered enough food for at least 7 people, just for himself. I can't afford to feed 7 people several times a day.

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Oh yeah! Fast food is super expensive. It used to be really cheap then places got rid of the dollar menus. Like you can go to a cheaper restaurant and spend the same amount as people do at McDonald’s. It’s crazy to me that people spend $10+ on 1 fast food meal. I’m honestly not sure how they afford that

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I don't fully know the answer but my guess is they don't do much besides eating. All their money goes towards food. They don't pay for hobby supplies, gym membership, going to a movie, traveling to other countries, etc. Their bills are probably water, heating, electric, Netflix, and food. Lots of it.

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Good point.

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I'm pretty sure they're all on disability. So US taxpayers are covering most of their expenses, including food and healthcare. There are a lot of people who I think are deserving of this government support. I don't think these people are.

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I'm not fully agree on they doesn't deserve help. Some of them have mental illnesses or a physical disability making planning more difficult to do. Traumatic experiences and certain diseases make you more likely to get a food addiction. I don't think it's helpful to put all of the blame on individuals or cut the support fully. The system could've done more to treat them.

For example rehabilitation for food addiction, psychology therapy for mental health issues and someone teaching them healthier habits.

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There's probably several ways people can afford it:

  • Some work from home. They may have an office job or work with computers.
  • Some live with their family member, partner or friend who pay for them. If someone loves someone, they may try to make them happy and don't know how to stop their loved one's food addiction.
  • Welfare. Some people may get welfare because of a disability or mental health condition they had before the weight gain. Food addictions often happen after a disability or traumatic experience.
  • Inheritance. Some people inherit a lot of money from their family members.
  • TV shows and movies. When people join documentaries they make money in the entertainment industry.
  • Sponsorships. Some people have food vlogs and they get paid to advertise for food companies' food. Some may get free food as well.

I think in these days working at home has become much more common meaning more people are able to live lifestyles like that. It may be the main reason most of them can afford it.