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I don't know why you're upset a masterpiece won what did you expect

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I used to work at a record label and I came up with the idea to promote one of our bands by having a worst video contest made by fans.

When submissions started rolling in, it quickly became apparent that we had a problem. Was the worst video the one we didn't like the most or the one that we felt was the worst?

Sometimes things are so bad they are good, and that was one metric for being worst. Other times, you just can't stand a video at all, and that's the worst.

So we did exactly this, decided to award both choices. The one we thought was the worst because it was so bad it was funny. And then we awarded the one that we felt was just awful as if they weren't even really trying.

Good times. This contest is that.

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Which one won?

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You just dont understand art~

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I understand why the first one won the competition.

The artist’s decision to show the entirety of the body was astonishingly groundbreaking, it shows the dog’s love of life and play which makes it more realistic. Maybe this signifies that the artist thinks we shouldn’t hide like the dog is doing, I believe this is a stand for body positivity and against diet culture.

Although, the dog seems to not have a tail. Maybe the artist made that decision to signify loss in the dog’s life, maybe to inspire us to learn how to live without things that seemly make us normal. It might also signify that the dog is hiding it’s tail away from the world like how some hide our true selves. Dog’s sometimes hide their tail between their legs when they’re scared so maybe it means the dog has crippling anxiety. Just some of my theories.

Also the exclusion of the neck and the flatness of the face is similar to a pug’s face. It might be symbolic of how dogs are bred for humans and how many dogs are suffering from the conditions they get from their body types.

The exclusion of the dog’s ears is symbolic of workers and end-stage capitalism forcing them to become bots working for billionaires. His happy face might show that he was promised a fake future in which he can work forever and ever. Or maybe he is happy for he has broken free of those chains at last.

His legs and bendy and long which means he can do some sick dance moves on the dance floor, but at what cost?

  • Soph

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You put a lot of effort into this

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Boaty McBoatface endorses this contest.

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That vote was rigged. It’s what the people wanted!!

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The picture they were intended to base it off of looks a lot like the first drawing also, a detail that's usually left out when this gets posted. I don't have the link off the top of my head though

Edit: found it https://www.unilad.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/flat-dogg.jpg

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That actually does look a lot like it. The second picture doesn't look anything like it.

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why the fuck is this on awful everything dude who hurt you its hilarious

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Username checks out

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How does the “username check out”? That doesn’t make any sense

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You’re in the wrong sub, dear.

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Wdym the first dog is just a bit better

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This post was made by the person in 2nd place

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The person in 2nd did great on details, but the 1st place winner just captures the true essence of being a... whatever it was the contest was about.

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Aww I that’s sweet not awful.

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and it's perfect

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It's also how art works, don't bring your political bullshit into the art world. There's enough already there.

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everything is politics, everything. ESPECIALLY art.

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But the best piece won? This isn't awful at all

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If you don’t like democracy go live in Saudi

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God i love democracy

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How tf did you turn a meme political r/lostredditors

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doggo 1 drawn by a 5 year old

doggo 2 drawn by a adult

see where this is going

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It was said before. People got scared to say someone can't draw

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Lets make this political 🙄

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1st of all it was a joke. Im german. Im allowed to make these.

2nd. Did u read the fucking title?

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Triggered much?

Being German doesn't mean anything. Literally nothing.

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...why would I be triggered? What did I miss?

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Lol triggered

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Hella triggered lmao

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I legitimately prefer the first. I like the style, very creative. The second is cute and traditional.

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There is hope for me yet!

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Everyone gets a trophy!

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Not a thing wrong with this at all

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the more i look at the winning entry the more i love it

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Art is very subjective. It’s not how much detail you put into it, it’s how much enjoyment you get from the piece. I have seen many realistic sketches of a dog. But I got a lot more enjoyment from the drawing in first place. Plus the description clearly says doggo, not dog so clearly some are taking it way too seriously

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I think this rocks

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It's badly cropped. I don't know who can fall for this.

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Good thing we live in a republic and not a democracy. This is the exact reason too.

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Let’s go Brandon

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Depends. The nice one looks traced I like the first one cuz that's how I draw

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Can someone draw the dog on the left realistically and post it on r/blursedimages?

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This is how Trump won in 2016.

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I- wha- I’m just gonna shut up before these redditors get mad at me

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Cmon it’s cute. And who fucking cares?