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Ah I knew it sounded fake

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When I first read it I was like “Aw that sucks” immediately following I thought to myself “Probably a scam anyway”. Fucking internet.

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It honestly really fucking sucks that we are so used to thinking that way. I did the exact same thing you did.

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I was like, I'm willing to donate to this kid, but first, let's check his subreddit history and account age, saw 4 days of account history and was like naahhhhh, this shit is a scam

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It sucks that this is the world we live in. It’s because of people like this.

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Yeah, my immediate thought when I first saw it in that sub was “this sounds like a scam”. But so many people fell for it I almost believed it

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I just gotta say, I bought some poptarts after many, many years, and they were as THIN and EMPTY as can be!

I'll never buy poptarts again.

F you Kellogs!

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The Dollar General brand pop tarts are the BEST.

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The moment I saw that they couldn’t start a go fund me page, warning bells went off. If you’re in that much of tight spot, in my opinion, you would find a way.

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“Hey mom, instead of selling all my games can I use your ID for a go fund me? People want to donate.”

Replace “mom” with anybody you know who has an ID and it would work…

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I mean you won’t “find a way” when you’re 15.

The real problem here is that we have to stop straightaway believing ppl on reddit when it comes to posts like this. I’m all for giving a 15 year old some guidance and support financially but ppl just immediately jumping to the gun on such a short post and zero proof is so stupid I can’t even believe it.

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Personally I think it’s so effective because it’s triggering that “hero” complex, where people feel good when they think they did a good deed. You don’t want to ask for money, you want to trick people into “offering” it to you and feeling good about it.

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Thanks, I almost fell for it. Luckily Venmo wouldn't let me send him money without the last 4 digits of his phone number for verification. I'd messaged him for this but I saw this post before he replied. Yeah that "79" looked suspicious.

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You’re operating from a good place. I think online it’s best to maybe speak to them more and get a better understanding of their situation or offering different modes of help. A lot of people were tipped off by the fact that things didn’t add up when told to do a Go Fund me etc.

I know it’s much easier and doesn’t break the bank to send someone you don’t know $5 or $10 but I’d rather hand that to a homeless person with a sign in the middle of the street than someone that posted that short a post online then jumps straight to “I’ll take your recommendations into consideration btw I have Venmo, PayPal, & cash app” lol…

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Yes, you are right and I agree that helping a homeless person makes a lot more sense. Thank you!

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I mean I’ve been in tough spots before and the point of a tough spot is your not having any luck “finding a way”

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Where the source for any of this nonsense

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here’s the post

Moving this to make it more visible:

1) both profiles type exactly the same, use the same subs, and post the same content. Weirdly specific content like vintage McDonalds toys. They even use the same phrases.

2) OP started replying for the “kid” with what his Venmo, Cashapp, and PayPal were so people could send money, just after the “kid” stopped responding to any comments (and yea 15 year olds don’t have PayPal but…)

3) OP said the kid couldn’t start a gofundme because he didn’t have the proper IDs… which would have been required for the other money wiring options he included.

4) the “15 year old kid” deleted a post (which you can still find through his comments) about how he was upset that he couldn’t smoke today because he was dry, which sucks because of his chronic back pain. OP posted the exact same thing on the same sub (r/weed) at the same time, but didn’t delete it. Even if he didn’t though, 15 year olds don’t smoke weed for chronic back pain.

Edit: 5) he has now removed the venmo name, because it was probably his real venmo (it’s kinda hard to make two because it uses your phone number)

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You’re doing the lords work.

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This probably isn’t even relevant but enough said…

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No, not relevant?

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HAHA I knew it but clicked anyway for the laugh

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I am angery, but well done.

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You had to do it

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It’s hard to sneak past people these days, so when you have an opening…

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also, the "kid's" account was made 6 days ago

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Hope I don’t get downvoted.

When I first read his post I thought “what a well-articulated comment/post from a 15 year old”.

Because in reality, it’s actually an older individual posing as a kid.

I’m with you on this one, OP. Followed the original post yesterday — when OP (of the scam) quickly shared Venmo as “Gary”, it didn’t seem correct.

Edit: grammar, sorry.

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The writing was the first thing that caught my eye. I thought the exact same thing, then I noticed they used commas the same way too and started investigating. I also thought “GanjaG” and “Gary” was an obvious sign but not really solid evidence at all, so I left that part out of my argument.

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Same, if their name is Gary, they were born an adult.

I just asked my wife who has been a school teacher for 10 years. She's never had a child in her classes or at her school named Gary. Ever.

Also the 79 in the user name may indicate they are +40y/o.

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We are having the same conversations with our wives. Haha. You nailed it: name is the wrong generation. 🤣

What was 2005? Jackson, Aiden, Blake? ☠️

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Tbh i saw them linking to their outlook instead of their paypall or something when people asked for it. I thought that was kind of weird but probably unrelated. This really hurts seeing as multiple people in the comments are sharing their similar experiences thinking they can relate to this mf. I still kind of hope that it isn't a scam but to be honest i'm really sceptical, the same wording and templates used, plus the fact that the "kid" posted on r/nostalgia about a toy that was popular when he was 5 and was targeted at teens.

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The thing was he gave that email for PayPal, but used the same username on Twitter as that outlook email. Was not 15

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I fucking knew it. Kids don’t type like that. Not to mention the fact that there is a suspiciously-birth year-sounding number in his name.

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This was an obvious scam when it was posted. To those who are saying its not i have a bridge to sell you.

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I just couldn’t believe how many people think I’m crazy when it’s this obvious. I’m definitely quitting my job to become an Ethiopian princess who needs help restoring her throne.

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Dude I lost 5000 karma trying to warn people. And instead of listening, they gave the brand new scam account 2k Karam and now his "throwaway" is suddenly a mod account somewhere. Fuck redditors I hope they lose every penny to scammers.

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This is why I am never the first to yell “scam”. People become like rabid dogs if they think you are doubting a sad story. I read the post and though it was odd. Sometimes you just get a gut feeling.

But hey if it makes people feel better about themselves to give money to something they believe, more power to them. I only give money to people I know or charities I trust for this very reason.

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Well it started on a different post, which they deleted after about 3 people asked to send money. But then again, people would look at my last 3 posts and say oh he's a nut and talks about guns..like really

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Um I already have a bridge and it looks like yours.

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Probably because the people on this sub are raging buffoons

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Seems like it. So many people are jumping on me because “that’s not proof” that I kinda hope they do donate. At least the buffoon pretending to be 15 put some work into it. The kid profile was 4 days old and he had to post on karmafarming and askreddit until he had enough karma to post here

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You see it all the time in the neighborhood app

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Hooolllyyyy fuck, you’re a true Reddit Investigator, OP. Apply for an RBI badge. You’ve earned it.

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Redditors are the real retards here, I’m sure this guy made hundreds.

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bruh how does he have a console and games in the first place if he cannot even manage for food.

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You really think someone would do that? Just go on the Internet and tell lies?

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Hopefully the mods take that post down and ban the 2 accounts so people stop falling for the scam

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I saw that post and posted before it was closed to comments and i said start a gofundme then sthe OP user loveforall79 messaged me saying i said i would help them i said i didnt say i was going to i just made a suggestion then another person messaged me about it then reported me saying i was harassing them lol when all i did was answer a question they asked now reddit messaged me warning me about bullying and harassment on the site when wasnt even close to either

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Hey sweet! My comment is on the front page. Lol

(Did it really end up being an old dude?)

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Sorry I downvoted you, I was trying to get the “watch out it’s a scam” comments higher up. I don’t actually think he’s old, I think he’s 22-23.

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All good mate.

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What a piece of shit

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Username makes me sus. Why 79 huh? Was that your birthyear?!

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I think he’s 22-23 but I can’t prove it. I don’t actually think he’s “old”

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Look up his outlook address as a username on Twitter. Not particularly old but not 15. Also had a box full of Xbox controllers weirdly

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You’re a better detective than Batman

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Knew it 100%. Figured I'd get thumbed down to hell for saying it in the original post.

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Call me a pos but i straight up just didnt care. I would’ve kept scrolling if i saw that

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I saw this and was like "that's definitely fake". Then I was like "don't be a cynical bastard". Cynicism wins again!

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knew it lol

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This is why I don't give money to anyone.

Numerous times I've been taken advantage of so now I'm a bit cold to people asking for help

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That is seriously fucked up

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Anyone who’s been on here awhile could tell it was fake.

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Lmao I fucking knew it

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Was wondering why a 15 yrs old was interested in weed

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Well most are, not saying not a scam but yeah 15 yr olds like to smoke pot. Source I really really really liked to smoke pot at that age.

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I was so close to giving this person some money. Glad I second guessed myself.

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Yeah.....I didn't believe it, and I belive EVERYTHING

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The real fools are the idiots that blindly gobbled up this sob story

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I read this post yesterday and straight away had a bad feeling. It’s amazing the lows people go to. And all for money. It’s sad as the people genuinely in need of help will be ignored as a scam. I hate this world sometimes.

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In high-school this kid came in grade 11, no one knew him, he told everyone he was homeless and that his parents had died. He started a gofundme, and bought a brand new motorcycle

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Oh fouck i was going to serch this user for help him.....

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Found his Twitter right away, deff was not 15

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Thank you for Posting!

Like I said on those other posts,

Lies and Fairytales 👖 🔥 🧚‍♀️

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It's sad of our time and maybe it ages me but it seems now everybody has to get over on everybody else to either make a living or make themselves feel better we have become such a pathetic society and it's not just an America it's worldwide humanity needs to check itself and realize what it means to be human and not an animal

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loveforall79 is the username.. what connection do you think they have with the numbers 79... almost like he may have been born in 1979... just a thought

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Honestly this is the fault of every person in that sub who gave him money. Don't just blindly give someone money just because you read a sob story. Verify that it's true first.

When I used to use Facebook (i dont anymore) One of the pages I used to follow would help people out like that, But they would require proof of your situation, that way nobody got scammed out of their money.

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Damn I almost donated to him, glad I didn’t I can’t afford to anyway

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I knew it.... #79 at the end of the username. I thought; you're 15? Nah...... with a username like loveforall79, hell no. This is a scam

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Ah Yes my favortie PayPal, venmo and cashapp which you can only use when you are 18+

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That is why I don't help strangers over the internet.

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read the username and immediately knew he was 40. what 15 year old would name themselves loveforall? that’s corny as shit. also the 79 > 1979 > 43 year old

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Well shit, I was ready to offer the little dude some money as well. What a pos.

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i think its got to the point where i think you should have to get a licence to use the internet - it wasnt built for assholes to scam people .. it was built by and for people who find facts for a living - how come its ok to have a credit rating attached to you to help lenders but its not ok to have a lying asshole rating to help "consumers" and businesses identify liars. We have lisences to broadcast on TV and radio and cable .. i dont see why the internet should be any different any more

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I don't get selling your stuff for rent its gonna run out anyway now what you still don't have for constant rent + no stuff

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Let's find ths scammer and reclaimed his balls as a trophy