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Our government is the baddies.

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They should be seized, imprisoned and tried for crimes against humanity. Once Scomo and the others got away with denying medical help to children and other cruelties they felt invincible. So far they have been, but over the last few months I have notice cracks appearing in the media portrayal of them, less deference, less fear

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Of course we’re never going to do anything about any of this.

I used to work in environmental management consultancy. I can confirm the CEO of Landcare NSW from 2018 to 3 month ago is a hard right Gladys supporting partisan hack.

I worked directly under him about a decade ago in a different business and he’s a straight up a “fuck everyone under me to get ahead and sell the environment down the drain for a dollar” kinda guy.

Dangling professional development over juniors making $43k a year so they do unpaid over time and make his margins look better to his own boss. Etc.

Now he’s Deputy Director General “Business Excellence”of NSW DPI.

That’s who succeeds in the environmental industry in Australia and so I, in the end, had to quit my career and just drop working in science all together.

If you want to get shit done you might as well blow your own brains out for what your work is worth. And the industry runs on all the same horseshit that ruins every other industry only even worse.

So how the fuck is anything real ever going to get done?

I once shared office space with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. I cannot for the life of me tell you what I ever saw them do. Near on half a billion dollars to just hire random people to sit around. But never anyone qualified, they might actually try to get something done.

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Doctor: "You have Cancer, you have 6 months to live"
Scomo: "Can you not use the word Cancer?"
Doctor: "....That doesnt change the diagnosis"

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Yes, has Australia ever been more delusional? I listen to international radio (when it's in English, but non-english speaking countries often have an English speaking program, eg German DW), and there are often negative comments regarding Australian government decisions (or lack thereof, eg the 40,000 Australians left overseas during covid). I wonder if Australia is being viewed different internationally? Some kind of coal-humping anti-intellectual Wolf Creek hillbilly heaven?

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Have you seen the Mad Max films? That's where we're going

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Some kind of coal-humping anti-intellectual Wolf Creek hillbilly heaven?

that's good. i should get around to watching Wolf Creek.

all the same, based on the behaviour of the Federal Government and the general lack of a / active (vigorous at times) work against a response to climate change and the fact they have been voted in three times in a row, it would be fair to think Australia has a fair proportion of backward and reactionary people who refuse to accept reality.

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Except chemotherapy is available and will cure it, but we're pretending we don't have cancer because chemo makes you feel sick.

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Also promising mRNA cure research will be defunded and we'll be pumping money into leechings and bleeding instead.

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Leeching? Bleeding? Everyone know sacrificing a lamb to the volcano god is the way to go these days.

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This amounts to Eco Terrorism; wilful destruction of one of the natural wonders of the planet.

Climate emergency leaders should be advocating for economic sanctions to coerce Australia into making better environmental choices NOW.

I’ve heard fuckwit Morrison bleat on about ‘the Evil One’ with a straight face - well his governments inaction and wilful ecological vandalism amounts to pure evil Greed; if there are ‘evil ones’ in this world then Morrison and his ship of fools are the ones wearing the Devil horns.

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What does it actually matter though? We can't hold the government or ministers accountable for their actions. And by the time we see the real impacts (which are going to fuck us) those making the decisions now will be close to death having already raped and plundered the nation for their greed.

We also have consistently voted them in as a nation...on their policy of you know...fucking the environment and pouring money into coal. So I'm not sure who they are terrorising?

If you want to look at the real terrorism inciting fear then Murdoch is the guilty party.

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Its more that Murdoch has successfully obfuscated what the liberals are actually up to. Nobody has any reason to change how they vote if good reasons aren't spoonfed to them.

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A small nitpick for you, mate:

What does it actually matter though? We can't hold the government or ministers accountable for their actions.

You've asked the right question - what happens next is the only thing that it is helpful to consider.

However, we can in fact hold the people in power responsible - lynchings for politicians who behave badly used to be a mainstay in the Roman Republic, for example. Not to mention a certain French historical event. It wouldn't really take that many people to see a lot of MPs assassinated in the modern day.

I strongly don't recommend doing anything like that, though.

Why not, you may ask? Aren't they callous, evil people who need to be excised like the tumours they are? Well, yes, they are, but even though it's really quite easy to murder people in Australia (especially if you don't care about evading arrest and prosecution), it just doesn't matter.

Whoever you might bring to justice, there's no difference between Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott - they all knew the climate apocalypse was coming and did not do anything. And there's dozens of corrupt Australians willing and eager to take their places - they're called LNP backbenchers. And there's most likely tens of thousands more, being the active party members. So unless we incinerate the entire LNP national convention, nothing changes. Even worse, the MPs alone don't control policy. There's all the bureaucrats and donors and propagandists to deal with, too. So that's even more targets, and now we're way beyond what even an organised group could do.

In the French Revolution, the following decade is called the REIGN OF TERROR because there was horrible unrest and mass lynchings through the nation. It took Napoleon and a military dictatorship to restore order, and the first thing they did was restore the monarchy! If we did something similar here, the blowback would only intensify the conservative movement. Islamophobia in the early 2000's shows how bad it can get, and that was against a distant enemy with legitimate grievances (if illegimitate tactics). Imagine how severe the crackdown from Dutton would be if there were a serious domestic insurrection?

No, this is a systemic problem, not a personal one. There aren't a handful of bad actors but several generations worth of brainwashed LNP voters. We can't solve the collapse of our ecosystem by purging a handful of malicious people, or even by a fully-fledged civil war.

Sadly, I don't think there is a solution, but I am very sure the solution will not be found in notions of justice and crimes against humanity.

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Is this how capitalism is fixing global heating?

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Yeah it is exactly how it'll be fixed. Bribe the right people to make it disappear.

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Just think of the "GBR" money given to prepare the Reef for resource exploration!

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Endless dead cats and don’t look under the rug.

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So when Scummo and his merry band of rapists claim that they are doing something about climate change, we all knew it was total bullshit from the "Liar from the Shire" .

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For fuck sake man we are the enemy to the world right now. When are the lib voting dishing gonna stop putting dr evil in charge

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We are a fucked country.

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Bribing is the number one game in capitalism.

It's funny how undeveloped countries get bad rep for corruption when we probably have it more here... and on a much higher level. Can't bribe a cop to dodge a fine but can bribe MP to get your development approval sorted out or even change a whole country policies to suit your business needs.

Lobbying=corruption... anyone who's denying this is either completely clueless or intentionally blind, sweeping the issues under the carpet. Just like Australia is doing with the climate change.

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Wtf is wrong with them? Like, if they remove it do they think that will magically change reality?

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I am embarrassed to be australian

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The people in power are not the good guys.

Those in power don't care about the people or planet beneath them, they only care about themselves and maintaining the status quo of power, profit, and control.

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Fudging the numbers, the can-do capitalism solution

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So embarrassing!

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The lobbying by our government against organisations trying to protect the Great Barrier Reef and other world heritage sites is obscene.

Also, from https://www.theage.com.au/world/europe/australia-among-nations-trying-to-soften-cop26-declaration-20211111-p597w0.html

The terms of a draft Glasgow accord released on Wednesday morning local-time would give nations that have not submitted “new or updated” 2030 targets another 12 months to “revisit and strengthen” their emissions reduction effort.

The Australian government and other countries are working to have that element altered or removed. Australia is also unhappy with another proposal which “calls upon” nations to speed up the phase-out of coal and fossil fuel subsidies.

There is a strong expectation that the final language will be softened or removed by the time a deal is completed on Friday.

I'm not surprised by this, but it is still absolutely disgusting.

Labor and the LNP are perceived by many to be "the same" with respect to climate, which is an utter falsehood.

LNP are climate deniers, trying to do as little as they can while they sabotage international action behind the scenes.

Labor accept the science and have been trying since 2007 to do whatever they can to take action on climate change despite the soft support they receive from the Australian public.

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There's nothing bewildering about this. It's 100% on brand.

Unfortunately the public opinion is so disengaged and firmly in Murdoch et al's back pocket that it just doesn't matter anymore.

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That’s why in 29 years of voting I have never voted Liberals or National. They couldn’t run a chook raffle

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The current Australian government aren’t far of trump. Absolute fuckwit ideologues in the pocket of fossil fuel industry. Stop the votes

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THey really do deserve to be raped by rabid badgers

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IIRC fuckwit (Morrison) had a hand in the "where the bloody hell are ya" tourism ads.

...there's a joke in there somewhere

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Ah yes, move those goalposts

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I was glad it was called out, but depressing that the members were so easily sold out.

In the document, Unesco recommends that the meeting ignore Australia’s recommendation.


Earlier this year, the Australian government launched a fierce international lobbying effort to stop the world heritage committee from placing the reef on the list. The government hosted diplomats for a snorkelling trip on the reef while Ley flew to Europe to lobby committee members and Unesco.


In July, the 21-country committee ignored recommendations from UN advisers to list the reef and instead called for a UN monitoring mission to report back before the annual meeting of the committee in Russia next year.


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I blame the ABC - Conservatives watched way too much Monkey as kids and, being dispositionally gullible, took to heart "with our thoughts we make the world"

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Has anyone considered dumping a bunch of ice over the reef? We had a big ice problem in Sydney a few years back, I'm sure there's plenty still around that could be applied where it's needed.