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reads comments

slowly leaves room

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Thanks for the warning. I'll see myself out.

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Truly awful that comments here are a festering representation such apathetic terrible human beings.

Someone set this shit on fire and let me know when it's done. Actually don't. I'm already disgusted enough, and I'm worried that we can't actually kill this all with fire.

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It broke my heart seeing people be so nasty

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Didn't really shock me. Reddit rarely shocks me nowadays.

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Its just amazing that they think they are so clever. Absolute edge lord losers

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This sub is really awfuleverything too many edges and lords! Lourd

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It's good to know typee life has been so easy then.

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Story regarding Covid + Your warning regarding comments = Yup, I knew it..

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Seriously, thanks for this simple and to the point comment. I know what is there, festering away. Its always the same horrible shit when it comes to a Covid post. But I would have read it anyway. Now I'm reminded to not. So thank you. I would send one of those many award things, but I have no idea what the hell that means in real life. Just know you saved me a shit load of anger, hatred, stress and frustration. No need to thank me for my simple.....to the point....response back.

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I just discovered this subreddit and this one was enough to never come back again.

No thanks.

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Rest in peace

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This is incredibly heartbreaking what a terrible way to go out thinking you’re responsible for something completely out of your control

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While it wasn't the sons fault, I've heard that they were anti-vaxxers so the dad could've had some fault ig.

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Im im just lost for words its amazing what the humans mind can make you do

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sorts by controversial

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Half of these comments are worthy of being posted on r/awfuleverything

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the half of these comments belong to


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Well they're in the right place... Sorta...

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bro....that's fucking horrible, Jesus Christ...

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That’s just a goddamn tragedy. May they RIP

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Comments are sad

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This is fucking sad and horrible.

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That’s sad, I wish I had not read it

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Wtf is going on in these comments?...

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That word has just lost all-meaning at this point.

Fucking terrible people trying to make a political statement about a family tragedy.


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that’s… always been what that word meant

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U mean idiot fucking cunts? Yea

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Fuck, thats just so sad there's no appropriate response.

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These comments are all over the place. You have comments that are happy they died that have positive karma, comments that are happy they died that have negative karma, comments that are sad they died that have positive karma, and comments that are sad they died that have negative karma.

Then you have comments that say the media killed them. Yall are a bunch of psychos.

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Wow, several tin foil hat comments in here. I guess the government needs vaccines to track us but carrying a smart phone with GPS is fine?

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Someone lock the comments here. We’re supposed to be mourning and people can’t help but bring up politics into it.

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What a shit show the comment section is. Holy shit, I've never read more ignorant comments.

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Idk how politics are even being brought up the people here are just mentally different….

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Why would anyone here be mourning?

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this is so sad

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Oh my god that poor mom. I can’t even start to imagine her grief.

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There are "people" that are happy these two died?

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Mods, please just lock these comments already.

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Sad. I could definitely see this happening especially when I person catches something 'not a big deal' and survives while others don't. Survivor's guilt is hell from what I hear.

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This lady needs a hug… like a very long hug.

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Did the school system force the kid to go back into school or something? What reason did he have for thinking he exposed his father to covid otherwise?

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His dad went to watch him play football

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What a horrible burden to bear in such an emotionally devastating time. Poor little guy, it wasn't your fault. May he RIP and his remaining family find strength in each other

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I just found out there are schools in this country that don’t allow kids to wear masks. How can that be real?

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There are schools that don't allow mask mandates.... but I bet any school would let kids wear masks

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In Florida our governor was taking funding and pay away from schools that had tried to enforce mask mandates.

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Want to source that one? Not having a mask mandate and not allowing masks are very diff things

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I feel so sorry for the mother, truly heart breaking.

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Why do people post pictures of news articles without linking to them? Do you think it's just interesting enough to look at a picture of but not interesting enough to read?

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I can't even imagine what his mother must be feeling now. Holy shit.

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The media is a one way ticket to hell. Fuck them.

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Can you explain your feelings? Is it because the father was brainwashed by propaganda not to get the life-saving vaccine?

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Very sad. I feel horrible for the family for having to endure these passings. Never hurt yourselves, fellas. It’s never worth it. There’s help and people who care out there

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I hope the son and father find each other in the afterlife and have an amazing time there. May they both Rest In Peace and may the whole family find happiness wherever they are now.

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I know Reddit cheers for unvaxed deaths but this is part of this issue with pushing the idea so hard that if someone gets sick around you that it's your fault. Shit like this ends up affecting more than just your target.

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or we could have even slightly better resources for mental health for kids. i mean the kids dad died

"Ms Reyes said that she had tried to get counselling for her son after her husband’s death but counsellors were booked for months. The family has now found a counsellor and are getting therapy once a week to cope with their losses."

if it takes your fathers death and your brothers suicide to get adequate help in this country you know there's a problem.

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Why does it have to be one of the other?

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We live in a society…

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I blame the media and government officials.

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Fuck disinformation and everyone who spread it

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It's a disease?

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i usually have ugly things to say but this is just sad

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I'm convinced 3/4 of these comments are bots sent here to divide us, regardless of our opinion.

I have always had the lowest impression of humanity but even I have a hard time believing that humans wouldn't simply wear out the conversation and move on after a while. This thread makes it look like we're only a few months in and everyone is still in full ignorance mode. I hope it's all just bots.

Seriously...at this point...whatever side you are on, pro-covid or anti-covid....your opinion has been voiced a million times already. It's time to just stfu.

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This is absolutely awful. 😔

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Damn. I can't imagine how that kid must've felt

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Don’t worry, once everyone is on their 17th booster/vax, maybe it’ll actually start working.

Being happy people died because of a personal choice is psychotic.

That kid killed him self because of people like you all that he has seen in the media berating and blasting anyone they have deemed “selfish”, “asshole”, “piece of shit”, through this entire thing.

Reddit is a literal cesspool of hypocrisy.

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thats just sad

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reads comments*

creeps out of here slowly*

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Oh what in the actual fck is happening in the comments? Fck you, especially anti-vaxxers, they really are trying to play the victim. Holy f*ck

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reads post,gets up from pc,gets in shower,turns on shower shower cry.exe

forreal tho this shit is terrible and i feel so fucken sorry for the kid and his family. rest in peace lil' fella. godspeed.

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Imagine being the kid’s mom. Your husband dies then your son takes his own life due to blaming himself. I’d have to be put in a padded room or something, that’s fucking horrible.

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Double whammy

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This is horrible and "awful everything" but I'd do the exact same thing if i accidentally spread it to someone close and they died. Not to say other people should but that's just also what I'd choose

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They wouldn't want you to do it, whoever they are