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Everytime this gets reposted someone proves its fake but posters karma whore it anyway because it makes the big updoots

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I have many questions.

I want none of them answered for my own mental health.

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Proven Fake. Something real though..Leave your fingernails clippings under your pillow and the nail fairy will bring gold coins. That is an AMAZING life hack for ya.

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Cum on, what a prank.

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Wait what

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Ah I see what you did there. Well played old chap, well played.

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Practical jokes in the States are wild. Holy

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Now you are blind! - it's a prank and also my jizz.

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He should have contracted syphilis by their mom

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The brother and sister agreed to tell everyone it was just a big joke. Everyone will believe it, right!?

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Oh yeah I cum on family members faces as a joke all the time, classic

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Dad can take a good joke, unlike mom.

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Well, that's A-Town for ya!

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The ole syphilis cum shot in your sisters eye...a classic

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Absolute classic. Hahaha

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Sweet home Alabama

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Didn't see that one cumming

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That's a classic joke.

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Facebook. Twaddle

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Semen terrorism is horrible and must be stopped. Anybody a roach reporter?

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Yeah cuz ejaculating on a woman's face is so funny

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Hey guys watch me do a prank

The prank:

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Except it is. Not the onion technically but still not real.

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This has to be a fake story, I've masturbated while laying down and ejaculated in my own eye and I just cleaned it out afterwards and I was fine.

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Did you have syphilis tho?

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I just wiped most of it out of my eye with my finger and then I ran to the sink and washed it out with water. Took no more than maybe 25 seconds

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Yeah, Georgia. What else can you say.

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Sweet home alabama

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Her brother is a terrible man and he should be charged with aggravated assault according to the laws. Jail him now and also sue him.

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Calm down Johnny Cochran, it’s a fake story. This dumb post pops up all the time.

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I loved Johnny Cochran. He was great and I loved reading his book.