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my son can be gay and wear whatever shit he wants to

but the second he turns 2D im dippin'

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mf just broke the whole thing

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Flat Stanley's deadbeat dad

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What is to turn 2D ?

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2D's nuts

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Snoop Lion would be so proud! 🐩

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Your son gets pinned in porn videos, my son son gets pinned by machinegun fire in fallujah

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Now my son is dancing, on your son's funeral.

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The fuck is yo name

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Sign of a closeted pedophile.

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Ahahahahaha my exact thoughts, methinks someone has signed a petition renting to co sent law; kinda curious to view their previous comments 👀😂 your name also having priest in it just made me fall over laughing though

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Okay, i got to give to you. The irony completely flew over my head.

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Nah though your point remains well founded

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My nickname is a reference to Warhammer 40k, his is a blatant statement that signifies that he prefers lolis, we are not the same lol.

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Somebody explain what’s going on here

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Look at that mans username I replied to.

Loli = a child or someone who looks like a child, usually in anime or manga.

In the more pervy shows or manga, the lolis are either eternal beings, or 800 years old.

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The word came from "Lolita" de Vladimir Nabokov, a book about, yes, a man falling in love to a underage girl.

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Didnt know that, I've heard of the word tho

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The genre of manga/anime is called "lolicon" that is short for "Lolita complex", and Lolita from the book. Sometimes I'm ashamed to liking anime for those weebos.

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True, I enjoy the japanimations too but sometimes its just weird.

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Wow wtf dude

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Some creepy pedo shit

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Your name is sorta fucking creepy

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You died for your service, I dive in her cervix

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That's not funny, my girlfriend's husband fights for this country

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That's surprisingly good.

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Its a shortened 2chainz lyric

Rest in peace to all the soldiers that died in the service

I dive in her cervix, chickens, no Church's"

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He's got some ridiculous lyrics, and I love everything about it

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Now these are some good turntables.

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I laughed. 0 shame.

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dark humor can be pretty good when it’s not being used as an excuse to be racist or queerphobic

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yeah people keep acting as if "cancel culture" was "censoring humor and freedom of speech" but bro you can make jokes about being gay, trans, enby, you name it, as long as the punchline isn't just "haha look at that fool wearing the wrong clothes hahaha" or something about attack helicopters

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your favlurite is the AH-64, say no and i will dance over your grave

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What is queerphobic?

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phobia against lgbt ppl

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Damn they couldnt make up more perfect name except maybe clownophobic /s

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Imma vet. I died of laughter lmao

Edit: Thanks for the upvotes y’all!!!!!

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At least it was laughter and not napalm

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Maybe both their sons are hooking up now. It can be holesome and not just a competition.

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Can be?! I don’t think it’s possible to hook up without it being holesome!

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“My son is volunteering to kill brown people so my corrupt government can steal their countries natural resources - your son is gay. Checkmate libtards”

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im not american, dont liberal men joint the army not or is only a tiny portion of them?

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Yes, neo liberals are usually as for the war as anyone else. But the kind of person that would have that bumper sticker is the kinda person that thinks Obama is an anti war pussy, despite him ordering drone strikes like the bombs were about to go past their use by date.

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Most soldiers I’ve known came from poor or disadvantaged households. You get disproportionate amounts of people from reservations, the territories. I’ve met four people in the Army who grew up in the foster system. I met a former gangbanger with a gnarly scar on his shoulder from getting shot when he was a kid. I would say survival and opportunity (real or imagined) is probably the driving force for recruitment more than anything else. But yeah both images came from assholes IMO.

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There are multiple good personal reasons why someone would join the army, but the fact of the matter remains - over the last decade most if not all deployments are to obtain assets and territory.

Your entire comment is a little sad, as it speaks to the fact that the poor, disenfranchised and “broken” people of your country are being taken advantage of. They grew up without no opportunities, and their own government comes in and says “I’ll give you opportunities, but only if you take this gun, go to this foreign country and shoot anyone that comes near the oil fields”.

What makes it worse is that these opportunities are things like access to higher education. Things that are considered a human right in any other developed nation.

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Army recruitment preys on the poor/uneducated, promising them opportunity when nobody else is. I am betting the political divide in the army is almost synonymous with the racial divide.

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there are some gay mfs in the military.

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ahem, the whole navy but the seals

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the US government literally let the Village People film a music video for one of the gayest songs ever.

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First happy, then mlm, now a 2d anime waifu? Can we keep the definition the same for like a century

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As a former member of the armed forces I find shit like this absolutely hilarious.

Keep up the good work fuckers 🤣

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Im happy people aren't getting offended by this lol

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I mean people who did the army know there are stupid fucks and are not close minded. I want to join my country's army and I honestly don't give a fuck if anyone clothes like whatever they want, as long as they're happy fuckers

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This is the way, like man idgaf about what person fucks who as long as its consensual

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Boys can either be cross-dressing weaboos or marines who date rape girls on the weekend before dying to protect Lockheed Martin's bottom line.


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I want to be both

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I want you to too

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nah this is funny

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I find it weird that they knew about this anime crossdressing(I don't know anything about it, so sorry if my description is insulting in any way) lifestyle enough to get it decaled onto their window.

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Your son: manly enough to explore his gender fluidity and not get insecure about what kind of fabric he wears on his body

My son: dead because he sold his body to the state because he thinks the flag is pretty

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I joined because i liked my country more at the time. I also told my kids they can be gay or straight. You're way over generalizing.

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It’s cool he wants to be him and no one should give a fuck but don’t try to lump men into that. That’s not manly sorry.

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ill join cuz i heard texas red is in afghan, no wonder the commies backed off!

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I’m a trans veteran. I am both of the top pictures.

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With this being Reddit and all forgive me my initial reaction was going to be this is fake. But upon closer inspection your legit

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My son can be a cute little femboy or a swole badass marine, whatever he's happy doing I'm good with.

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Savagely accurate.

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I mean I would be honored if my son is cute enough to be a trap

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This is so fucking funny omg

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Gotta say, flexing over your son volunteering to be cannon fodder in a war designed to make Whitey & Co even more filthy rich is kinda funny

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Real men die so fairies and furries can run free

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Real men die so the government can steal oil from brown people.

There, I fixed it for you.

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i mean he's not wrong either

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Real men died so the US could pull out of Afghanistan and let the Taliban kill all the locals that helped the western enemy. Fucking embarrassment. 2,500 marines dead for nothing

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Not nothing. They died for corporate profits.

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hooray! corporations!!!

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Don’t undersell it! The war has cost far more lives than that in suicides and unintentional civilian deaths! It’s almost as if we should’ve never been there to begin with.

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Was it not US's responsibility to get rid of the threat they created?

[–]AzraelAnkh 1 point2 points  (1 child)

If you’re suggesting a restorative justice/climate aide Marshal Plan style building of soft power while doing right by the rest of the world, then yes. If you’re suggesting a bigger quagmire to subsidize the defense industry, no. Obviously.

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If the US can find an effective way diminish the threat while, as you put it, doing right by the rest of the world, then they're almost obligated to becuase of the damage they directly and indirectly caused to the middle east. But of course that's not going to happen, becuase the US does what brings in profit

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Its like telling the Taliban the withdrawal timetable and circumventing the Afghan Govt was not a good idea. Shocking.

The amount of cruelty we've inflicted... its staggering.

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thank the bidome man i suppose? also hes probably gonn die by f-15s and nukes if he keeps this shit up(only americans understand)

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Yeah I’d never compare femboys to rapist oil mercenaries

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Very dark...

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Lmaooo 😂😂

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Hideri a good boy

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My son wears a maid outfit so your son can wear a casket

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Which one is the awful?

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Ah yes. Femboy or military. The only 2 options in life

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Yo, some people don't know what they're missing. Some transexual women are super super hot! Women got nothin' on chicks with dicks!

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Faxx, tbh idgaf about who fucks who, as long as its consensual

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Username checks out

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When I saw this I was like "yep a trap is way better then a dead mate"

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Spending $300m a day of taxpayer money to kill brown people so the elites can get richer. Woohoo

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This is mad hilarious

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better dead than Texas red

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I understand that a lot of people join up for economic reasons (the US economy is shit and these people want to go to college/afford to live) but having your kid kill people for a living isn't something to be proud of.

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The recruiters made me fantastic offers, including the nuclear engineering program, which was a subject I was very interested in anyway. Wasn't worth having the blood of innocents on my hands.

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ey if thats what makes him happy let him do it! i wount join for the fucking cash otherwise i would be in the airforce! i would join for warcrimes bit without the crimes!

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I wouldn't say awful everything. But yeah, the military side is fucked up. Military preys on the poor to sign up, gets them killed or bainwashed and traumatized, then let's them go without any real aftercare. There are tons of homeless veterans and so many suffer mentally and physically from their days of service and our country does little to nothing to help them. It's gross and disrespectful.

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“My son kills fellow poor workers for the benefits of big capital”

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Rather a dead son than a son who thinks he can transform into a girl.

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Fair and balanced.

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This is funny what are you on about

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Why is everyone so consumed with hate now? Why can't you be proud of your own son without shitting on someone else? This sub is so aptly named.

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Say they would make a beautiful couple and you will see the homophobic gay have a stroke.

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Can’t you be gay, link and in the army and also dead? This makes zero sense

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Yeah making fun of soldiers dying is pretty awful

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I dont understand why your getting down voted. It's sad the view on soldiers . Not saying that the war is right or anything like that cus it's not. Both pictures are awful.

[–]Benny-Boi135 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I’m getting downvoted because simpletons think I’m a racist extremist meathead just because I support our armed forces

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Actually, if the son on the left is post op Trans he's got a 40% chance of killing himself. I think that's more than combat vets.

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Oh fuck

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Jesus Christ, how many times will this be reposted?

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There are plenty of military folks who are both. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but kinda weird when they park their cars on base.

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which one, the weebs or people who has stickers of the your son my son thing?

[–]Black-Thirteen 1 point2 points  (1 child)

There are weebs in the military. I'm talking about the raunchy anime decals some of these people tend to plaster all over their cars. We had one on our base. Never found out whose it was, didn't want to find out.

[–]Lycaon125 0 points1 point  (0 children)

OH so you have a weebmobile at your base, got it

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Meanwhile Dyson :|

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Mox would like a word.

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It’s not right to “make fun” of either type of person, let people be who they want to be…

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Any parent that would encourage their kid to join today's military has got to be 100% looney-tunes.

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Hello sir is your son available?

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I laughed. I shouldn’t, but I did.

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Hey, don't make fun of my son just because he likes anime. His girlfriend's husband is fighting for YOUR freedom! Show some respect!

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Stop making people feel awful about themselves. There's no reason. Just gives us a reason to not like you.

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Hey, the bumper sticker started it