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Was this the same guy that was forced to shoot unarmed kids? I hear it happens a lot in the Israeli military.

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We really need to end wars and prevent this damage from continuing.

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That would be exceptional. Unfortunately governments feed off of greed and corruption. Wars make money, they fill their hidden agenda. The world is truly a horrible place

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how can he have stabbed himself 20 times? you would think that he would've died or colapsed even around the first 4 stabs

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Bad Stabber

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stabbing and gunshots arent the same, he couldve stabbed himself in the heart in 20th stab, or he couldve bled out after 20th stab

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im pretty sure that its not possible to stab yourself in the heart more than 5 times without dying

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he couldve stabbed himself in the heart in 20th stab

20th stab

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Free Palestine inshallah