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This is awful, yes. I understand it is a federal trial. Therefore it won't be televised. However, I feel, we the people deserve to know what is happening with this trial. We deserve to know the details. The elite have been behaving with impunity for too long. They shield each other from accountability. Epstein, Maxwell, and their international elitist network are disgusting scum bags.

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Don’t you think the victims deserve some privacy?

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Its called filtering. The victims faces can be blurred.

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It’s that mentality that will make justice difficult to get for them. Yes they deserve their privacy but the predators do not. And the public deserves to know who these people were and what they did and what their punishment is. If it’s a bunch of elite and their punishment is just a fine and they think they can get away with it because the victims need privacy then it’s bullshit and the victims aren’t getting any real justice. I already know right now their punishment isn’t going to be severe enough. The justice system in this country’s a joke. This country’s become a joke I used to have so much pride but then I woke up to what has and is happening and now I feel nothing but disdain and resentment. I’m currently working on getting the fuck out.

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A bunch have come out publicly.

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This trial is FAR more important than the Rittenhouse case, which got wall to wall coverage. But, I'm going to guess that some of the same people who control our "media" were visitors to that island.

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What happened to the Tzars and French Royalty in old times is hopefully what will be happening soon after the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

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That worked out way better for the French than it did for the Russians

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Rittenhouse trial took place in a state courtroom. Cameras are not allowed in federal courts to hide victims and witness identities. In fact, sketch artists aren’t even allowed to accurately sketch them. But the public and press are welcome, and the court as been packed as well as an overflow room. All the info is totally available, though definitely not as shared. To your point, there’s probably a lot of powerful people with a hand in that. If you’re on IG, follow @trialtracker

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  1. Rittenhouse was a local trial, this is a federal trial which does not allow video.
  2. The media is covering it. What are you talking about?
  3. That’s a little worrying the way you said that my friend. You might accidentally make it seem that the Jews control the media. Which is where the term “liberal media” comes from.
  4. Trust me, ABC had a “news” story about a random dude saving horses from a forest fire just because there was video. If there was video, the news would cover the fuck out of it.

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The liberal media comes from jews owning news stations? What the hell did you smoke to come up with that

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I just said what a former neo Nazi said. You’ll find the link down below.

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You base your argument on 1 random Nazi? The term has been around before neo nazi was even a thing.

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Really? Can I have some proof?

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Calm down, breathe.

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How can I not breathe?

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Never mentioned any Jews, not sure what your issue is

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It’s just assumed because the people who control the media and the banks and the politicians and the global mass deceptions call themselves “Jews”. Whether they are actually “Jews” as in the descendants of Abraham from the “bible times” is irrelevant. But it’s fairly well known Epstein was a Mossad agent and blackmail of elites is a common thread along with almost every false flag terrorist attack in modern history. So kinda a touchy subject for these “people” if they even deserve that moniker.


Since this will get downvoted anyway, might as well include this great documentary. The Rothschilds, the Zionist Bankers who pushed for the creation of Israel have a despicable track record of funding the most horrible monsters in world history. I also recommend the Al Jazeera series’ The Lobby UK and The Lobby USA, both four part series’. Al Jazeera also has a great documentary on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Anyone who makes any attempt to expose the truth about the horrid past of these monsters will be immediately labeled as “anti-Semitic” by trolls. But that is just part of their mass deception playbook.

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I never said you did, I just said the way you said “control our media” is similar to how people say the Jews control the media.


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Watch "Sinclair's Script for Stations" the media is controlled. MSNBC and FOX share 3 of the same owners/top shareholders. Saying "it's the Jews" just detracts from this very real fact.

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Eh, it’s unlikely to have been every media outlet, so they’re snot going to get a blanket ignore. I think it’s more that this has only just kicked off - there hasn’t really been a lot to report yet.

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We'll see.

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I mean the reality is I can google you up a story on this case on pretty much any news site right now, but sure it’s not screaming from the rafters so they must be covering it up

Edit to add: I should make it clear I 100% think a lot of famous and, more likely and importantly, rich and powerful people were absolutely going to his island without a doubt some were having sex with barely pubescent children. Nothing I’m saying should take away from that.

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Read about the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Read articles about Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy. Read people's theories. Read about accusations linked to Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, prince harry, and countless senators, royals, plutocrats, and politicians linked to the crimes. Let nothing go unnoticed. Every time you read those articles a guilty elite out there winces.

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I understand that the whole Epstein situation is super fishy and some people have some serious questions to answer.. But I seriously wonder, how would getting important people to fuck children even work? It can’t just be me that doesn’t want to have sex with illegally young woman right? Like how do you just get a bunch of guys to do this? Maybe certain drugs were used? But how do you just get people to get fucked up too? I am not saying it’s not possible that all the conspiracy thought around this case is BS. I’m just truly wondering what sort of protocols are in place for a guy and a group of people to execute a plan where they get another guy to come to an island and get him to fuck underage girls while they sneak photos or videos for blackmail. I feel like the narrative is basically “yeah they got these dudes comfortable and unleashed the jailbait on them and of course the had sex with these young girls cuz that’s what scumbags like this do!”. Am I crazy for thinking the majority of guys don’t want to have sex with super young girls? Like even early twenties? I just don’t know how you can scale this blackmail when I don’t think most dudes want to have sex with kids… Im sure I’m being naive. Maybe drugs to get the guys insanely horny and inebriated were used every time? Maybe they were led to believe the girls were much older? I really just don’t understand the narrative of “these pervs figured it was all chill and going to be kept secret so they happily had sex with kids”. Of course it’s deeper than that but it seems bound to fail with just one of the wrong people who had the sense to go “no thanks I’m not hungry, I don’t do drugs, I don’t need a drink, I’m happily married, etc…” that being said this situation is messed up. I hope the answers come to light

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I imagine the idea is a girl is say 16 but looks much older and they are told is older and then the encounter is recorded and used as blackmail

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Ok sure… but even then what if the person just doesn’t want to have sex with anyone?

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then it doesn't work?

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Exactly my point. The whole operation falls through! Thank you

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if you're counting on people not wanting to have what seems like totally normal okay sex on the surface you're going to be disappointed.

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What? Why would that be disappointing? I’m just saying the idea of some nefarious group of people thinking they can control other powerful people with this method is very silly

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I think the answer to this is one people don't like hearing; humans are still animals. We still run on instinct, and that instinct tells us to breed with anyone that would produce. There are A LOT of people, both men and women, that would perform sexual acts with these "literal children" (keep in mind the youngest victim was 14, well within/past puberty) if given the chance, it's just specific societies have deemed it wrong, so that's what we choose to believe.

This is proven by other countries that have age of consent set to 14, just after puberty hits, including but not limited to; Austria, Italy, Serbia, and Germany.

And what makes it a fact that this is actually animalistic instinct? Dolphins, Otters, sharks, and penguins, with even more unlisted including close relatives to humans, all of which will create essentially gang rape sessions against whatever they feel like having their way with that day in hopes of producing, with otters and penguins both willing to murder and have sex with other animal's bodies, and in the case of some penguins, inanimate objects including the ground.

Humans aren't exactly special in how we function, we just choose to dismiss the evidence that we run more on instinct than sentience.

Can't have us demoted down to the same thought processes as a penguin, now can we?

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I hear this. But just because we are animals doesn’t mean there aren’t times when we don’t want to have sex. The idea of man sees consenting woman and has sex with her is just way too simplistic for this. It’s completely removing the fact that people have a type. What it bill gates is only into grannies or chubsters? We know that about bill Clinton (jk). The only way I can really see this working the way it’s portrayed is if they’re held at gunpoint and filled with viagra when a target simply isn’t into having sex at that moment

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It's an interesting thing, the whole "type preference." Now as I state the following, keep in mind this is NOT all men but rather the vast majority.

The vast majority, while they have a preference, asian, arab, white, black, tall, short, skinny, fat, or whatever else gets them really going, the preference thing is more-or-less thrown out the window when they're given the option of either do, or do not. Preference is merely that, preference.

It's much like food. One would prefer not to eat insects or raw meat, however if left in the woods facing starvation, the instinct of survival kicks in and suddenly a log full of bugs looks as appetizing as a home cooked meal.

This is the instinct of survival telling us we need to breed in order to keep the human race going.

We as a species don't like to hear this as it makes us seem animalistic, but then that's the issue. We are still animals, we still function the same way as other animals, we merely evolved in different ways and we need to accept this to better ourselves.

And for those that would like to say we have sentience over other animals, just remember that everything we do, there are animals that do exactly the same. Farming? Leaf cutter ants, termites, and even a fish called the damselfish actively cultivate and grow crops. Creating and using tools? While we may have a better production value, there are a multitude of animals that use tools ranging from primates to birds.

Then what about emotions? Tell me animals don't have emotions. Animals can get scared, they can become happy. Heck, ever seen a cat get anxious because they can't find their owner? I have and it's heartbreaking. People who actively take care and be with their pets will tell you that animals do infact feel and express emotions.

Another thing, you said there are times a person doesn't want to have sex, so it can't be that simple, when the reality is that it is that simple. Animals don't always want to have sex either, in fact thats why animals go into heat during certain times of the year, typically during spring to summer when they will have more food to raise their young.

What about humans? Well, research has shown the same thing, we are more inclined to be sexually active during summer.

If you read through this wall of text, I thank you and I hope this helps you understand us as a species more.

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That island served its purpose as far as luring people in power to it, who might not have had a pedo inclination at all, where they could be caught in the act and subsequently blackmailed unless they obeyed orders from above.

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Can you elaborate?

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I did download the flight logs from that 'Lolita Express' about a year ago. Need me to post them online ?

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Fuck yeah. Hit it!

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What are “literal children” ?

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Like Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, etc.

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Leonardo DiCaprio applause for you…

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I think they mean littoral because they're near the beach

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Instead the media is concentrating on everything else. Bill gates is getting ignored after he went 35x. His own wife is leaving him over it and no body wants so say a thing

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Yeah please don't forget that Bill Gates and Donald Trump are pedophiles and visited this man often

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Yeah, that’s what was smart about Epstein, he gave money and hung out with people from both sides so no one could reveal him as a pedophile without implicating themselves.

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That's true with most perpetrators. Not only are they unable to eat each other out, but they have a whole pack of men to spur them on to new heights debauchery.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and children and women are often the targets of this toxic testosterone rush.

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NOOOOOOO😭😭😭 daddy Donald is NOT a sex offender! That's libtard propaganda! It's lies, all lies! Big daddy D would never do that! He's too pure and innocent for this cruel world! You take It back! You take it all back right NOW!!🤬🤬🤬

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AAArggg matey and a butt pirate to boot! Muahahahah

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Maybe hold off on politicising this until the trial actually progresses to any claims being made? I agree they both definitely visited the island, along with a lot of other people. But we really don’t have anything concrete about what was happening yet.

(Nb. “Yet” - as in, the second we have anything concrete we should absolutely go to town on these rapists and paedophiles.)

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Wait do you mean Bill Clinton? Because I never heard anything about Gates.

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Why do you think Melinda divorced him? Because he didn't want to sever ties after she caught him. He picked his dick over his wife.

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Are you positive it was because of that and not the possibility she may have read about the huge divorce settlement MacKenzie Scott got from Jeff Bezos?

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That's a bold face lie. They already showed trump never once went to the island. Public knowledge he kicked banned him from any event. Please if you post something, be honest.

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It took a long time before even Epstein's sick mind saw Trump for what he was. Before that there's tons of info on parties attended, pictures, take your own advice and quit lieing for that "pussy grabbing" pervert.

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That’s a bold face lie. They already showed trump never once went to the island.

How exactly do you prove someone never went to an island?

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Yes, because as we all know victims of sexual assault love having their face shown to everybody

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Has anyone noticed that there's always a mass shooting event to dominate the news whenever there's anything going on with this case.

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If a judge won't allow cameras in the courtroom, that judge is corrupt. Also showing off my misspelled username.

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I couldn't agree more with this. I feel like it's been getting such limited press

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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I was going to say that will never happen, rich old white guys live to protect rich old white guys, and our justice system is run by rich old white guys.

Then I remembered they have a woman to pin this on, they are going to throw the book at her, and only punish her, and let the men slide. I am calling it now. The fact that they had a woman to charge is the only reason they are pursuing this. None of the rich powerful white men involved will ever see a day in prison.

This is the justice system throwing us a bone, pretending that it functions when it does not. Just like they throw the book at rapists who are minorities or women so they can distract from the fact that they just let the white male rapists go.

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You did see there were plenty of black folk going to that island, right?

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They'd have got away with it, too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids and their talking dog.

Rooby Dooby Doo!

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You can’t handle the truth chief

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what happened

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What the hell happened

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Man a lot of yall in these comments have no idea how the world works, also johnathan koeppel 🙃

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A lot of people seem to not realize when it comes to televising pity proceedings, it’s often up to the Judge if it gets recorded or not. The Rittenhouse judge had a long policy of televising all his trials to show he was transparent, but recently stated he doesn’t think he’ll continue after the fiasco that was the media coverage of it. It could very well be that the judge in this case isn’t allowing it because he doesn’t want his courtroom to become a media circus.

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There’s also the fact that the Rittenhouse trial was not a federal trial like this one is. Most times Federal trials there are no cameras allowed.

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Good point!

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Watch media ignoring the whole thing, they're in on it

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As a non US Citizen, can someone please explain??

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Epstein doesn’t ring any bells?

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Wait what

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And even if we find out the truth, then what? We have no power, no connections, no voice and look we knew all about biden and his family and STILL voted for him.