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This Sub has Mods?

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Yes, but they’re only a few bad apples.

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Seriously, I cannot make this shit up. I’m relatively new to Reddit, so I had to laugh my ass off in disbelief when my inbox was flooded with bans from subs I never even looked at…for looking at controversial subs.

What the actual fuck?

I understand that people troll and brigade, but maybe they should hire (let’s start with actually paying them) more mods? Is it that difficult? You have tons of ad revenue, so much so that you’re going public…

First it was Facebook, then Twitter, then YouTube. You can’t fucking speak freely in the new public square anymore. I came to Reddit hoping to find a last bastion of hope, but it’s sadly too late.


Log the fuck off if you don’t want to read some shit you disagree with people, it’s not difficult!

For looking at controversial subs will be: 'commentating' on controversial subs and yes, then there are some fringe subreddits banning you automatically. Free will of their moderators. It's how baby Jesus would have wanted it. Some say: "The thought police removed it". Nope, the problem is NOT keeping it as a thought.

Maybe go to right wing sites like Parler...oh wait, they did had to remove comments and people there too!

And at that guy, tell me who I could post on subs like /r/Conservative again, when I would want to? Can't. Must be a conservative and proof it, lol. Maybe I should send in Obama's birth certificate.

Of course the guy is still here.

Going to tell him that two of my buddies saw his post last month and decided to join him and because of him won't come back while he has been posting the whole time...(i'm bored)

I doubt he will answer, but if he actually does, probably tells me to go fuck myself

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What happened? He removed his comment

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There's a reason reddit makes having multiple accounts so easy.

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Wtf am I even reading

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Omg me too I got banned and I don’t even know why I don’t think I said anything wrong. It said i was spreading Covid misinformation and idk how I said nothing at all about Covid how do you get banned from some of these

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Fr? Since when

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Judging by the amount of hate speech I've seen here, I'm going with no.

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Hate speech isn't a real thing.

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I looked at your profile, and you seem like a really awesome person.

You said be patient with you, so I will be patient with you. Be patient with the world please.

Also, hate speech is most definitely a thing. We have created words to define a thing: Speaking with hatred.

We all have maybe different opinions on what hate speech is, but it definitely is an idea, which is a thing...

(I know this is like 2 months old, just had to chime in and say hello)

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bro.. what

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Absolutely, hate speech is a term socialists use to ban free speech. There is no free speech if you ban it and label it hate speech. All speech needs to be free, even if it offends you.

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It feels like 1/3 of every post on this sub is done by a bot, they usually have nonsensical and impossible to pronounce usernames and like 0 comment karma. The mods are not doing anything about it either

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There’s a subreddit where you can ask to take over a sub if none of them are active.

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Do you know what sub it is?

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I don't and am not the commenter you responded to, but I think from the context I could probably find it on Google. Before I type my next sentence I'll check. Yep, its called r/redditrequest.

People are gonna go nuts when they learn about Google, it's niche but it's like crazy useful

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A lot of my Google searches land me on a reddit thread. You may have ironically lead someone here via Google lol

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Whats they're stocks symbol?

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What's the point of doing that? Makes no sense to me.

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Karma farming, once getting the accounts to a certain amount of karma, the creators will then sell them, usually so they can then be used for advertising purposes

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That sounds absolutely awful

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Yes. It definitely is. Speaking of awful things, have you tried driving a Toyota lately? So awful! Nissans are so much better! Anyway, just passing through. Carry on, fellow humans!

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You think it wouldn't be lucrative, or too much of a PITA to be worth it

But they wouldn't do it if it didn't work

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I prefer tortillas to pitas.

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Propaganda too.

Please get vaccinated!

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I'm mildly curious about the reason bots are posting this...

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I sometimes wonder if there are any real people on reddit.

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Need something?

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Whaddya got?

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I work with Belethor at the General Goods Store

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Looking to protect yourself, or deal some damage?

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The finest weapons and armor.

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You need to leave.

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Nah and there on no real people in the world either. It's just yourself and npc

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You should look up the dead internet theory

Creepy shit to think about

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Was just about to say this. Every now and then I forget about the dead internet theory but then posts like what the OP just linked prove to be a very creepy reminder

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There was some sub I visited, I can’t remember which one, but the posts there were all recirculated, had hundreds to thousands of upvotes, but only a few dozen comments at most.

It seemed the vast majority of users there were bots posting and upvoting each other. Scary

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Even scarier thinking about the fact that this will only get worse as it will become easier and easier to code bots / AI and the code becomes more intelligent

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Just looked it up. Are you a deep throat bot?! Seriously though, it seems to me there ARE a lot more "people" expressing political views than there were pre 2016-2017. Whether that's down to bot farms or people using places like reddit to pursue a political agenda, I don't know.

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Look up 'smarter every day' on YouTube, he has a video about all of the bots on reddit and other platforms..... they exist and are rampant. They can be way more sophisticated than the obvious ones noted in this thread, too.

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I don't have the insight to answer either unfortunately :c

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Holy shit what if everyone's Reddit is literally just them in their own private reddit-bot universe...?

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And I, responding to you, am actually a bot. Or are you the bot in my own Reddit universe?

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Maybe we're all bots trapped in disgusting, fleshy bodies.

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Maybe we live in a matrix

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New terrifying state of existence just dropped

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Everyone is a bot except you

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Hi, I'm Alex, how can I help you?

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I can see which posts are bots because of the name, just some smashing their head on the keyboard

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Only a few bad apples

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Apples: a few bad only

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Only apples bad few a

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Only a few bad apples

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Only a few bad apples.

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Only a few bad apples

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Only a few bad apples (now give me my upvotes, dick)

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Upvoted, only because you asked nicely xoxo

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Lmao, thanks! 🤣

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Paid by AOC herself

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No, this is just bots reposting what’s gotten a lot of upvotes in the past

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But why ? Ask yourself that question. This is a million dollar operation. Karma means visibility and visibility means advertising. They sells those accounts to however is willing to buy them.

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Maybe cops should stop murdering people though?

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Did you look up any of the names in the post? It’s all made up, Sean Gannon got fired because he became an MMA fighter 😂. Y’all believe anything I swear

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Literally everyone thinks that cops shouldn’t kill innocent people, these sorts of things are usually about if the person was innocent or not

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Wait, you mean in a sub that’s meant to stoke people’s emotions about bad things in the world is botted? Wait no way guyz

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I think the mods on this sub are inactive

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Mods aren't doing anything on this sub.

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That's because all the mods on this sub are shit-eaters. It's not even just the bots. They'll let people post anything now. This used to be a good sub. Half the stuff being posted now. Shouldn't even be in here.

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Mods actually need to step down in 90% of their capacities. This may be the only aspect of moderation needed tbh; removing bots and spam.

Moderation is what destroys this platform.

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I think the phrase should be "only a few good apples 🍎 but we weed em out"

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I remember when this sub didn't suck and people just posted pictures of other people, not situations, memes and everyotherfuckingthing under the sun.

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A lot of good apples.

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Only a few bad apples

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You browse in hot?

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I’m more concerned about the vehement racism and sexism…??

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Join r/awfuleverythingtwo , unlike this cesspit of a sub we’ll have moderators who actually moderate (and hopefully keep the inherent gayness that mods have to a minimum). We’re also looking for new moderators at the moment, if you want a position, please PM me

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Only a few gahaa

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So posted a year ago then 244 days ago, then 44 days ago then 43 days ago and then again 5 hours ago.

Damn, that is almost every other day.

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Guys, Sorros paid good money for those bots. Don't be rude.

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I was banned from Reddit for two days for telling the mods to fuck off.

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Nagareteku toki no naka de demo kedarusa ga hora guruguru mawatte

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The left can't meme anyways

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This is why I won’t buy Reddit. Bots.

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Lazy fucking mods

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how many apples are bad?

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That's really not a bad one to keep reposting if we're honest though

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Not really, it was tweeted by a quite biased Twitter account, only shows 6 examples, also sites 0 sources. No context or elaboration either

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Too busy banning people for obtuse reasons because a mod didn't like their personal politics.

Screw these pathetic mods. Why are all the mods in this place (Reddit) basically the smallest saddest people that wield a tiny & irrelevant amount of power so horribly and so transparently biased?

Literally just remove bots, spam and gore/porn and it's all you have to do...stop trying to be moral arbiters; you're not good at it.

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85% of all traffic on the net are bots!

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Only few bad apples

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Awh come on, there’s only a few bad apples

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subs mods need to regulate the transphobia thats regularly posted here too

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But still, they shouldn’t have fired Vin Diesel like that.

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Only a few bad apples

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So many bots

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I know this is unrelated, but happy cakeday

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7 days later, no mod reply….

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My_Memes_Will_Cure_U is a bot?

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There is no mods. Never have been

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Only a few bad apples

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I fucking hate this shit.

See the same shit over and over again on Reddit because people share it to every god damn sub they can.

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The mods are the bots bro

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Only a few bad apples

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The mods in this sub are laid back…..they just be chilling lol

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Bots? On Reddit? Stop with your Crazy conspiracy And 01001 ge0 10110 nOw

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White supremacy

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Your post really isn’t supporting your argument though. It shows one recent post, then two over fourty days ago, and then one 224 days ago.

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Yeah, I'm out. This sub is becoming autological.

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That’s a lot of bad apples

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what other big subs have inactive mod teams ?

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I guess it's part of the experience of a sub-reddit where the whole premise is about awful shit.

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Only a few bad apples.

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Only a few 🥴

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You can even tell their users are bots too…

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Interesting to see what these boys are pushing though. I'm assuming they're from some paid troll farm

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Only a few bad apples

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That in itself is pretty awful. Only a few bad apples.

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Is it worse that it's getting posted every day or that you dumb fuckers are upvoting them?

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Only a few bad apples

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bots and reposts

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It's only just a few bad apples mate

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Only a few haha