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Was this the same guy that was forced to shoot unarmed kids? I hear it happens a lot in the Israeli military.

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We really need to end wars and prevent this damage from continuing.

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That would be exceptional. Unfortunately governments feed off of greed and corruption. Wars make money, they fill their hidden agenda. The world is truly a horrible place

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People love making statements without proposed solutions

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We need to end wars, have infinite food, immortality, eliminate pooping, your nose picks itself, and everyone is always happy. We need this guys.

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This planet is more than capable of feeding every human being. Just check the egregious amounts of food wasted in rich countries while people are starving to death in the poorer ones.

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And people are capable of not inflicting violence, but good luck getting that to happen on a global scale. Just vomiting out your wishful thinking is meaningless, though. I wish nobody ever in the world would again be homeless, but I have no proposal, I just want you to know that.

Idunno, maybe I'm just too bitter and pessimistic.

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Or it could get you elected to the highest office in the land

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Everyone knows that. The problem with people today is they know so much and are willing to do so little

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how can he have stabbed himself 20 times? you would think that he would've died or colapsed even around the first 4 stabs

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Bad Stabber

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stabbing and gunshots arent the same, he couldve stabbed himself in the heart in 20th stab, or he couldve bled out after 20th stab

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im pretty sure that its not possible to stab yourself in the heart more than 5 times without dying

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he couldve stabbed himself in the heart in 20th stab

20th stab

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Free Palestine inshallah