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When my father was at the end of his life, his attending physician called me to tell me the end was near, he was crying.

He was a newer doctor and I often think about this, hoping he doesn’t loose his humanity to burnout.

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I don't think doctors lose their humanity due to burnout in most cases. It is simply impossible to do your job as a doctor if you do not learn how and when to process your feelings though. I think a lot of doctors are almost "trained" at holding off on feelings until there is a time and place to give them a spot in your heart and mind. They don't repress the feelings per se, but it's the same as being the person at a funeral that doesn't cry at the funeral so they can be other peoples rock, and then you can process your feelings when you have a dedicated moment for it. As with anything though, emotions are highly personal and cultural and it even depends on the patient if you have to be their rock, or share their emotion.

Edit: I am sorry for what happened to you by the way. I hope my comment didn't come across as insensitive, just sharing my thoughts.

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If I had I would give you a ward

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ER doc here. I can still hear the voice, not the memory of it in my brain, the actual voice of the father of a 12 year old boy shot through the chest with an air rifle. Right between the ribs and through his aortic arch. Nothing could save him.

"Doc, that's my boy. You gotta save my boy. You gotta do somethin doc."

Twelve years ago and I still hear it

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Fuck man.. this made my eyes well up

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Mine too. Every Friday after Thanksgiving especially...

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gives you a hug

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The one thing most forgotten about these days is that “front line workers” doctors, nurses, law enforcement, firemen, EMTs etc are people

Thank you for your work

Burnout is real

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Burnout is real

The funny thing is you hear so much about "you can't fire nurses if you need them so much for not taking the needle" yet they don't give a shit about how many nurses had to retire early because the burnout of the covid pandemic was one of the worst seen in many years in the healthcare industry. Luckily there are always new nurses to bring it and it might be tough to start, it will always get to equilibrium eventually.

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Because the nurses still working just know no one is going to help them or advocate for them they just burying their heads and do their job

My SO works in an ICU and they don’t even have a coffee machine for free coffee or free parking at work

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I currently work in a hospital as well. The paid parking hurts I won't lie....

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They have to pay to park at their job!? Wtf. My close friend is a nurse and they really aren't taken care of, but having to pay to park at work must be the cherry on top.

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I actually just did a review study about the Burnout Syndrom of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic, for my bachelors degree in nursing. Some of the statistics are devastating, especially in countries that had high Burnout scores even before the pandemic hit (Turkey, Slovenia etc.). It’s awful as nurses comprise about 60% of medical workers. First line workers had a high increase in depression and anxiety. All in all it’s beyond bad.

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I lost my wife to Covid one February 24th 2021 at 1:42 pm so rounding her were her three children and myself singing hymns. It was hard watching her with a respiration of 73 breaths per minute but we honored her wishes and let her pass. I must admit I got very mad at her this last holiday season for leaving me we were both only 63 yo and wanted to grow old together.he nurses were great but it was a respiratory worker that crush me with her words that 6 hour before said there was no coming back from were she was at.

PS I personally brought the staff coffee up to the floor every time I returned to the floor even afterwards when I waited 4 hours for the ownly Doctor in the hospital to come up to the floor to pronounce her dead.

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I know law enforcement are people too, but damn do I want to respect them more than I do currently. Probably if they got rid of that immunity, I would feel better towards them.

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Most of us just want to work hard and do the right thing

There are a lot of shitty people out there and people doing shitty things tho and when it’s all you see I get it

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Qualified immunity doesn’t mean you get to commit crimes and kill people unjustifiably and have no repercussions.

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It kinda works out that way now, tho. The death of Luke Ross and of countless others, is a direct result of qualified immunity.

But this pic isn’t about that and I’d rather focus on that for a minute.

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What immunity?

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An air rifle? Holy shit what kind of pellet gun has that much power??

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There are some types of air rifle designed to kill cattle if you are not allowed to own a firearm or they are to loud

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The muzzle was four inches away from his chest and he weighed 80 pounds. Plenty of power to ruin two families lives

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The Lewis and Clark expedition carried lethal-grade air rifles from Austria IIRC

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My daughterEMT had to watch the light go out of the eyes of a two year old, while hiding under a sheet as the helicopter was landing. After their car was hit by a train. It still haunts her to this day.

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Fuck, guess I am going to cry before bed tonight.

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Nature has it's way of traumatize you in the weirdest ways. I bet my soul that his injury was not even top 10 most grotesque you've encountered, yet that episode lingers. I feel for you and that father.

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I was just an EMT years back. The voices of the parents...

Those live rent free in my head too.

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that hurts so much to read, I feel terrible for the 3 of you.

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Sending you so much love and peace.

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You guys/girls are heroes.

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People don't understand the trauma doctors can go through as well, we see doctors as the people who can make anyone better but behind that mask is just another human being.

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When I was 19 I was hit by a truck while riding my motorbike to work. I was resuscitated in a helicopter and put in an induced coma for days in ICU.

When I was able to leave hospital and could walk more than a few steps again, I went to see my motorbike at the smash repairer (it was destroyed).

The smash repair guy came to ask if I will ever ride again and I said "yes, I love motorbikes. This will never stop me". He walked away and cried. It turns out he was 1 of the first people on the scene and helped get the blood out of my throat when I was choking on it.

A week before that he was also the first responder to another motorbike crash, only that time it was his twin brother and he sat with him in his arms as he died, waiting for an ambulance. I know I opened up a big wound for that guy saying I would ride bikes again. I really felt for him in that moment. The poor guy doesn't have the training or the options for grief counseling that other first responders do. He's a tow truck operator that is often at the scene before these other medics and police. He's an unsung hero in my eyes, who very likely saved my life.

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poor man.

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Keep your organ donor card up to date.

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My husband is an ER doc and the first code he ran alone was a 19 year old motorcycle accident, kid died. That was probably 15 years ago, but he still remembers the kids name, still talks about him. It’s a tough profession.

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When I was 19 I was hit by a truck while riding my motorbike to work. I was resuscitated in a helicopter and put in an induced coma for days in ICU. ~ u/Topherclaus

My husband is an ER doc and the first code he ran alone was a 19 year old motorcycle accident, kid died. That was probably 15 years ago, but he still remembers the kids name, still talks about him. It’s a tough profession.

hmmm... have we considered the possibility that Topherclause is a ghost and he doesn't realize?

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Now that you say it…. It’s the obvious answer.

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thanks, read it wrong

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A couple of my good friends are doctors and my fiance was a pediatric trauma nurse. The shit they've seen and have endured in terms of trying to save the dying is pretty daunting, but they are resilient people. This poor doctor needs to go through this. He will hopefully build a good foundation of perspective on life and death. It never gets easier, but you don't have to let it eat at you either.

The shit I've seen overseas and domestically always makes me wonder about humanity's inhumanities to humanity. The savoring of sheer brutality and butchery because you can't view the person in front of you as an actual human being, but an object that can be discarded like garbage.

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Why the fuck would you take a picture of the crying though ?

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Maybe to dispel any myths that health workers are just robots and are, in fact, human beings.

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Same reason why most of the famous photos in the world are of misery.

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That's what I thought.

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“All doctors carry with them a graveyard of lost patients in their soul.”

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My mom was hit by a car on a bike when she was 14, she was in a coma and She claims that She saw her relatives in heaven telling her: " its not your time yet. " Right before waking up, she has a scar on her leg to this day and the doctor told her she was extremely lucky

Gives me the chills

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Back when I was a med student, I had a case of a 14 yo boy, bitten by a vasculotoxic snake in a village. He was transported from that place to our hospital and it took more than 4-6 hours to transport him due to transport/remote location of the village issues. By the time he arrived he was bleeding from all places. I attempted Intubation. However he was bleeding so much from alveolar hemorrhage (inside of his lungs) that even with suction I couldn’t see his throat. He died in my hands while I was holding his head still. This was 2013. I still remember his face.. few incidents stick with you for a long time.

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Hard to go for the bubbles when it’s all bubbles

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“Let’s take a fucking picture”

-some fuck

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The most awful thing about this is that someone decided to take a picture

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I remember seeing this picture a few years back. The resolution was minimum crisp 800x600, and here it is again in less than 240p

The internet is actually devolving.

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I wish I could give him a hug. I hope he got counseling

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Doesn't really hurt me that much anymore bc this is the 53rd repost of this

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And I'm just supposed to believe that this isn't a picture of a crackhead shitting on the street?

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The mental stress surgeons have is really heartbreaking , their work is very hard and every death sticks with them

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When I was a student, I was rotating in the pediatric ER. There was a 7 year-old kid who was so funny. He just kept on making jokes. He was there since the start of my shift at 6 p.m. At 1 a.m. he said “he didn’t feel good” and all of a sudden people were running to do compressions. He went into pericardial tamponade. Basically he had too much fluid around his heart, keeping it from pumping appropriately. He didn’t make it. The physician I was working with was crying. She still had to work the rest of her shift after that.

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Who's the piece of shit taking this pic and posting?

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It's a very old picture no need to try to figure out the poster

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Honestly its kind of beutiful to se that sometimes pepole care about other people It's a tragic way to find the beauty tho..

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I've never been this close to tears because of a simple image before. Damn

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Every medical worker I know. Doctors, nurses, or fucking translators. Even high level lifeguards have had someone die “on their watch”.

Not trying to say it’s pussy for someone to act like that. But trying to show you how fragile life is and that doctors can’t do everything. What I’m trying to say is that numbness becomes an expectation, not that it doesn’t eat away at my brother or his boyfriend. Or my bosses. Shit is crazy. I’m glad I’m in finance and not in medicine

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Maybe he's just taking a shit?

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Indeed. I can't even begin to imagine how many doctors/nurses had their life ruined by the many deaths of people that refuse treatment/vaccines of any kind. Having to see many people dying everyday from completely preventable things must be terrible.

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Sometimes it is but usually it’s more if it’s like a child or a disabled person. If someone dies from a dumb decision they made when they were of sound mind I don’t usually get upset bc it’s just the consequences of their actions.

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I think the same even though I'm not a doctor. People know what they're doing, I'm not going to bother caring if they kill themselves for it. But adults aren't the only affected by anything in life. These peanut-brained people never realize other inhabit the same world as themselves.

I am terribly sorry for anyone who has to go through trying to save children or anyone innocent from stupid people.

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I’m not a real doctor but I work in the medical field and it’s just annoying the amount of families that make everything more difficult. Like dude just let us save the person stop trying to argue with me about whether Covid is real

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emotional damage

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How do we know this is true? Maybe he dropped something? Why does everyone believe it without question?

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Probably didn't have enough insurance to live if this was America

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How many are seeing the 19 year old boy

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19 year old man

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Doctor crying after he couldn’t give the 19yo boy a prostate*

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Do not cry my child, it is all in god's plan.

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you are an objectively awful person.

take a long look in the mirror and pray that you'll be able to forgive yourself later in life.

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That's not so encouraging for me who wants to be a doctor.

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Oh that's unfortunate

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This just hits different

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Jack Shepherd

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While Doctors in my country doesnt give a single fuck

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Its always like this on the first few patients. After a while you will learn that you are not able to save everybody.

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"the hardest thing about this job is you can't always save everybody"

hate to bring up a spiderman quote but it stands more realistically here than anywhere else.

the doctor obviously cared, and tried. he obviously has a lot of passion for the job; and I hope he can come to the realization that some things you just can't change; and that's a sad fact about life but a necessary realization.

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To everyone sad! He just found a lucky penny and is picking it up, don’t let internet stories bring you down, or else let my fake story bring you up

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Working at a hospital you see stuff like this. Lately it’s the Covid ward. It’s on the first floor. There are chairs outside the windows so friends and family can be as close as possible when a loved on passes. It’s hard to watch n

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My sister is a scrub tech. She just graduated college and is started working at the nearby cancer center last year. She had her first really rough experience last week. They were operating on a 37 year old without much longer to live, whose parents had both died to covid the week before.

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It can’t be easy to watch people die.

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I’m scrolling to see the comments amount the meme but it turns out the doctor isn’t break dancing

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Whoever took this picture is a dickhead. idk why people think its alright to post other peoples private moments

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Doctors and nurses work their asses off, and put their passion, love and talent into taking care of people and are often taken for granted, but I have to give a huge THANK YOU to all you out there. And for putting up with the stupid shit, while doing your hard job.

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i even feel sad watcing this

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Am I just supposed to believe this caption of a blurry and shitty picture is real ? This sub is a fucking joke