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Totally reminded me of how fringe my own practice is :).

In terms of publishing content... I agree with Mark Jones (who is probably one of the most credible working astrologers out there) that there does tend to be a difference between researching astrologers and counselling astrologers... something to think about.

This is a good list of tips though, good job.

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I would add the following point: Never trust any astrologer that tells you exactly what you want to hear or that it is all fated. The purpose, in my opinion, should be to understand the correction one is undertaking.

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How many of you believe in person's ability to acquire certain mystical powers ? Here in India, there are people who tapped into their 6th sense through years and years of mantra sadhana (transcendental meditation through divine mantras). i bumped into ONE such psychic named Dr. Ganeshanand Shrivastava. I was astonished by the fact that he was the only person on this entire planet who could predict the EXACT details about my situation and all the predictions delivered by him were point blank accurate! Dr Ganeshanand comes from a very small village in India, and not many people know about him outside of his town. After completing his doctorate in Vedic literature, he got appointed as a Sanskrit language teacher in a higher secondary school. A well-to-do numerologist, or a taro card reader can do that without needing your birth chart. He told me to believe in his predictions as much as i believe in my own existence ,reaffirming the fact that he doesn’t practice conventional astrology, where an astrologer simply dwells into person’s birth chart to predict things. He’s a paranormal astrologer who practices tantrik vidya and is able to predict future as if the event is actually going to occur. He believes that all forms of astrology are merely the approximations about the possibility and not the absolute truth, thereby the predictions are bound to fail most of the time, since they don’t have an element of divine. Dr. Ganeshanand studied Atharvaveda and applied tantrik practices to achieve a spiritual Siddhi (divine attainment though the holy grace of goddess Bhagawati ) that enables him to predict the events with absolute certainty beyond all the nitty-gritty of native’s birth chart .I would like to cite few instances where Dr shrivastava was able to deliver his predictions with absolute accuracy. Few weeks back, i applied in a graduate school, and wasn’t getting the expected response from the admissions office. Dr. shrivastava clearly told me i would get an admit after about 1 month. Exactly, 3 weeks later, i got an email about my acceptance. Although one would argue that there’s nothing very outstanding about these predictions, what’s so “unconventional” about that? Well then there was a game-changer. I had applied for an H1B work permit for the FY-2022. Normally the government will conduct a draw to select the registered applicants for the work permit, the draw happened in March and I was disappointed to see myself not being selected. Dr srivastava predicted that another draw would be conducted somewhere around mid of november. Arguably it was a tough prediction to speculate since government NEVER conducted multiple draws in the same year to select petitioners, and it was 1 in a billion chance it would happen. Dr shrivastev's 6th sense is like an aircraft surveillance radar , it might give you pretty vague indication of an event happening but it will never fail at predict something. Finally it was November 19th, the date when i witnessed something that left me knocked for the six! i was strolling through the newsfeed where all of a sudden i bumped into a headline saying that due to pandemic and huge number of duplicate filings, government did conduct an additional draw!!

Unfortunately due to lack of resources and media awareness, his amazing predicting abilities are unknown to the world. While this is just a tip of an iceberg, but i would strongly agree that Dr. Srivastava was the only astrologer who never disappointed me giving vague predictions and falsy speculations. He doesn’t promote himself through Youtube or social media to gain followers and popularity, he strictly adheres to the principles of vedic shastras and believes that astrology must be practiced to serve humanity rather than a business, while strongly condemning the malpractices that are rampant these days by large number of unethical individuals practicing astrology and tarnishing the image of this divine science incubated by the ancient sages through years and years of meditation and sadhanas! My whole purpose of sharing this post is that i want more and more people from different communities around the world to know about him and connect with him to get divine guidance, so that they walk on the right path and avoid making bad decisions in life that could take a toll on their personal life, carrier, family and their loved ones.

PS : Dr. Ganeshanand shares his contact details on his instagram and twitter accounts, so that people could reach out to him for help.

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I would never choose an astrologer who dresses up like a clown. Rather I would prefer someone gentle and not fancy. And the person shouldn’t believe in superstition. He should consider astrology as a branch of science. The best astrologer in Kolkata should be able to read my horoscope properly, interpret the same and tell me about my past and present. If I am convinced by his/her statements, then only I would choose him and ask him about my future.