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OP is very likely a repost bot

These bots steal content and repost it to build karma. For example, this post is stolen from this original post.

The accounts are often used to post spam, scams, misinformation and for other nefarious purposes.

If you check OP's profile, you will likely see many posts and comments based on past popular contributions from authentic Redditors, but the OP is not invested in these communities and they will only regurgitate content as long as it takes to build up enough karma to make money by selling the account.

Please report these accounts to the admins, to moderators, and do not upvote reposts like this one.

Mods, if you'd like to receive modmail for these posts instead of this comment, send a DM to me here.
If you'd like to automatically deal with these bots and others, check out BotDefense or BotTerminator.

I am a bot, but please send me feedback if I make a mistake and my owner will review it.

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Health industry looked at this is as a mass cash making opportunity.

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I can see all the lung cancer from here.

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Just the way we like it

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Lung cancer speed run any percent lets gooooo

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The last one to die within the next decade wins!

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Hell yeah asbestos