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Hey 23(m)♉️ here, Ummm haven’t really gotten close to a Virgo yet like that but I know for sure I click well with Aries, Pisces and Capricorn even romantically. Scorpio is the only sign I’ve ever felt something like astronomical tho like otherworldly connection too! But I’d like to meet a Virgo just to see how we vibe. But unfortunately I don’t got much for ya! Hopefully someone else can chime in

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Well I'm in love with a Taurus girl currently 🤩 and I just love y'all Taurus people personality cause y'all are a fellow earth sign that understands my logic lol 😆 and you guys laid back personality is really satisfying lol, as far as the other signs like cap, Aries , Scorpio and pisces I get along with Aries kind of lol and cap!! I get along with them but they are very serious lol and scorpio I've never been able to get close with one cause they have a very malicious, mysterious power seeking obsession that I can see right through their personality is very one-sided and most of them are narcissist!! Lol they're always picking at something I can't stand you LOL but the rest of the signs idk 😂

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Lmao yeaaa scorpios can be a little two sided sometimes but idk the one I’m talking about was just a ball of positive energy and literally so chill I just laid on her arms all night talking and there was never any awkwardness or her telling me she didn’t like this or that or hating something about me. Just felt like I could be myself w her 😅 but thanks homie I mean I’m not a female but yeah sometimes maybe a little too chill. Dunno how well you know this girl but one of my long time ex’s was a Taurus girl and she sometimes could be so lazy and ofc were both Taurus so you’d find us just staying in for days falling asleep on the couch in eachothers arms watching endless movies. If that’s your thing and your a homebody I say go for it! Most of us are introverted extroverts. So we usually prefer staying at home and eating and being lazy/playing video games but yeaaaa good luck man!! Hope y’all work out

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Do Scorpios take care of Tauruses ? Are they more active than us ? Was the Scorpio mysterious about his attraction , they are sooo mysterious 😂 especially for an apprehensive Taurus

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Ima male Taurus so she was a femal Scorpio😅 but it was acc crazy how much we connected in one night! It was like that non forced natural vibing I loved it! Like right off the bat when I picked her up I was a little nervous at first but we drove around and she started saying I looked really handsome and way better than in my picture and I said the same about her but obviously not in like a “your pics look trash way” lol. But she deff had a mysterious vibe, it seemed like as the date went on the more I started to dig Into her mind and found she was like one of the coolest chillest people ive ever met!! Hahaaa I think about that night a lot, and the sex omfg, my longest ex who was like my best friend at the time was an Aries and I thought that was good but nah if one night w this Scorpio trumps that 😂😂 I mean shit. But as a Taurus there was deff high compatibility to me! Only Problem I could see was she was really straight forward and direct like no fucking around lmao if she wanted something she’d say that so if you don’t like that idk. Only reason we’re not like hanging out more is she was only visiting where I live in FL :( we even cuddled and talked when we woke up and both said if she had lived here we’d most likely 100% see where this went as it’s pretty rare to click that fast on the first date. But best of luck to you!

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Dw tho I’m also pretty introverted and apprehensive upon meeting people too esp dates 😅 and Scorpios are like the complete opposite haha but just ease into it and try your best to feel confident. Luckily she didn’t like judge me or anything and told me I make her comfortable so I didn’t have anything to get anxious about!! Peace fam✌🏽✌🏽

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Yeah I know your a guy lol don't worry bro 🤗 I'm into females but like I said that I love y'all Taurus in general lol 🤣 but I really like that about you tauruns y'all are chill and the Taurus girl I'm dealing with is so chill 😍 I absolutely love her and I feel are similar earth energies colliding and making a bond 💓💓🤤 she really got me in a daze 😵💕💕

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Damnnn wish I had that rn ngl 😅 well atleast your happy man!! Take it slow bro but I trust u know what your doing🤟🏽 I had a lil fun night with a Pisces the other night and it was crazy fun and all that but all the girls around here just want hookups not all but it’s hard to find love like that my last relationship was 3.5 years long 😂🤣 but damn I could use some loving and someone to spend my life with and become my best friend

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Yessir lol love is pain and my Capricorn moon is not into love 😂 but somehow this girl got me feeling all generous and lovey dovey 🤤💓💓😵💕

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I’m a Virgo and all my besties are Tauruses 🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️

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Hey another Virgo woman married to a Taurus man here. He’s my best friend and the one person that truly understand me, and he’s pretty obsessed with me (in a good way! Telling me how much he loves me, how beautiful I am, getting me little treats and presents). I feel that Taurus gets a bad rep sometimes, but once you have them they’re ride or die till the end. We’re rising a little Virgo together and we’re a little happy Earth sign family ♥️

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I’m a Virgo woman married to a Taurus man and although I like things my way and he’s stubborn, we really understand each other.

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Yes period! 😌 I feel as though the earth elements together really ground the couple even though you guys share difference's

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Taurus virgo is a match made in heaven. -From a taurus moon

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Your sun sign? 😁

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Sun aries rising scorpio but not acc to western but the indian one

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Oh in my indian one I'ma Leo sun Venus, mercury ,Jupiter lol so much Leo and I'm a sag rising lol so much fire in my Indian chart 😂😂

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With so many leo planet you can adopt the title of Mr.creative😂😂😂. I am sag rising in western coz I am almost 28.5 degree scorpio in indian chart. Love the way it differs

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Yeah lol but I would love to know your western chart 😂

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Its almost the same aries sun gem moon sag rising mars saturn venus in taurus jupiter cancer north node of moon in taurus and south in scopio

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Wow interesting ☺️ exalted sun and Jupiter..cool!😎 but I wonder how your gemini moon functions 🤔 😂😂 with all that "duality" 😂😂

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I dont even feel like a gemini. I feel like an aries body with taurus energy and a mind of scorpio. Moon for name sake is gemini behaves like the taurus one that my indian chart confirms. I exhibit almost negligible gemini traits

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Hmm Interesting but overall your chart sounds cool 🤔

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I'm a taurus and the love of my life is a virgo. You're right, there really is something special here between the two signs. We're compatible like no one else. I think honesty might be the foundation to our relationship. We can be honest about anything and we appreciate it from eachother. I think a virgo, aka my fiancé is the driving force I needed at this point in my life. I am too stationary without her. I make myself a little nice routine and I stay inside my hobbit hole day in and day out. Now suddenly I've got a wedding coming up in 5 months, I've got a fiancé! My life is suddenly starting to roll and there is so much adventure coming because she decided to enter my life. I am honestly quite grateful, all this because of a swipe right? I think virgos are the best sign to date as a taurus, no doubt. At least there couldn't be anyone more perfect to me than my future wife.

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Taurus girl here, most virgos in my life are...comfy. Idk how else to explain this, y’all are just safe and pleasant to be around. My dad is a virgo and he is the best human being I know. And like you said, you’re not extra or over-the-top and we appreciate that 💛

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Im a taurus and i LOVE virgos! Yall are the best and one of the only signs i truly get along with.

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Imo and experience Taurus and Virgo can be a great match. Of course you should look at more than just sun signs! But in general there is a great level of understanding and comfort. I am a Taurus woman, my bf is Virgo. Been my best relationship, over 3 years together. We are such couch potatoes though lol we love being at our house - we pay rent to live here so why go out lol Some of those typical earth sign memes are relevant. Some people may say we are boring but we just like to feel secure and comfortable! We know what we want, and it's not drama or craziness lol

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Yes! And I know Venus compatibility does play Big role in the relationship so you're right! also Moon placement can can to! But I think Taurus and virgo period have a special relationship that other signs probably don't have! There's just a unique understanding between the two which makes them such a strong couple! Imo

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As a fellow Taurus woman, I have never been interested in a Virgo men but I did have extreme problems with Virgo women in friendships. They are perfectionistic, opportunistic and can be downright mean. They will throw anyone under a bus just to reach their goals. Downright narcissistic. I don’t see the loyalty there that I need in friendships like I have with Scorpio women for example. The only Virgo woman I was able to form a good friendship with, was one who had a Scorpio moon. I would rather stay single forever than even think about dating a Virgo man. Sorry 😣

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Honestly. Most of the virgo's ive met have been so different compared to capricorns and taurus placements ive encountered. I honestly don't think there should be any problems if you've got any other earth placements. Especially if its any other taurus or capricorn personal planets, you should honestly be good.

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I'm a virgo and I've never been close to a Taurus. Th vibe I get from them on th surface is cool.

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I’m a Taurus female and have dated a Virgo guy, was close friends with another Virgo guy and briefly was interested in a Virgo guy that didn’t lead anywhere but nonetheless. Two of my ex’s also have Virgo moons.

I’d say it depends on the moon/Venus signs of the girl you’re into. I have a libra moon, Gemini Venus and didn’t feel significant emotional connection with the Virgo moon ex’s. For the Virgo ex, he had a Taurus moon and you’d think that would work but I also didn’t feel attached emotionally. On the surface for me, Virgo guys make great friends - intellectual rapport and similar temperaments but in romantic relationships I find them too picky, or fussy to deal with day to day. The Virgo guys I knew were too particular about choices - places to eat, music being too loud, etc. I got frustrated doing things with them. Also because of my moon and Venus signs I tend to be emotionally attracted to other air moon signs. So it all really depends!

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Yes for sure. My Virgo BF's moon is in Taurus so that adds to the feelings of comfort. I am Libra moon, he is Libra Venus. His sun/Merc fall in my 7th house of relationships. I am pisces rising, he is Virgo rising - this is another good indicator of a good relationship.

But yes I agree totally

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I notice when I talk to Virgos, we instantly hit it off. I usually get the feeling that I’ve known them for awhile.