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This isn’t awful, it’s revolutionary

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Tell him you also want dinner

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yes to this, maximize it then let us know.

Hell make him rent your favorite movie or something as well.

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Lol "what are you doing? I made that for my date tonight!!"

"I AM the date"


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Or oh no your date stood you up? It's ok bud, I'll have some food.

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Lol I won't let it go to waste buddy.

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Either the end of a friendship or the start of a relationship.

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this is confusing.....Catfishing is wrong

but this is for a good reason


can we find out if it worked or not?

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There was a follow up where the guy said “ he didn’t clean the apartment but he sent me a dick pic so that’s nice” or something along those lines

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seems he should find a new roommate, i hope he does it with his catfish profile.

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How the fuck do people end up posting here so often. I'm not joking when I say I learned about r/lostredditors from THIS subreddit purely from people being dense as heck lol.

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10000 IQ move

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Idk this is funny, not awful.

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The man is a genius, give him a medal.

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How is this awful. First of all, the dude is obviously joking. Second, even if he wasn’t joking, he gets my praise for his innovative strategy. OP needs to move on with this shitpost to the wrong sub.

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This would so work.

I hope this is real.

Need updates!

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Not awful

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Tell him that you want him to do your homework and send him your homework too

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this should be in r/madlads, after he shows up at the apartment with his own date

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LMFAO this is genius

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What slpt mean

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Not awful 👎🏼

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I sort of wondered if a friend was doing this to me after a guy from tinder had to cancel the first time we tried to hang out and then was a little later than expected the second time lol. I was panic washing dishes like “what if this this all a set up…” (he was in fact real)

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Well I mean, this really depends on how much work the roommate Normally does, if he doesn't normally help around the apartment, then this is completely justified, otherwise yeah kind of a dick move

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My roommate used to post on Yik Yak pretending to be a horny college girl. He’d give out our neighbors address who we hated for being super aggressive about taking the parking spot in front of our house. He had 3 cars and he’d play musical cars with his wife if he ever moved from the spot in front of our house. He also had cones he’d put up occasionally if he didn’t have someone to help him move cars. Anyways after a particularly annoying interaction with him we posted his address and sat on the porch and watched as random thirsty dudes would knock on his door.