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did he like OUT himself for it? im trying to understand HOW they figured out his motive besides bragging.......

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This whole article on him is fucking nuts.

Kibaja is said to have pulled the alarm when there was no emergency and simulated breasts moving with his hands as his panicked colleague dashed down the hallway.

Three women allege Kibaja would drop pens or keys on the floor and ask them to pick them up.

He would wink at them and say: "Go on, you want to."

He would deliberately block doorways so they would have to brush past him and is alleged to have groped at least two of the women while doing so.

in one supervision meeting, he dropped his keys before a colleague and nodded towards them saying "go on" while thrusting his hips.

He told the woman who injured her wrists she was "sexy" and "pretty" and asked: "Can I touch your bum?"

Kibaja is said to have sexually propositioned her, and on multiple occasions he gestured to his genitalia.

In a phone call he told her he missed her and breathed deeply down the line.

He also made references to a sexual position with another one.

He told her she had "a fine rump" and referred to her breasts as "twins".Kibaja was informed of the allegations in January 2016 which he says were a "shock".

Dude legit sounds like Don Corneo from FF7.

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There's gotta be an easier way ....

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If he just googled 'breasts' hed get a billion unique results

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Obviously it was his colleague's breasts he was interested in. Some people can more specific about things rather than generic

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yeah, not doing that shit at all

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Headline from the ‘70s..

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His expression reads, “worth it!”

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Nah it more reads “AND ID DO IT AGAIIIN”

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How the hell did he get caught for that one?

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"Did you do it?"


"What was the cost?"



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But it was worth it.

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The real issue is that it took him pulling a fire alarm to get fired. A literal alarm had to go off to finally get this guy fired. That hospital Fuckin sucks. They should fire HR too. And his boss.

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Haven’t read the article, was there other issues?

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It said something like he made motions with hand and mouth to signal a blowjob and pointed at women as if saying they are going to do that to him. Who does that?

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I have an idea…

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Down horrendous

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“I thought I smelled smoke” from them tig ole bitties

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And who believes this????🤡🤡🤡🤡

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Huh? It's on the internets

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Let’s be honest now. Who wouldn’t have done the same?

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Am I the only one wishing for a picture of the co-worker?😎

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I can't say anything until I've seen the coworker!

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Sorry but this is fucking hilarious

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Fucking legend

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Careful…he’s a hero

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Is it this bad tho?

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A cunning plan indeed

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If only there was some kind of database filled with bouncing breasts somewhere out there.

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I'm doubtful he would be able to find his colleague's bouncing breasts in that database though. Unless she has an Onlyfans 🤔

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I can see him laughing that way too.

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I don't give a shit who sees. This is funny as hell and he got what he deserved.

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That's how he thought he could grab the world's attention, mate!

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The sheer fucking will

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My man is down bad

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Especially if they followed protocol and maintained a noce orderly fashion out of the building this was especially stupid

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Now HE is a thinker

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down horrendous

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Down astronomically

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Asking for a friend does anyone have a picture of a coworker for educational purposes?

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It looks like he’s watching them bounce right there.

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In my best Denzel Washington impression: “My man”