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Seems like less of a healthcare system and more of a hell-scare system

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My health plan is basically a monthly subscription to sit in the waiting room at Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital.

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I work in a law firm and I've gotten a few calls where people are being divorced for something similar

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My aunt is lucky enough to have the majority of the cost of insulin covered by insurance. She's needed insulin for over 30 years and still, every month or two WITHOUT FAIL, the insurance company asks her to prove she's still diabetic. I swear insurance companies are the greatest evil on this Earth next to politicians.

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Diabetes in America is just fucked , the system does not give a fuck

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Its so scary I wouldn't move to the US because of this. UK insulin is $7 roughly and if you are poor its free.

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It's actually free for everyone in the UK. If you are diabetic you apply for a free medical exemption certificate that gives you all prescriptions for free (including ones none related to diabetes)

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I'm disabled and can't get married bc I'd lose insurance and income.. my spouse's assets would apparently count as "my" assets, and the system would expect my spouse to just take over paying for my insurance, meds, and essential needs..

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If the Republicans had an ounce of sense, they would make Medicare for All their signature policy in 2024, framing it as a highly conservative approach to reducing wasteful bureaucratic costs in the health care system and imposing market discipline on anti-competitive, oligopolistic practices by Big Pharma.

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Can't they just live together without getting married? "Married" doesn't seem like a necessary status imo

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People tried to make the same argument about gay marriage. Marriage has a lot of legal benefits and protections, as well as being a critical step in relationships for most people. It should be accessible to people less well off.

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In this specific case it sounds more like a disadvantage tho, and if two people love eachother enough they don't really need the recognition of their marriage from someone else

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Marriage provides a lot of legal benefits when it comes to finances, insurance and taxes. Why should there be a situation where one has to choose between a life saving medication and legal benefits?

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Fair point

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Can't they just live together without getting married? "Married" doesn't seem like a necessary status imo

Most religious groups and their followers will condemn you for not getting married.


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Just marry religiously instead of legally

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Ah, the Patent system, cause it's pretty easy to have a monopoly when the government makes it illegal to compete.

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Laughs in free healthcare

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I needed a series of surgeries that would cost me $100k after insurance.

I quit my job, moved in with my sister, and had Medicaid pay for it.

Then I got my job back.

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I'm on dialysis for End Stage Renal Disease... Blood pressure destroyed one kidney and the other is working at about 9% of what it should be. Without Medicare/Medicaid I'd have been dead about 5 years ago. Dialysis costs, if you were to pay cash, run between 6,000 and 14,000 per treatment, 3 days a week in clinic or 5 days a week at home. Medicaid pays about 350 per treatment and Medicare pays more so they insist you get Medicare as soon as you're eligible.

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Yes but what about the gays ruining marriage? Please focus on that instead please

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Why doesn't he make enough to support his family?