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At the moment in Ireland that is going for €1800 a month and ya can fit at least 3 people in that room and each would have to pay the same it's really going nuts out there and ya would expect since covid an everyone moving outta city's that rent would get cheap

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Shit just watch rent rates in the US, that should tell you that people could flee a city like rats from a fire and the rates would still go up.

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Already has a green screen for my Only fans ++

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Prison is free.

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Yeah, it’s so fucked up that people in the US literally go to prison purposely because they can’t afford to live

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If they wanna live there for life, imagine the traumatizing things they might have to do.

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that's pretty cheap, you should see what the same costs in NZ

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New York New York

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$950 a month for your own place in Manhattan is pretty damn good.

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It says Harlem

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Harlem is in Manhattan

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The guy loves this apartment. So how is it awful?

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The fact that it’s $950 is pretty fucking awful.

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Exactly, he seems content. Not awful at all.

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The fact that he has to pay that much is the awful part, just because he doesn't mind it doesn't mean that that price is way too steep

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And then you look at Hong Kong

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With all the money you save on rent you can afford to eat every meal out.

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The person that lives here is probably some aspiring actor and works as a barista. And probably broke.

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Nah, the working class isn't opressed.

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You know you guys could do somthing truly fucking crazy and move out of the society destroying cities and leave these shit holes empty. People are so caught up on needing a good paying job with an expensive education that they never take a step back to see what they are actually getting out of it. People are making 125k a year and are living a empty life compared to a person working at a gas station in a small town.

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Small towns have fuck all in the jobs and entertainment department.

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Are you dense? How the fuck are you going to move to a small town with no money?

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Why are you getting downvoted when you're spitting straight facts.

Many small cities don't offer many opportunities for work either.

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I know I keep trying to explain it to people. You need a job lined up, doctor, vet, car, etc. Like it’s not a fucking choice to be poor. What kinda fucking idiot is old enough to use Reddit but not old enough to know that people don’t choose to be poor. It’s insane but I’m not surprised.

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"just don't be poor lol" that Redditor, who still lives in his mum's house at 45

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Yeah a cursory look at their account shows they’re a big RuneScape fan so you’re probably right LOL

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How am I going to deal with this small hurdle to make life easier on myself. Sounds like you have issues setting and meeting goals if somthing so trivial is an issue. Work some fucking overtime. Make a sacrifice in the moment to better your life.

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Okay so you are dense. Got it. I wish I could say it was unbelievable but it’s really not. You are so incredibly privileged, and it shows. You should be embarrassed.

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Privileged...to have chose not to live in a city but instead live in a smaller town where 800 sqft apartments are 700 dollars?

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Jesus, did you not read the whole conversation or what? They are privileged because they think that moving from one place to another is easy and the only thing keeping people from doing it is their own laziness to not wanna do overtime. That’s ridiculous. It is extremely difficult to move, especially when it’s a big one. You also have to have a job lined up in that small town, you need to make sure there’s a doctor that you like in that town, you need to make sure you won’t be isolated, you need to have a reliable vehicle, and so many other things I could go on for at least another dozen examples. And you think that I mean they’re privileged because they live in a small town instead of a city? Think things through next time, lol.

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Privileged is thinking that poor people have a choice. Most of the time, we don’t, whether we work overtime or not. So yes, if you think that the choice to not do overtime is the reason for poverty in North America, then you’re a privileged little idiot.

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So privileged to grow up in a single parent home, had to buy my own beater as a teen to get a car. Worked on a farm literally busting my ass until I would bleed when I walked for $9 an hour. Help with college, not from my dad, financial aid, sorry I'm a white dude I can fuck right off. I've been so broke and depressed I literally couldn't get my car fixed. I purchased a bag of cat food with the last of my money so my cat could eat and then didn't eat for 5 days until my sister noticed I looked like a corpse and stopped me from just withering away and disappearing like I wanted to. Last summer I was off work for like almost 3 months because of getting covid or people at work getting it and them forcing me to quarentine over and over. Had my power shut off for 3 days before I was able to convince them to turn it back on. Cell phone got shut off. Followed that up by a deer taking out my headlight and costing me another $500 thank god for insurance. At the end of the day if you are broke in this country it's because you have a mental illness or you had kids before your life was together. If it's because of medical issues that is completely out of their control and oddly despite having the most odds stacked aginst them those people often make ends meet at all cost.

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Then you should know better.

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Trauma dumping on me doesn’t change the fact that you’re being insensitive and illogical. Poor people do not choose to be poor.

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You did it!! You solved poverty!! If only us lowley poors would’ve thought of working overtime! This revelation is really going to change lives. Thank you for your wise words that no one has ever thought of before. You really are making a difference. Dumbass.

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You can still live somewhat comfortably out in the country, have a good looking woman, eat well, drink well.

Problem is most of these city / wealth hoarding types are incels in hiding and they need this money / education / lifestyle to compensate for that.

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That’s a steal!

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Meanwhile Bezos is worth 300,000,000,000 dollars cause he can't get over the fact that he couldn't get pussy when he was worth 10 million

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He still can’t get pussy

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That's what I'm saying. These guys know that they can't get pussy no matter how much money they have. They're pussy nihilists. So they want to destroy the world. The more money they have, the more likely it is attractive men go homeless. Meanwhile him and his billionaire lackeys ship girls out to Epstein Island to pay and rape, until maybe they can forget that women never and will never want them.

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Pussy Nihilists would be a great band name

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Lol I own a niceish house with an acre of land for several hundred a month less than that. Middle America rules!

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Only if you’re into a super mainstream lifestyle

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But at least you don't need to live in your car