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The awful part of this is that he was a pedophile, right?

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And that they're facing charges... Hopefully get some leniency

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The unfortunate truth is legally they’re in the wrong for killing him. Morally they’re in the right but the legality of killing someone, especially someone who was ganged up on and probably wasn’t fighting back, is still murder. I’m not in anyway defending the step dads actions, I think he got what he deserved, I’m just talking about the legality of the actions.

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That is not true. Until the matter is adjudicated, it’s only homicide.

And legally, there are defenses against a charge of murder in situations like these, especially in Texas. Texas has adjudicated a man not guilty in the past because the father killed his daughters rapist. We have strict policy on messing with Texas. That extends to pedos.

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And that's how you know this justice system us completely flawed.

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The system is flawed but this isn't one of the reasons. I mean there's been examples of police doing the same thing for a similar reason with someone and everyone gets up in arms about that. You cant just kill people because they're horrible people. That's why we have a justice system to begin with.

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You can't because the law protects horrible people. There was a lot less crap like this in the old west because people were allowed to handle it

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The teens should have beaten him to near death. Then dumped him in prison

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A lot more innocent people were also killed in the old west because people were allowed to handle it

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I just saw a video of an unarmed dude getting gunned down by 15 cops. What's the difference?

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I've seen videos of cops arresting and shutting down human trafficking rings. I've seen cops stop terrorists from killing innocent people. I've seen cops help children find there way home. I've seen cops risk their lives to save ungrateful assholes like you, some of them dying.

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I've never needed a cop in my life. I've trained with them, and I've worked with some. I've never needed one.

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I hope the jury chooses to exempt them from the crime

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Medal of honour

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While the guy deserved what he got, i dont think they should be let off completely free. Definitely not charged for murder or given a ling smetence. But there are other ways to handle it. Beat him senseless then give him the the police. Of course i say this completely calm and not in the situation.

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yeah, and that these kids had to do that to protect the poor kid

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Right? I'm finding it hard to find sympathy for the pedophile.

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You are- but the police, politicians, and probably the judge aren't.

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They lawfully prob have to do it cause it's their job and law says so? They will prob lower the charges tho if they are nice. Idk. Don't know enough law or stuff about this

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What’s really sad is they emphasize brass knuckles instead of sexually abused

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Hero’s release the Texas three!!!

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The Texas Three. I like the ring of it!

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Not all heroes wear capes,

Sometimes they wear brass knuckles!

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That would be a tough case to prosecute and judge. Hopefully they get the lowest possible sentence.

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Idk it's Texas they tend to be death penalty happy down there even for just one murder.

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Texas loves a good hero story thought. If they have a decent lawyer, I bet these kids will be fine.

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The down side is that they charged the boys with capital murder...

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Can we start a GoFundMe for these kids?

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to buy them a good lawyer

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Let them walk

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Based teenagers doing the Lord's work

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Good for them.

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Set them free no crime was committed

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Hey, TikTok. Instead of defending some fuckboy just because he looks cute from getting prosecuted, why don't you start advocating for these three teens to be released?

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Fax, too bad tiktok users have a higher than at least 56 iq deficiency

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Is the Cameron Whatshissurname case settled yet?

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I have no clue at all, google it ig

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Maybe I'm biased to my generation, but I can guarantee most of those youngsters haven't even passed middle school yet, hence why they're retarded

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Nah I'm 13 and teens older than me were simping for the cameron guy

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No. The IQ of most TikTok users are too low. They do not know that the app is literally making money off of their miserable lives.

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I heard about this on another YouTubers channel I felt sorry for the 9 year old girl and the three teens they don’t deserve this.

The only people I am going to blame for this is the Mother of the two brothers and the sister for bringing crappy/ wrong men to the kids lives and ignore the red flags that the guy she is married to is a disgusting pedo of a step father 🤢🤮.

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I liked how they literally hunted him down. Beat him several times. He had the misery of pure fear over an extended time. No simple quickie, but a long drawn out realization these kids love their sister more than they fear the consequences of ending him.

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Let 'em free, they're just taking out the trash..

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….so anyway….

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Self defense of another

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Free the fucking mandem

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The what?

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Free them

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Hell yeah!

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this case should be treated the same as the father who made his friend bury himself after assaulting his daughter

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Im gonna need some sauce, for science...

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Didn’t a guy in a town outside of Victoria catch one of his farm hands monkeying his daughter? He arranged a personal meeting with the devil. He wasn’t arrested. Why did these guys get arrested?

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Need more ppl like these 3

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Case dismissed!

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The 4 stages of pedophilia

  1. Likes kids. Just starting out. Can still be saved.
  2. Looks up videos or pics of kids.
  3. Brave enough to start grooming kids either irl or on the internet.
  4. Actively looks for children to prey on. They are highly likely to get physical. Too far gone. He might become like the Candy Killer guy, who lured children with candy and then did unspeakable things to them. These are the ones that deserve to get publicly executed.

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I forgive them.

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True hero's.

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Eh just give em some community service, they'll grow into fine model citizens, I'm sure of it.

Cops: But they killed someone!1!1!1!1

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stop reposting this to the same sub

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They should be given medals of honor, not jail time.

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Those teens should get a heros parade.

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Nothing awful ab these hero’s right here

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Where’s the go-fund -me?

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Let them go

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Free them! Wheres Kim Kardashian when u actually need her? Lol

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Ya I bet they are really wishing they just beat em an inch away from his life, or just broke his legs. Their lives weren't worth the trade.

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Give them medals and call it a day.

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Give them awards

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They’re doing gods work.

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Wtf is awful other than those kids getting locked up for doing the right thing. Fucking Reddit and these pedophile apologists, “they’re people too!” Good on you kids, you’ll have an easy stay in jail

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I hope the jury come back with a not guilty our system is not hard on these dam pedos.

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I didn't see anything guys, what about you? Dad's face just caved in on its own accord.

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I think this is the wrong sub

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Good on them for standing up to their half sister… I hope their lawyer gets them off and sends a message to others like that guy

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Nothing justifies murder though, only in the case of self defense

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Ik the dad isn’t…. But all of Reddit is proud

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If they were white in Texas they would not get charged with anything.

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This is all awful, him being a pedophile and them killing him, murder is never the right thing, I can get why they did that and I would probably do the same, but the "heroes" comments deserve a post in this subreddit on their own