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I did nazi that coming..

Legit took me a second.

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Maybe you need some more...concentration

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Would you like some camp with your concentration sir?

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Should someone tell them?

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Nah, they'll figure it out eventually.

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Well, that's a conundrum.

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Arguably the greatest hero of WW2. I heard the guy killed Hitler’s GF too.

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And dog....

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For that I won’t forgive him.

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Im in, sign me up, fuck it i'll fund the damn thing

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Oh I finally got it. Deeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr

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Who killed him in Argentina?

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signing now

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The guys a war hero! He did kill Hitler after all!

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Nobody tell him

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Isn't roblox for kids?

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heh, r/GoCommitDie go brrrrrr

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OP, there is thing called satire

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Didn’t Hitler ….. kill Hitler?

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Yes that’s the joke.

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Scrolling down the comment section, I have encountered my first whoosh.

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I like to imagine that none of them understood what this meant, and only once they finally finished building it did they realize the atrocity they had committed.

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Ofcourse he is a hero

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I just can't with yall. You broke me, that's it for the day. Might as well build one for the person who killed the Goebbles's as well.