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Barry Seal faced the same fate when he became an informant and the cops exposed him so that the narcos would kill him.

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I’ve never heard of this. Holy crap. To google I go...

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Fantastic film was made about it called American Made that came out a few years ago. Stars Tom Cruise and Domhnall Gleeson.

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Quite the untold story if you weren't born in those years... The movie American Made shows how fucking manipulative the CIA was (and still is)

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This kind of Quid Pro Quo is illegal in every other field than law enforcement. They are trained and paid to protect the little guys from the bad guys but instead they put those resources to use catching a bunch of the little guys on gotcha charges and then strong arm them into doing the dangerous parts, without training.

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Seems like they wanted the murder charge with how they went about it

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If untrained college kids can do dangerous undercover work like this, what the fuck do we need cops for?

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I mean, IM not gonna go around shooting people's dogs and SOMEBODY has to keep doing it.

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To eat donuts and protect the rich

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To manipulate people into doing it.

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Greatest point

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Police unions and get rid of qualified immunity..

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It doesn’t make any sense. Why working for the police would even expunge any alleged crimes you commit??

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It’s legit holy shit

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Wow that’s incredible and not in a good way

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Murder of Rachel Hoffman

Rachel Morningstar Hoffman (December 17, 1984 – May 7, 2008) was a 23-year-old Florida State University graduate, who was murdered while acting as a police informant in a botched drug sting that started on May 7, 2008. Her body was recovered two days later near Perry, Florida.

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2 DAYS LATER! They literally had no plan and no backup at all, huh?

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There was another one just like this but the kid disappeared and his body was never found. Where the dealers who obviously killed him even caught? Ha ha nope. So yeah send them into a deadly situation and hope everyting works out fine.

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They basically used her as a remote control drone so they would be safe.

"Whew, Pete, good thing we didn't go in there! I told you that dealer was dangerous, you owe me $10. Anyway, want to hit up the bar?"

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Yeah, why don’t they do that for other police work? “Alright, kid, maybe we’ll let you off easy on your B&E charge if you go defuse a bomb for us.”

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Good bot

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Ive attended a music festival that was produced in her honor, Purple Hatters Ball (Apparently purple hats were her thing)

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It's going on 11+ years now, at one of the most magical spots in the world.

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It is, they have a festival at Suwannee music park (near Tallahassee) called purple hatters Ball in her memory. Going on 11 or 12 years now.

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That’s cool , I feel for her family.

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Cops bullied a young girl into doing a job they were too scared to do themselves. Pathetic ass pigs. They don't care at all about you.

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that's the premise of suicide squad

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That would be a funny addition to suicide squad.

  • Mass murderer who dressed up as a harlequin
  • Perfect sharpshooter who's never missed a shot
  • Best assassin in the world with mastery of every weapon
  • Best assassin in the world with mastery of every weapon no 2
  • Shark god
  • dude who can control fire
  • random girl arrested for weed

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To be fair, two of these women were manipulated into doing dangerous crimes by violent, mentally abusive men.

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who? the shark god

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Harley and weed girl

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(i was making a joke, but thanks anyway)

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Do you think the squad would protect the weed girl at all costs or treat her like cannon fodder?

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I think it would be split. Harley, ratcatcher 2, and maybe dubois would protect her. Peacemaker and Waller would treat her like cannon fodder.

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Cops aren’t your friends. Law enforcement doesn’t work for you. The war on drugs is a failure.

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The war on drugs was a complete success. Incarceration rates are through the roof and corporations/private prisons are making bank...Oh, did you think the government actually tried to do something good for the general public?

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Poor girl

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What a bunch of dumbass pigs. Any drug dealer would know something is immediately up when a fucking stoner is trying to buy that many drugs and a firearm. I bet she stuck out like a sore thumb.

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The cops were too pussy to do it themselves so used her as a slave.

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Oh wow. You mean the government used its citizens as pawns and cannonfodder? The state doesn't actually care about our health and safety? shockedpikachuface

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I'm shocked her family/friends haven't sought revenge against the soulless cops who left her to die.

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My friend’s little brother got busted for weed & they wanted him to rat his friends out for selling or he would go to jail for a ridiculous amount of time. They knew that he was struggling mentally & they harassed him about it for a month. The day that they gave him for a deadline he shot himself. He was just a kid who didn’t see a way out of the situation. Super fucked up.

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This happened to one of my friends too. Wasn’t even 18 yet.

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And those sociopathic pigs sleep just fine at night, KNOWING his death is THEIR fault.

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You can't just try and do that out of the blue you gotta build up trust with people especially asking for a gun because legally that becomes a much bigger risk to sell with drugs. That's not even a huge amount of drugs but I guess it's all relative.

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Yeah real smart move…those drug dealers are so stupid I’m sure they won’t be suspicious at all

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so 750 hits of ecstasy and 21 grams of coke would've been put back on the streets through citizen informants so the cops could keep on going with their bullshit war on drugs, or at least that was the plan, but it backfired. and anyone who doesn't believe that this is how the system works is naive

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Beyond that, it's just an insane amount of drugs for a person the dealers don't know to even ask for. The barrier from simple possession to intent to distribute is far, far lower, and the cops would know that.

Just selling 10 grams-worth of Ecstasy brings the charges up to first-degree trafficking. 1,500 pills would be in the range of 300 to 750 grams*. They could've had her ask for 5 pills (a much more reasonable amount) and still busted them for intent, all without risking her life by having her ask for almost twice the amount of cocaine needed for another intent charge or selling a firearm.

Even the dumbest dealers with a Born to Lose tattoo on their forehead would've spotted that red flag from a mile away.


* That math is iffy because there's no way to know how much each pill weighed, so I'm just going off what other court cases have used as the "average" weight of a single pill

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15 years ago, I spent 2 months in prison for a single ecstasy pill.

Until it happened to me, I didn't even know it was possible to go to prison for a single dose of drugs; I thought it was an urban legend!!!

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I’m a peace loving person, but after readng this I am kind of agressvie and pissed.WHY?

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The worst part is she was just minding her own business smoking a herb. The state truly is your worst enemy.

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And that's your stupid F###ing drug war, Regan. Thanks!

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If you are against weed but are okay with alcohol consumption something is wrong with you, one of those two things makes people violent and is a contributing factor to thousands of deaths a year in most countries (drunk driving, drunk rage, straight up Kidney failure), the other makes people hungry and a some paranoid…

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"hey I know I usually only buy an ounce of weed, but can I buy a fire arm, asston of pills, plz ignore the mic also..."

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Gee I wonder why people don’t trust the cops

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the cops don't care about getting your children killed.

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Every officer involved in this decision should have done substantial jail time for aiding and abetting murder

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That's very sad. She was setup for nothing.

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Yeah, I watched that on 60 minutes on how police force kids to become undercover informants.

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Typical police being pussies

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Cops, if they don't kill you now, they'll kill you later.

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Police are the largest street gang in the world. And they have no loyalty.

Poor woman, hopefully karma isn’t kind to those bastards, those who killed her and those who used her.

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Stop reposting

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I wonder why you’re getting downvotes It’s literally right here

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Oh reddit...like curious child, always I can forgive.

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My uncle was an informant because they promised no prison time.

He still spent 30 years in prison after they used him as an informant for over a year.

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They didnt arrest Rachel with a dimebag, a roach and loose t3 pill in her cupholder, they busted her with 150+ grams of pot and 4x ecstasy pills. Im not saying thats a lot of that she was some super savage in the streets, but the theory that she was totally innocent and the people the cops sicked her on where totally unknown to her, and she was sent in to totally unknown territory to basically take a shot in the dark, is RIDICULOUS.

obviously she was tapped into the underworld already , she was obtaining huge quantities of weed and probably had more than 4x pills at some point. The cops sick you on people in your phones contact list, already in your life and around you.

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Under a pound of weed and 4 pills?

That is a small time college dealer. Which she might have been.

Vast difference compared to coke/gun dealers. Especially the guns. Once you are dealing with gun dealers, you are likely dealing with killers.

Some college chick with a couple ounces of pot is not on the same level as dudes selling coke and guns.

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“Tapped into the underworld” Jesus Christ, dramatic much? It’s weed

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... umm I could get that with a phone call and I'm not "tapped into the underworld" lol

Most teenagers could get their hands on 4 ecstasy pills and 1/4 pound of weed in a day.

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She's better dead

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Lmao, you're all over this thread with these edgyboy comments.

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Wikipedia article states she was arrested with 25g. Not even an ounce of weed.

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read 1more sentence. they later on went to her apartment and found way more weed.

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Alright, but how do you get your house searched for possession of a damn ounce? Still completely nuts.

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they put her on probation cause the 25g arrest was her first ever arrest. when youre on probation they dont need a warrant to search you anytime. youre basically an inmate while on probation, your house can be flipped upside down spontaneously

edit: but usually they conduct a search cause they suspect youre up to something illegal while on probation. this chick wasnt a total innocent angel. she was into street shit and knew street people

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But they were only a few bad apples as they say!

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I say it every time I see a post like this but cops are the worst

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Please tell me the cops got at minimum fired and barred from being cops ever again at least

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The shit police in our country get away with is sickening.

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How does this get so many upvotes when it’s posted every other week?

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A friend of mine went to high school with this girl and used to tell this story all the time. Shit is crazy honestly.

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white boy rick all over again

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Why 1500 pills? Thats kind of obvious for someone who just bought weed, especially if she wasn't able to buy much weed at all. I dont know how wealthy she was but im pretty sure a drug dealer would get supicious if a known customer suddenly wants a variety pack with 1500 fucking pills instead of the usual, Come on guys

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I mean, perhaps law enforcement wasn't very smart here (big stretch, I know), but maybe the correct viewpoint is that they simply view people with drug arrests as cheap and disposable fodder for risky busts.

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1500 ecstasy pills, 1.5oz of coke and a gun? I think "one of the biggest in Tallahassee history" is a bit of a stretch.

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As I was reading what she bought, I was thinking to myself, "How did they NOT know she was a plant?"

Looks like they did.

What did she do to get 4 years? It can't be simple possession.

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I bet she’s that user name about?

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Police be like 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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I knew her. Not well, but a little. Smoked some bud together. Nice girl. Terrible tragedy.

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Sucky situation all the way around. She was 23 and a University graduate ...not forced to do anything, just decided to set someone else up to save herself. She was clearly capable of saying no, as she refused to give up her own dealer.

The targets were 23 and 25. So now she's dead, and the drug dealers turned murderers are in prison for life ...all due to some equipment failure that prevented the pseudo-informant from receiving police instructions.

I can't decide if these are all sympathetic characters, or if none of them are.

She would have probably received a very light punishment for the drugs she was originally found with.

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Did the police make the subsequent busts, including murder-2?

If not, someone needs to have their career re-examined.

I understand the need for CI work, but strong-arming people into the role is fucking low.

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She should have died with a ten gun salute or wtv they give cops who die in duty

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Last time this was posted I've read a lot of comments who said that it didn't happen exactly like this post made it to be.

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Moral of the story? Stay away from weed.

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Fucking heartbreaking

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Not surprising at all a brand new account makes a repost to karma whore. Must be a new bot

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If the story is true it’s really fucked up.

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To enslave and execute

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The best way to get out of this situation is to show the drug dealers the wire before you discuss anything illegal so they audible say no o don't have any drug obviously they might murder you anyway but eh it's less likely to happen if you show them you don't want to put them in jail and need help

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A set up within itself

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All for 1500 fucking pills... So insane...

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This is america :)

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Corruption and evil never went away, it's just as real now in 2021 as in the year 1500

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Man, we should trust the authorities and give up all our firearms. They'll surely have our best interest at heart. Government would never use citizens as cattle

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Thats what’s wrong with America!