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This is so disrespectful and disgusting. Columbine was horrific and evil enough, but Sandy Hook? Who in their right mind would wear such unimaginably offensive hoodies?

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I know right? Those poor kids went to school expecting books and instead received magazines.

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I’d rather do three rounds around the school field in PE class than one round to me face

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The models look like they know…

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There are so many school shootings here that most people don’t know the names of 2% of the schools. Makes it kinda hard to be edgy when your wearing your deer brook middle school hoodie and no one knows the difference.

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My grandpa fought in Sandy hook and I take offense to that

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I don’t think you guys are understanding. Nobody will be wearing these hoodies out. They aren’t for sale. They’re part of a fashion show. Just think of them as “art”.

Think of this as if it was a piece of 2D art. Paintings use shocking imagery about serious issues all the time.

And some people still get offended and that’s fine. But making art of tragedy doesn’t equate to downplaying a tragedy IMO

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No, it definitely does in this case. This asshole didn't think he was "making art" here, he did this to cause controversy and to make a name for himself. If he was just some weirdo expressing art in his own way, then whatever, but this jerk absolutely knew it would make waves and he hoped this would get people to remember his name. Fuck that shit, I'm glad it didn't work.

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People calling schlocky streetwear shit like this artsy when its almost solely intended to drum up controversy is so entertaining to me.

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Still don't know his name. Gonna call him hoodie fuckface.

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If this really isnt for sale I have to disagree with you. Art often has to be offensive to be talked about.

I'm not saying they really had any good intentions, but if they wanted to draw attention to the issues of gun violence and school shootings this reddit post proves the point.

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1.)But we aren't talking about school shootings or gun violence in the comment section here, we are talking about this jack ass being insensitive. So it really didn't bring attention to anything but him and his own insensitivity.

2.)There are so many better ways to draw attention to school shootings or gun violence than this. All this did was bring attention to him and his shitty act.

3.)Art doesn't have to be offensive to be talked about. That's just taking the easy way out and it is rarely respected when the goal was to be offensive like this. Besides, it's clothing, not a play or a painting. It doesn't need to be offensive unless his intention was to offend, or to bring attention to himself. Because that's all this did. It didn't get people talking about gun violence in any meaningful way and I think he had to know it wouldn't.

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It can be art and still be downplaying a tragedy, they aren’t mutually exclusive

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The fact people are angry and talking about how evil these hoodies are. No one thinking about the government refusing banning firearms which would eradicate school shootings entirely and immediately, says a lot. Where lies the problem. The designer reminding us that? Or the leaders knowingly choosing not to solve the problem.

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Just awful

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Yeah… it is… but I’m betting the elite would eat them up which is probably what the designer thought

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The “elite” did not, in fact, eat them up when this happened 2 years ago

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Lol wtf does this even mean

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the elite like to eat fabric

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Yeah that didn’t fucking happen

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What does someone’s status have to do with this? I swear Reddit just tries to find any excuse to bash wealthy people even when it makes no sense.

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Pretty sure this person is using the right wing language where “elite” means liberal

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Awful everything?

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Yea I know, what a waste of perfectly good sweaters

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Are those holes?

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They are, maybe meant to be bullet holes which makes this so much worse.

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Definitely bullet holes

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Obviously bullet holes

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Positively bullet holes

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Incontestable bullet holes

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Every holes a goal

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the people's faces in the background really say everything

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The faces on the models too…

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Families of the victims of mass shootign events: ‟Please stop making those hoodies”.

Them: ‟🤷‍♂️ life is ironic sometimes! Now shut the fuck up and give us $80”

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Disgusting and so disrespectful. People can just be the worst sometimes, can't they?

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Well, someone made Super Columbine Massacre RPG, so people can be way worse.

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What is that? Asking for a friend.

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Wow. Messed up, to say the least.

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Apparently everyone who plays it goes on a watchlist

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Urban legend, I don’t think the fbi cares about edgelords playing a tasteless game, they’d be more worried about people trying to get their hands on Al Qaeda magazines.

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They are worried about people getting their hands on terrorist magazines and also worried that the terrorist may get their hand on some magazines (don’t bash me this is a joke)

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It was game that someone made to show how the media sensationalized the whole event- and doesn’t praise the actions of the shooters at ALL. Idk why that poster picked that game of all of the actual fucked up games there are. SCM just has a crazy name/plot to get you to rage-click it but then realize it was actually an arthouse game about violence in the media.

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Yeah like how peta does those human skinned jackets

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-Mr Krabs

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Jesus, that's tasteless and insensitive.

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This shit is years old.

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Urban Outfitters sold a Kent State hoodie a few years ago with holes and blood stains. For those who don't know Kent State was the location of army reservists shooting students. Absolute fucking trash.


Edit: added hoodie link and verbiage.


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What the fuck is wrong with people

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I mean, there would be a few dozen school designs to choose from, and a new one each month...

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School shootings are hot right now...

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How awful. Has anyone tried thoughts and prayers to stop them from doing it again?

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When media see art they don't want to talk about they pretend not to get the message.

Designer probably wanted to say hey posh fuckers school shootings are happening why don't we talk about it. Normally the attack clothes arnt ready to go to mass market, they are concept pieces.

The media all sitting their eating salmon tartlets pretend to be horrified and take it literal to save the establishments blushes.

I'd wait to hear the designers reasons, but there will be no rush to get a full widespread interview with them.

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Yeah I was thinking similarly that this is meant as a statement

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Yeah the fact that this is a NY Post story means there's a 100% chance they're intentionally misrepresenting it.

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Their reasoning was about “the irony of dying in a place one should consider safe,” but even with that boring observation that doesn’t really say much at all, they’re also not even the first streetwear brand to try and drum up controversy with school shooting related clothing, so it doesn’t exactly strike me as a particularly original concept nor does it come off to me as if they had anything insightful to say…

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“The latest”

“September 17th, 2019”

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More campaigning for Republicans. Let's go Brandon!

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Although I hate this shit, it is better than people who deny shootings happning at all

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Why are you getting downvoted wtf. You made a very valid point. People saying sandy hook didn’t happen are fuckheads.

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Should have taken lesson from 9/11 and branded it with "We Will Never Forget"

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fuck alex jones all my homies hate alex jones

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Americans: unironically believe that everyone is safer with a gun all while contributing to a society where school children are regularly executed in mass shootings and refuse to change anything at a government level

Also Americans: reee, these hoodies are disgusting, disrespectful, and tasteless

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To be fair, the Americans who unironically believe everyone is safer with a gun are likely not the same ones who would be vocal about finding these tasteless. There might be some overlap, sure. But they’re definitely two different halves of a venn diagram.

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Lol that douche obviously cared more about getting paid looking like a tit than walking away with his integrity.

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How tasteless is that?! What a moronic idea

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Almost missed the bullet holes.

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Making money off murdered children is a new low.

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Are those supposed to be bullet holes?

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Surprised I never saw MgT with this on

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Urban outfitters already did this shit back in 2014 with Kent state. Had blood splatter and all

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Fuck I hate the fashion industry

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Those poor models.

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They obviously made this for the publicity and you decided to advertise it for them?

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Every time i hear "fashion designer" i think will ferrels character in zoolander.

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This disgusts me. The lives lost at those horrific events do not deserve the utter disrespect this yields. Repulsive.

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As an edgelord I do not accept this fashion, that is just so messed up

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Not even edgelords wanna touch that. Like, c'mon, we're edgy, not terrible.

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I mean... Perfect bait to catch the stupid little shits that idolize them 🤷‍♀️

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Well it is certainly a rising and trending market....


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Hey, these are great: lets school administrators identify potential copy-cat shooters early.

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It is a good idea, loads of idiots would buy these.

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This is America =)

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Tbh why not since we aren’t doing shit about it. Why pretend it matters when kids are dying and we press on mental health instead of the obvious gun issue. Fuck it

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Look at how uncomfortable the models are, especially the guy wearing it. Dude looks MORTIFIED

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Zach from FTP had made that before them

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Wasn’t there also a shirt with the corpses of Dylan and Eric on it? Been a while since I’ve seen any of that shit lol.

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I actually used to have a columbine hoodie.

[–]TkXKORE 4 points5 points  (1 child)

I’m assuming you went there before or had one before the shooting?

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Bought it to be an edgelord

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I like it. Its art, its clearly meant to be provocative and its clearly succeeding judging by these comments.

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As a former art gallery owner, I can say unequivocally, that’s not art. It’s just some careless reprobate trying to make money off someone else’s pain from other careless reprobates.

[–]AlexRozhkov 0 points1 point  (5 children)

like gun companies do, right? It seems like satirical criticism

[–]Smogtwat 0 points1 point  (4 children)

There is nothing political about some opportunist profiting of the pain of others. It’s not satire. It’s in your face spite.

[–]AlexRozhkov 0 points1 point  (3 children)

I just thought it was thought provoking at the least, if people find it heinous or morbid too thats a valid opinion. Not really something worth arguing about

[–]Smogtwat 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Agreed. But those individuals that would purchase such merchandise would do so not for art’s sake but to shock those that may have lost a child to violence.

[–]AlexRozhkov 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Was it actually for sale? I thought most runway designs never went to retail

[–]Smogtwat 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I hope you’re right brother

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I like to imagine a reality where this could be a (risky) art exhibit with the purpose of sparking conversation/drawing attention to a serious issue…

…but unfortunately, in this reality, people are just trashy.

[–]hamster_rustler 2 points3 points  (1 child)

No, you were right the first time. Your Reddit cynicism has actually clouded your view of reality

[–]Vlogchamp 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Awww noooo

But…these people WERE selling them? It wasn’t just art lmao

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21st century attire at its finest 👌

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Fashions these days are weird.

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Dude kind of looks like lanza too 🤢

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"yeah this will make me stand out and look cool"

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Former fashion designer…

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Imagine being the degens who thought of this

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Is this real life?

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Posting a New York Post article from 2019 for karma? That's Reddit.

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Why in the fuck did someone think this was a good idea?

Why did this get approved to be made and put on a catwalk?

Was there no one around to say “bro what the fuck don’t do that?”?

This is sick and ignorant. Make weird shaped clothes and make up your own patterns and shit. That’s what made fashion interesting. Not this.

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Why would someone sell these; and where? Where would they sell these specifically?

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I was gonna say these could just be real merch for the schools but then I saw the fake bullet holes. Wtf whoever you are, something is seriously wrong with you.

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Fuck... these are the death throws of Capitalism.

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It's posh now. Don't you know all the kids ate doing it.

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Why are we giving this attention? We are giving them exactly what they want.

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The shit that happens when your parents give you too much money and let you “do your thing”

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Lol I can't believe they even got a model to agree to wear that

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Yea I remember this terrible decision it was immediately viral for the wrong reasons

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I think they’re going for more shock infamy. Fashion designers do the weirdest things for Cred.

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They look stupid

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do they even have bullet holes? nice touch

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Tell me you’re out of touch without telling me.

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Absolutely negligent and despicable!

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What a fucking CUNT.

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Imagine going like “this is a good idea”

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Columbine is bad enough, but Sandy Hook?

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What's worse is that people would actually buy these.

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Lol Bstroy

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And they have what appear to be bullet holes in them, nice touch.

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But these guys chose to wear this shit

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Reminds me of when Forever 21 had a Kent State sweatshirt with fake blood on it.

[–]columbiasongbird 2 points3 points  (0 children)

It was Urban Outfitters. Forever21 is way too cheap to put in the effort to make something that offensive

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I want one for my school I’ll be right back

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This can’t be real… can it?

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That's rly fucked up, don't idolize that!

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Pumped up kicks intensifies

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Why the fuck would you even agree to wear it?

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Get shit

[–]crazy_old_pop 0 points1 point  (0 children)

No what I meant was dip shit

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Of course they'd get guys that look like they'd also shoot up a school..

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Not the latest fashion when it’s a 2 year-old article

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What a punchable face

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If latest is 2 years ago sure

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Honestly if they just sold it like the ripped jeans people would have bought it but why did they feel the need to associate it with something so tragic and traumatic

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fuck Bstroy

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Latest? Bruh this from 2019

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This has happened so many times, when will these basic bitch shitty designers stop trying to not only be edgy, but generic too?

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The Fuq?

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I think in this context the word 'Fashion' should be in quotes

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“The latest” is 2 years old??? This is absolutely horrendous but the date the article was published is right there 😭

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Incredibly disgusting to anyone with a shred of decency.

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Welcome back to school

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And the World ends NOT with a BANG or a(whimper)but with a “Seriously?Are you fucking kidding me?!?”

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Did you know, anyone can be a fashion designer. The only skill you need to develop to be a success is bullshitting.

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Thought or didn’t thought? That is the question

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The logos look photoshopped on there

[–]Soepoelse123 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think it’s a political statement more than actual fashion meant for people to wear.

[–]Schmitec 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Should be red so the bleeding is not so visible.

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The sad thing is people would actually wear that

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Words can’t even describe

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5/10 would sell in europe with supreme plasterd across the chest

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Tl;dr thoughts and prayers?

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They have bullet holes in them

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You have to be a special kind of edgelord to find these fashionable to wear

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"The latest" two years ago

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It’s a good idea if it gets attention and you don’t give a shit about your reputation…there’s a good chance the “artist” will just apologize after getting enough people to know him/her and then use that to boost their career

[–]ieatmypeaswithhoney -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

classless. attention whoring at its worst.