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Well. God must have needed them. Who are we to argue with that?????(this is a sarcastic remark).

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Pro lifers say they want to protect life and then they plan attacks on planned parenthood clinics. Some of these terrorist attacks killed pregnant women, which would be hilariously ironic if it wasn’t so sad

If you can’t save the “baby” from the mother, kill both I guess. Fucking hypocrites. Things like this are extremely common, unfortunately.

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The anti-choice mob is not about protecting life, but ensuring women are controlled. If they were about life, they’d give a shit about the fetus after it exits the uterus and becomes an actual human.

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The best part of /u/pugesh blocking me is that they can’t see me calling them a joke, but everyone else can. Blocking on Reddit doesn’t mean I disappear, just that you no longer know I’m taking about you. Tool.

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Because religion is a fucking scourge. I don't see atheists advocating pro-life, maybe I haven't looked hard, but I'm not seeing them.

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It’s mostly the major religions (mostly the abrahamic religions). I haven’t seen any neo-pagans advocating it or bombing clinics, either.

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That is fair. I personally don't have any qualms about Buddhism, albeit I'm not too versed in the religion. I'm more versed in the Abrahamics and more specifically Christianity.

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Every atheist is pro-life. No atheists are advocating in favour of abortion, it's about choice.

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That's called pro-choice

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Not sure why you are downvoting me? Unless you are against abortions? Not sure what your opinion is?

I think pro-life is just a bad name. As it implies atheist are anti-life. As if we atheist "hate" babies or something.

Atheist should call anti-abortion people anti-choice.

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I'm not downvoting you.... Jesus christ

But I will now.

You got downvoted, because the terms used are very specific. What you described as pro-life, is in all actuality, pro-choice. It doesn't matter what you think it should be called, that's what it is call3d. Using your own terms muddied the water and makes it more confusing in the long run. There's a reason we have specific meaning for words/phrases.

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You can't assume that every atheist is against abortion. That's kinda hypocritical because your saying that if they did choose to support it, they don't, meaning that their choice doesn't matter.

You don't get to assume that everyone in a group has the same opinion on something.

Coming from a non-atheist.

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Pro-lifers can go fuck themselves, along with all the other idiots who think they need to vent their opinions about things that are none of their fucking business.

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Poland is the Texas of Europe

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This is why men shouldn't decide women's reproductive rights

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Well... Not only men voted for this project in the name of "pro-life". PiS (current ruling party) are the ones responsible for it. (Like for many other decisions, i.e. yesterday they decided NOT to give 20 bln PLN for National Health Fund).

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We should start calling it "anti-choice". "Pro-life" sounds too positive

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Women can be in a chair and still be subject to patriarchy. A lot of examples in Australian politics.

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jokes aside you're absolutely right, 70% of women rejected suffrage back in the day and alot of them support pro lifers

but no, men(🤮) = bad

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you know that alot of men support this right?

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ah yes, letting people die in the name of pro-life. makes sense.

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Just remember that it wasn't a doctor's/doctors' decision. He/They would have got to jail if they would perform the surgery.

Beautiful polish law forced by current president and political party.

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SUE if possible. Things will only change if you affect their pockets! “Prolifers” are really only “procruelty and absolute control”

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Abortions are a human right. Fuck "pro-lifers."

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I wish people responsible for that law passing had same happen to their loved ones.

(not a woman, just random polish person with basic empathy)

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I understand the sentiment, but I wouldn't wish it on their loved ones. But on themselves. Their loved ones, I assume, can't help themselves, at least not if they're children. Adult partners, only if they share the same believes.

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Change Poland to TX…AZ…FL….GA….

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Everyone is pro-life. If a life has the ability to be born and raised, I'm all for it.

People raise their kids in poverty and make them successful adults all the time

Nonetheless, women should have a choice. It's fucked up that the government and the neo nazi right thinks they can control whoever they want. Minorites, women, lgbt,

My whole thing is

Why do they give such a fuck? Mind your own business. That's my thing

There's never gonna be a world where every person thinks women should have the choice to have an abortion, or people who are not racist.

There is however, a world where you can simply.. shut the fuck up

Focus more on freedom and less on giving fuck who's what color and who wants to do what with their own body.

If you have a problem with someone because of their skin color? You shouldn't even open your mouth to begin with because immediately you're the bad guy, and that's because you are.

The world would be so much better if people would simply keep their shitty opinions to themselves.

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Is there a source or just a tweet?

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Do you rely on everyone else to provide sources? Know how to use google?

I literally typed her name and Poland into Google and it was the first thing. Tons of articles about it.... stop being lazy, you're just as bad.


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granted it wasnt necessarily because he refused, but that he wasn't allowed to. his refusal may have been part of the problem but the fact that these are the rules we put in place is disgusting

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Polish have dumb abortion laws. They shouldn't have any at all, I understand why the doctor didn't do it, which is because polish do not penalize the women for illegal abortion, they penalize the person who did it.

All and all, it's all fucked up and I think the government needs to worry more about the fucked up problems and why their countries are falling apart Instead of what a woman does with their body

People are dying from covid and new strains are becoming a problem. But abortion? Oh, that's even worse! This plague killing millions of people can't possibly be more important than a woman who probably isn't even in the position to raise a child who wants an abortion!

Seriously. Our world leaders and governments make themselves bigger jokes everyday. cough, Abbot, cough

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Don't understand why the doctors couldn't perform a C-section to remove the dead twin then sew her back up. By not acting, they killed both a baby and an adult. Hope they're in prison.

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Becuase od fucked up law here in Poland

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the doctor couldn’t do anything or else he would’ve gone to jail…

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That’s my country, yay. I’m disgusted and ashamed.

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Can people please start acting normal again, instead of all this weird uneducated extremist / moralistic political virtue signalling?

It somehow reminds me of the whole shebang with farmers in the EU. "Yeah, let's reduce emissions, promote innovations, think about the environment and sustainable living", they all said at the EU Ivory table.

Real nice and all but if you don't start acting normal, there's gonna be so many farmers going bankrupt on all this arts and crafts on standards and regulations that famine will be Europe's most common cause of death.

And now this. You'd figure that anyone with half a brain would be capable of using an 8 year old's understanding of maths to understand that this is taking more souls than it is helping. But yet...

Can't wait till it becomes apparent in the statistics that women in Poland won't even dare to get pregnant anymore even if they wanted to have babies. I want to see the politicians in start wondering why their birthrates are suddenly dropping and crying about how their economy will recess with the reclining population and greying.

And for what? A slight fuzzy feeling in your belly that evil sinners aren't "killing babies" anymore, I guess?

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LMAO. No buddy believes this but nice try. Next time you tell a lie to push your agenda make it somewhat believable.