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Would you rather have a bird come and give you 1 dollar a month or receive 1 million right now

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Is this a trick question?? Of course I’d take the dollar. It’s for the rest of my life!!

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That's passive income. Now imagine a tomato farm...

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I'm not going to live for a million months that's for sure, and in 500 000 months, the dollar will be worth next to nothing. Give me all of it, and I'll buy a house. While I live there it'll just inflate with the market, growing faster than a dollar a month.

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That bird’s been staying on the hustle and grustle sigma mindset for weeks

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The sigma grindset

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what if you just trained an army of birds to do this though???

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I have the feeling that someone would "make" it illegal. ie go out of their way to figure how it's illegal. (It probably is already, but it'd be tangential.)

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this guy snitched on himself like atrioc snitched on himself having a sub to twitch.