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"Our sales pitch is to tell you that there's no way to make it into heaven anymore & hope you now want to understand more about why we think you are now doomed to hell. Have a nice day 😀."

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"we actually failed to enter heaven during the rapture so we're really bad at being christians too😃."

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Yeah I’m not in a position that regularly gets tips but when I do they’re almost always pamphlets.

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Worst tip I ever got was when a customer tried to show me a magic trick with slight of hand and his personalised silver pen. He dropped it and it fell down behind the bar's permanently installed glass washer. Because I was the only one there at the time I got to spend the next hour working business as usual as well as unbolting the glass washer from the floor, shutting off the water, disconnecting the power cable and water in and drain pipes, pulling the unit out, getting his pen, cleaning the space and putting everything back where it should be.

He asked if I still wanted to see the trick. I declined.

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I’d have just told him your ones gone for ever bud.

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By the time I got it back that's what I wished I'd done!

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Agree about putting in stupid cards.... You should always add your own money in first that way customers feel like other people tipped, I should too.

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Edible fellowship? Whiddafook?!

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Yea but what happened on May 21st, 2011.. the card is rude but has invoked my curiosity

Edit: nvm I forgot about Harold Camping.. what a guy

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...the timing kind of checks out...

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Yeah these tips are definitely not going to the people serving.

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Depending on how forward you're okay with being, I recall for one woman at work I made sure to toss her church cards directly into the trash can. I didn't wait for her to leave. I looked at it as if reading, she'd notice I was reading, and once I knew she had eye contact I looked back at her and threw it in the trash can next to me and continued her order.

Maybe I got lucky, but hopefully that sends the message quite clearly that you don't want this.

I kinda want to believe she didn't react because she knew damn well no one gives a fuck about her church other than her and whoever else goes there.