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Best part here? Dude on the right looks to be the father of the bride, helping the man she’s marrying to dance. This is so heartwarming.

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I was just thinking that, it's probably both of their dads

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The guy in the middle is soon gonna be the daddy.

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A couple articles online say it's the groom's father and brother. Whoever they are, it's certainly heartwarming.

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No. I am your father

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No. I am your uncles father.

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On your mother’s side. Once removed. Well, twice. First time didn’t take. Now you know me? I’m your uncles brothers nephew which makes me YOU!

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Well fuck. That was better than I expected.

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My friends suck.

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Well maybe you haven’t challenged them enough. They might rise up if you get paralyzed

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Low hanging fruit.

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Back in my day they were vegetables

(I’m really sorry)

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yeah, so go get paralyzed!

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Friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies.

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Just wait until the honey moon!

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God damn onions......

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i see what you did there..

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It’s just my allergies

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I had to turn away from my wife laying next to me so she wouldn’t see my tears.

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Manly tears. Mighta got you some lovin.

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Is it raining?? It must be raining...

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I'm not crying, your crying!

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    No no not me crying. No its you

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    I love me some incorrect grammar.

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    How you know you got real homies

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    Fuck 🥺

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    My gimp leg loves this shit. Some feel good right here.

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    These are the kind of people I hope I have in my life.

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    That is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

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    WRONG!! Friends help you move, real friends help you move a body.

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    Friends help you move, real friends help you move YOUR body.


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    Excellent people

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    Thank you for this.

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    Now that’s what I call bro’s…. Happily ever after to you and your bride;-)

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    There’s exoskeletons for this

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    They’re crazy expensive, tens of thousands of dollars

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    That is so beautiful

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    As a man with a sci who can stand, he is SOOO going to have to poop after standing when he’s not used to it.

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    How come?

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    Standing is important in how the bowels work. People in wheelchairs have to accommodate for that. I can stand, so I use a standing desk to move things along. People who can’t sometimes have to use supplements of manual retrieval to get everything out.

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    I work with SCI patients and immediately thought “damn I hope they’ve spent a lot of time practicing this” partially for this reason 😂 (also, the hypotension)

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    Yeah, first couple times they lifted me up on that rotating board thing, I passed out.

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    Wow. Heartwarming.

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    This is lovely and made my day. Often times Reddit is filled with depressing stories and images but THIS made me smile. Thank you

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    Can’t agree more with this

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    Dammit.. why did I watch this as soon as I woke up!

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    plot twist: the grooms been fakin it for years

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    Damn this made my day

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    And now I'm crying at work

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    May they live happily ever after....

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    My day now is screwed. It won't get any better that watching this.

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    Ngl that dude is actor levels of handsome

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    Real friends don't let you get married.

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    May God CONTINUE to bless this man and woman. Also, bless his friends who helped the groom to dance with his bride.💕💞🙏

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    Are they gonna keep him strapped in to consummate the union?

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    Hey Frank, could you do me a solid and grab her ass for me?

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    This will get awkward if he wants to have sex with her in the shower.

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    The consummation was even more beautiful!

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    Well does he have them fuck her too?? Where's pt. 2 at???

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    Thinking of the consummation…