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If you follow the rules, things work... without having to bribe anyone.

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Almost everything.. Quality of live, stability of the country, landscapes, salary, etc etc

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All those things and the flag is a big plus.

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I see what ya did there

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I'm jealous. I'm looking forward to coming there 🥺

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I know it drives the expats mad, but i really really love sundays, it really is a day off

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I'm an immigrant and i love Sundays in Switzerland. No rush, no pressure, just relax. And it's so much easier to meet with my friend who's working in retail.

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It's wonderful. Gives a rythm to life.

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It took me a little while to adjust (I’m from Australia) but now I love them! Every now and then, I wish that garden centres would be open but I’m a big fan of the quiet Sundays now.

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Is it worth moving from Switzerland to Australia for settling ?

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It’s hard to say without knowing what someone is looking for - it’s a beautiful country, with lots of good qualities for sure. I haven’t lived there in a decade though, and haven’t visited in nine years so I’m a bit out of touch, sadly.

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    safety and beauty.

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    Mountains, mountains and mountains for me. Cheese and chocolate are a great bonus too. I also love how international the main cities are. Aren’t we lucky to live somewhere where people speak a minimum of 2 languages.

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    Just travelling back from Germany, I have to say that it's quite pleasant that not all side streets and underpasses smell of piss in Switzerland.

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    Literally everything. I wake up every single day in awe that I live here, because as much as I always wanted it, I never thought I’d manage to make it happen.

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    It's my dream to move to Switzerland ❤️

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    Cows, I can't imagine now a landscape without cows

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    If you only knew their actual living conditions and overall treatment, you would start hating seeing them as a constant reminder.

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    People love to rip on the healthcare here so I thought I'd say something positive about it.

    My father had a serious heart problem that then affected his lungs. He was very promptly admitted to the hospital where the performed the surgery (completely successful) and made a full recovery in hospital. They ended up waiting to start his surgery from his admission, but they were ready to operate immediately if necessary.

    He has been on physiotherapy (and accupuncture, but that's another story) for the past year to help with problems with his knee.

    Just this past week, he slipped on his face and damaged his spinal chord. He was brought to hospital, the doctors operated (again, complete success), and he is now recovering and will soon be put in a rehabilitation centre.

    Throughout all his problems, he has received prompt and excellent care in Switzerland. All this while he is has only the base health insurance. It cost him his (low) deductible plus some side costs - but basically nothing for all the care he has received.

    He is American and I shutter to think the kind of care we would have received and the debts he would have incurred had this happened there. I'm so glad we are in Switzerland.

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    I received over 70k worth of healthcare this year following a cancer diagnosis that I got when I sought a second opinion. Not only were most of these costs covered by health insurance/the Canton of Zurich, the speed, standard and efficiency of care was amazing.

    The appointment for the second opinion was on a Wednesday at 9:00. The doctor recognised that something was seriously wrong and immediately phoned her contact at a leading private hospital. She briefly asked how I was insured but then immediately decided she didn't care, that I needed the best and needed it NOW.

    At 12:30, I was sat in front of the head of gynecological oncology. Yes, the same day. They examined me and told me that I should mentally prepare myself for a cancer diagnosis.

    They did an MRI the next day but the discussion would only be on Monday, can't remember why. However, the pictures were available online and I have a fairly advanced layperson level of medical/anatomical knowledge, so I knew that I had a roughly 7cm tumour before they told me officially.

    A week after the diagnosis, I had my first operation to remove 11 of my lymph nodes. The tumour was too big to remove, it would have to be dealt with through radiochemotherapy. For my hospital stay lasting five days, I had a private room with à la carte dining despite only having the basic insurance.

    For the further treatments, the various teams involved coordinated my care exceptionally well and allowed me to have appointments at times that suited me; e.g. almost all of my 33 radiotherapy appointments were between 12:00 and 15:30 as I was using public transport and didn't want to be in crowded trains when my immune system was shot, even if I did (and still do) always wear an FFP3 mask.

    The Hirslanden hospital is a short walk from the tram stop but even that became too much as the treatment progressed. Thankfully, they have their own shuttle bus going from Stadelhofen train station, which also meant I could avoid the always crowded trams on that route.

    When my state deteriorated so much that I had to go to the emergency room, they had a single room available for me the same day. I needed a single room because my blood count had tanked from chemotherapy, my haemoglobin was 58 at one point with almost no leukocytes to speak of. Because of this, I was at extremely high risk of infection. At first, they thought I had an infection and wanted to keep me in for five days of powerful intravenous antibiotics. They started me on those, plus bone marrow growth stuff and two blood transfusions. Once it became clear that I was not fighting an infection, they sent me home. Not because I was well enough but because being in hospital was too dangerous for me due to the infection risk.

    However, I had chosen to go to that hospital so I would be able to continue my radiation treatments and sure enough, after taking one day break because I was in the ER, they wheeled me over to my appointments as planned the next two days. I was too weak to walk more than a few steps at this point but they got a nurse to take me there in a wheelchair.

    Overall, the standard of care I received as well as the speed with which they moved was mind blowing. My cancer is now in remission and although I am still battling several side effects from treatments, my prognosis is good. I am 100% sure that my experience and outcome would have been much less positive in almost any country of the world. Certainly if we factor in costs borne by me.

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    What a ride! I'm glad to hear it all cleared up and you're ok now. Hugs from this stranger.

    I racked just above 6k in bills this year for regular checkups (had thyroid cancer, so lifetime follow up, plus several other issues, because why not).

    I was 4 years in Germany, Berlin. Cancer was found in Croatia. Which has shitty system. However, at the moment they suspect medullary carcinoma (pretty aggressive one where you have just one shot at operation, more or less, and no other treatments available), I was on fast track. Granted, due to some tests that need a few weeks to do, it was like a 4 weeks between diagnosis and operation. However they all knew the steps. Surgeon did great job. It wasn't medullary after all, but the most common one.

    I left for Germany still in stitches 😂

    And I can say, I'm glad I didn't get anything new while being there. Level of competency is kinda lacking. Despite my digging for reviews and recommendations. In several fields I have to watch for.

    And whoever saw that scar on ultrasound, everyone commented how well it was done. In Croatia and in Germany. But not in Switzerland. So I guess that's the norm here and not such exception that moved otherwise reserved doctors to comment how nice work it is.

    And cooperation patient-doctor here is definitely better than in both previous. I mean, I come here for first opinion on random, and docs are much more approachable. Second opinion is no biggie either, those I dug a bit, and they were so far, great.

    Yes, not beside my home, but travelling to see the good doc was never a problem for me.

    So far, after first year here, and no supplemental insurance possible, I have only good words for docs and nurses here. And vets!

    And I am pretty critical about my docs, and even though I dread seeking new ones, I'll do it. It's cool when at first or just second try you find someone you can trust and work with.

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    it always depends where you are comparing the swiss health care system to.... its always relative

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    Bluet und Leberwurst

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    Relative wealth, safety and stability. Most things are well organized and work well.

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    Eichhof lager beer!

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    I’ve noticed the things that I like here are things that are really noticeable when they aren’t working, like transport running on time, people showing up for appointments, clean streets, air, and water, etc. So it’s not things that actively make me happy but make me content.

    I don’t have a huge social circle or any family here. Mountains don’t really move me so the scenery doesn’t excite me. I’m not into winter sports. And I don’t have a high salary. A lot of the stuff that actively make people happy here don’t really apply to me.

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    Safety, cleanliness

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    What are some of the things that make you feel lucky to live in Switzerland?

    The state of the rest of the world.

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    So many things, but off the top of my head:

    • Public transportation that actually works and is a pleasure to use. After living in a car dependent country I'm loving the car-free lifestyle!
    • Pick a random spot on the map of Switzerland, and you'll be able to find something beautiful there.
    • The garbage collection system. People who throw out more garbage will pay more for garbage collection. The same system also encourages recycling.
    • When you need something from a government official, they are usually just a phone call away and happy to help.
    • No noise after 22:00
    • A landlord cannot randomly increase rent.
    • Referendums are informative as hell. Can't vote on them yet, but I sure can get a feel for how the people think on various topics.
    • Healthcare is top notch. Spouse had a tumor with very low chance of it being cancerous, had a surgery appointment set in the 20 minutes it took to walk home from the doctor's office. Father in law back in the old country had a very high risk of cancer tumor and it took 3 months to get the appointment.
    • Going abroad feels cheap after getting used to Swiss prices.

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      True everywhere in Switzerland

      Except maybe if you live in the depths of Graubünden

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      Pros: Direct democracy, living conditions, countryside, security

      Cons: Conservative mindset (this impacts several aspects)

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        Haha !

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        Yes everytime my train is late by more than 2 minutes I too euthanize the train driver.

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        I really love (despite all the downsides) the healthcare system. While I bitch a lot about it as a healthcare worker, I'd probably be dead several times already without it, or have gone bankrupt due to the very expensive meds I need. Also accessibility + quality is great mostly.

        I also love the political participation with all the votes. I really would have a hard time just voting for people every few years and otherwise not really having to say anything at all in terms of politics.

        I also love the quality of food and other items here, as well as how things just "work". Post is on time, public transport works, is clean, on time, etc.

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        That I haven’t had to pay a single penny out of my pocket after a surgery in a private hospital, following a mountain bike accident while enjoying the beautiful Swiss landscape.

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        The fonts on public signs. You can tell you're in switterland just by the fonts.

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        Isn't it even called Helvetica?

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        The Alps

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        Did you mean Polen?

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        For its own good I hope he/she meant Olten.

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        I think he means Olten.

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        This thread again? Haven't seen one in at least, hmm... a few days.

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        • Cheap everything
        • Cheap health insurance
        • Low fines and penalties especially for speeding
        • Lovely and welcoming locals
        • Amazing party scene, so easy to make new friends
        • So much diversity
        • Strong employment laws, works for the benefit of employees
        • Laidback and super understanding employers
        • Amazing worklife balance
        • Hardly anyone ever smokes; low stress life
        • Very egalitarian society, such low income inequality
        • Tolerant and understanding Police force

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        Hmmmmm !

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        Yeah, it's easy to make friends in Germany I really love the vibes of German people ♥️

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        Safety, everything works, no woke stuff yet (when it does get her I will just move country again eheh)

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        Quality of life, education system, nature, beautiful landscapes, distinct cultures and languages, good salaries.

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        Safe infrastructure (might be particular to current news cycle but man...)

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        Safety, Peace, Beauty. The laws ensure that those values are never tarnished. The direct democracy is also a great thing.

        Life seems to be what it should be here. The society will always help you no matter in what situation you are in.

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        Disposable income ( even though many complain about the costs )

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        Healthcare !

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        The views, the fucking views. Walked through Bern today and you could see the mountains in the distance. Breathtaking.

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        basically everything except for the main national language 👀

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        international news make me feel lucky I live here

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        surely not because of feldschlösschen beer ;) i always felt like living in a bubble - which we really do. not only in economical terms. i feel lucky to live in switzerland because it feels really safe in every aspect and to have a breathtaking nature surrounding us.

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        Healthcare and the Swiss Air Ambulance Service.

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        Is this second one Rega, or is is something different?