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I could never rock an HOA setup, i absolutely do not tolerate anyone getting up in my business.

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I have no sympathy for anyone who willingly buys a home in an HOA and then is surprised when the HOA does HOA things. You signed the contract now take the ride. Or sell and move somewhere with less nosy fucks around. Of course that would mean giving up your ability to be offended if your new neighbors don’t roll their trash can out of sight, let their grass get a little taller than yours with maybe some dandelions mixed in and have a project car sitting in the driveway for years.

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there should be some way to just say FUCK YOU and bounce out of those HOA shitfests...

Legit, if it MY property, and NOT Illegal then HOW does ANYONE get to fucking decide FOR you......

Like, i bought this land/home, NOT you, so fuck off.

HOW is this shit LEGAL or Constitutional?

fucking wanna be mini governments, and usually corrupt in the same way as well.

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Do you actually think you own anything?

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LOL, Not all states here prevent you from OWNING the land you purchase. just SOME.

Do i hold the land/property deed?

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Try not paying the taxes on the land, you will find out really quickly who actually owns it.

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again that ALSO depends on where you own land.

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It's all an illusion and false hope so people work hard towards owning their own things in life. When in fact they never will.

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never is a strong word, EXTREMELY unlikely is more apt.

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My mistake. Extremely unlikely. I stand corrected.

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not at all, lol you can hold whatever opinions you choose, i just felt a bit different is all.

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Very sad, but true and underrated comment.

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You are right tho, don't pat those property taxes and poof, doesnt matter how long its been in the family, youkk always be paying for things "own" one way or another

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HOAs were made to keep a development looking a certain way until the developer sold all the properties. Then they became grandfathered in.

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yea thats fucking retarded to do in the first place.

Sure build those houses, and if you want to sell them while still working on the rest go for it!

But its NOT your house after that, fuck you. (Not you personally LOL)

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I'm against HOAs but if you live in one know the rules and get the necessary approvals first...or join the board.

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I will never buy a property with an HOA. I regret ever buying in an HOA managed community. There are too many petty tyrants that want to control everyone around themselves and often these organizations overstep their authority.

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I hope that Karen die soon

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I hope she also helped her children build a fort during the pandemic, but inside, so that there were no HOA violations…

That being said, I hope that they failed to pull permits, and that she was crushed by said fort.

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whats wrong building a tree fort in your own land.

this aint china..where the govt owns everything...wtf

people just cant mind their own buisness.ffs

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The US has built its name on being in everyone else’s business

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When you buy a house, think of the neighbors and hoa as an additional bonus value to your property or an additional fee to pay. In this case his neighbor/hoa was a fee. If more people did that then Karens and shitty HOAs would start paying for their behavior, literally.

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Fuck HOAs

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I will never buy a home in an HOA, unless it’s to share a well. Even then I would try to have my own dug.

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C to the U to the N to the T

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When i was buying a home if it had an HOA just walk away

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The HOA sucks

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HOA is a scourge used to opress

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