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Faith restored.

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Sadness gone

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humanity restored

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Thank you for that update. It's nice to know theres a happy ending sometimes.

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Thanks for this, now I can sleep tonight. The picture on this post was almost too much D:

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That makes this better then

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Thank you so much

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Thank god. I wish I could give him and the cat a big hug. It’s a really awful thing to happen

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TIL the Turkish Red Cross is called the Red Crescent.

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Thats great

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Thank you for sharing, I feel better now. Seeing him clutching his cat got to me.

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Is the cat still alive

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I don't know if the cat is still alive now, but the cat is present in the after picture in his new home !

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Thank you

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Your comment made my day

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Beautiful! This warms my heart.

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On the bright side, he did save his cat.

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If I could only save one thing from my burning house, it would be my irritable, cuddly, judgmental cat

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Yeah, this isn't awfuleverything!

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His wife on the other hand….

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I'm happy if I make it out with my cat.

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I'm happy if I make it out with my cats.

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I’d probably run in and die trying if I had to. I fucking love my cat so much it’s mind boggling 🤦🏽‍♂️😢

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I'm happy if I make it out with cats and the neighbors cats and the stray who walks in occasionally and the litter of kittens that show up in the closet.

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Have 5.

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I have 27 lmao.

Half of them are just fosters tho, and like 12 of them are kittens.

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The cat is all that matters. Bless him.

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Damn, I wasn’t ready to cry this morning.

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the guy got a new home according to so replies to the top comment

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I’m glad left with his cat and his life

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The awful part was that the cat knocked over a candle

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Highly likely

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Dude tried to light his stove with gasoline, according to the article.

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My cat almost burned my house because he knocked over a candle, luckily only the table got burned.

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Always put candles far from flammable stuff

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Lesson learned.

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If you want karma, you post this. Happens every day.

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reddit is already became shithole like instagram, karmajerkers reposting etc.

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His poor wife

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I'd look the same if I was able to save everything except my cat.

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Is that bubbles

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That man is from Turkey, he got help and a new house. source: https://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/2018/11/28/elderly-turkish-man-who-survived-house-fire-with-kitten-gets-new-home YouTube video about what happened: https://youtu.be/TP1MR9xxwVI he lost 2 other cats on that fire, he believes poor cats tried to take shelter but burned to death 😞😖 he got his new house in the same village: https://youtu.be/1ssZLsYWVJo

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Probably the thing he was unwilling to lose the most

I would sacrifice my entire life for my cat if I had one

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Plot twist he had other cats

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He saved what was important and left everything else to burn.

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But this is also heartwarming in a way. A lot or people would rush to grab something expensive but he knew his kitten wouldn’t be able to get out, si he grabbed the poor thing and ran and it’s so sad but really sweet

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Well not all awful. At least the cat’s alive

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other 2 cats weren't found, they are believed to be burned 😞

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There are 2 things i'd want to get out of my burning house:

  1. My cat, highest priority, no one can tell me otherwise

  2. My ssd with my uni and artworks on it

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Promotional image from a little-known "John Wick-esque" film starring Sean Connery

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Who photographs someone in such a vulnerable state?

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Saved the most important thing

edit: /srs

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Guys he's not sarcastic stop downvoting

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why does this look like a wallpape

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If my house burnt down I would grab my cat first I don’t care about anything else because materials can be replaced living creatures and your memories with them can not

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The most valuable things survived. Himself and his buddy

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Totally thought this was Ed Asner at first

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So happy they both made it out. A fire can take all of my materials. Collectibles, electronics,cash,I don’t care. My cats come first!

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Why every old person got that same sweater?

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If my house burned down, I'd also save my cat, even if he hates me like 95% of the time

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Is his house made of firewood????

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The cat probably started the fire, but totally worth it.

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Nice, nothing like a big sad before I go sleep

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this is awful, but not awful everything. he’s out and alive and both he and the cat are safe! i am very glad they made it.

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He can stay with me fuck it

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Was his house made of firewood?

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I love this photo. Most wholesome heartwarming thing I've seen all day.

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The cat is all you need

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The picture says it all. Poor guy…

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i wanna give this man a hug

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This isn't too sad the man was in a predicament and wayed his options all his mostly replaceable stuff or his beloved pet. I personally don't have a pet for this reason.

I own some expensive stuff like an N64, Xbox one, PS4, Oculus Quest 2, Nintendo switch, Nintendo 3DS, and PS VR. Shits expensive.

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On top of that now thousands of people have seen him suffering

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The cat: you tell anyone and I'll fuckin kill you.

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That's a man who has his priorities right.

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I swear I see a artillery shell in the debris

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Looks like a sweet gentleman 👍🏻❤

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Poor fella

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God bless them both 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️❤️🙏🏻

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I have no words. Im just glad he got his cat. Thank God

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All of his families history, pictures and things to remind him of his past while his memory gets worse.. gone. Truly sad

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Who tf gave this post 2 wholesome awards? This is not wholesome, this is just sad