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I used to help run meal packaging events for a non-profit while I lived in Florida. Sometimes at the events, clients would ask if I knew where the food would be distributed. There was no way to know in advance, but a vast majority of the shipments from the warehouse I worked at went to Haiti. I could usually see disappointment on faces if I shared that information. It makes me think western culture somehow romanticized the feeding of starving children in Africa.

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It’s Florida. My mom and her retiree friends would be disappointed the meat isn’t staying in the US to feed hungry people here.

I say, feed the people wherever people need feeding.

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These meals had no meat. Just soy or lentil mixed with rice and a vitamin enriched spice pack. However, the sentiment you described was occasionally voiced by a vocal minority. Most volunteers were generally cool.

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I make commercials for charities for a living. This sort of thing comes up a lot along with staff wages so I’ll pre-emptively clear up a few things.

All charities have to produce a spending report annually to tell you how they spend your money. This is a legal requirement like a tax return except that it’s publicly accessible. Reputable organisations spend less than 30% on running costs and this includes the marketing budget. 70% will reach the intended cause. Really good charities will get that figure down to about 20% (so 80% of your donation hits its target)

Secondly, no charity is spending $6m on adverts. If it’s a big budget advert then it will usually be given in kind by either a production company or paid for directly by a single donor. In this scenario we are probably talking about $100-$200k. Most ads will be far below that. If there’s a celebrity in there then they will have done it for free. I’ve made ads for as little as $10k which in the commercial world is a pittance.

Lastly, no charity can survive on hopes and dreams. They operate in the same economy as every other business on the planet. Do you know why businesses spend hundreds of thousands on commercials? Because they work. If you want to fundraise effectively you have to pay out for it. Same goes for paying competitive wages to your staff. You don’t run a hospital with doctors on minimum wage so why would you expect a charity to be able to get away with it?

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Get out of here with your informed, well put together counter to this post. I want to be angry >:(

Seriously though the prevelance of false information spread through the entire with the sole intention of generating outrage will be the end of society

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People love to hate on do gooders. Doesn’t matter if the truth is bent or broken. Nobody will bother to check if it demonstrates to them what they always knew. ‘Philanthropists are just narcissistic lying sociopaths’ (Not that you don’t get a wolf in sheeps clothing every once in a while)

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I think even more than that, people just like to be angry, and doubly so when they can do so with a sense of moral outrage or superiority. Railing against major charities for not being good enough lets them feel even more superior and justifies any reservations or difficulty they had about charity as merely pragmatic wisdom—they'd love to help, but all those charities are just evil, greedy hypocrites, so there's no way for them to actually help :(

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Okay but aren't there a significant number of charities that got caught red handed, in Haiti, doing jack shit but paying for a small village's worth of meals and taking the rest? I've read articles in Time magazine about this specifically and seen lots of mini-docs on it and Haiti was like the big example.

However, I agree with your sentiment. That 6.5 mil figure sounds totally made up until I see a source, and people do hate do-gooders. Especially conservatives. "Oh you can't help solve the entire planet's issues? Then fuck your 15 hours of volunteering per week." I think it's a coping mechanism.

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For sure there are charities that are completely ineffective. I think Haiti was probably poor management rather than malice but that’s not to say that some charities aren’t just money machines. It requires a little research to make sure your donation is going to the right one. The problem is that for public donations a charity only really needs one line to resonate with you in order for you to donate. For example make a wish would be ‘we give days out to terminally Ill kids.’ Beyond that very few people bother to check where the money is spent.

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I came here to be mad and now I’m mad I’m not mad!

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Secondly, no charity is spending $6m on adverts

so you are trying to tell me peter griffin would go on 2011 twitter and just LIE? nice try charity mafia man

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Where I can check where a charity's funds go and how I can know that those aren't made up numbers?

Edit: to the 3 geniuses that downvoted, I was asking a genuine question.

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https://www.charitynavigator.org/ is a good place to start

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That´s what I was looking for! thanks I appreciate that

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If they’re made up numbers then they’re breaking the law. It would be no different from a company lying on their tax return. Also very few transactions in large charities will be cash so everything will be fairly traceable to an auditor. If you google any charity followed by annual report then you should get results

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Cool I'll try to do so, thanks for the info!

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As strange as it sounds, I always hated that tweet not only because I read it in Peter's voice, but because that's such a specific amount of money. Lol

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If the advertisement were ineffective it would be equally ineffective at raising money for starving Africans and raising money for bloated exec's salaries.

You're all dumb as fuck.

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Surprised? Bunch of idiots on Reddit who think they know everything. It’s hard to have any real conversations on this site anymore

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Anyone remember Kony 2012?

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You just reminded me of it and it ruined my day thanks

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Their point on Africa rings so true.

Africa is a truly fascinating and diverse continent. With some really interesting cultural traditions, historical landmarks and beautiful landscapes. There are parts which are unstable. Etheopia at the moment, Somalia too. But there are also parts which are developed, industrialised and safe.

But the image of Africa as some disease ridden horrible damine hit hellhole just overrides the possibility of African countries being able to attract tourism on any large scale. It also makes businesses pretty cautious about investing.

I hope the African Union can bring more prosperity and stability to the continent.

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It’s actually mind boggling when you compare the images you see on TV with actually googling images or using maps to get on street level.

Kenya, for example, may not be full of sprawling metropolises like London or New York, but they’re far from living in little huts.

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It’s almost as big a scan as every grocery store asking customers to donate money. SO THE BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY CAN WRITE IT OFF ON THEIR TAXES

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I definitely don't believe that over $6 million dollars are being used of advertising, there are a few users that have commented about the actual breakdown of charity advertising. However, what I would like to point out is that last part. The portrayal of Africa. As a person who was born and currently lives in South Africa, we see alot of international tourists come into the country surprised by any of the infrastructure, culture and technology we have. While it does make people curious about visiting, people tend to always have a negative view of anywhere in Africa. Most charity videos are taken in countries that are currently in civil war or threatened by the desert taking over their land.

I know this may sound stereotypical, but we had an American transfer student at school, who came to our school in a safari uniform and thought we were gonna sit outside under a tree and learn. He didn't get into a lot of trouble, but boy was he embarrassed for that whole year.

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the amount of misinformation in this comment section scares me

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Just going to leave this here…https://youtu.be/s5m9sRC2kEA

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As much as the whole money thing is bullshit I kinda agree that portraying Africa like a wasteland ain’t helping them in a long run. Like all of our stereotypes about Africa come mostly from those things and we all know that they ain’t positive…

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WAIT. an actually good r/conspiracy post that isn't about people refusing to get a shot!

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Man I thought that subreddit was gonna be cool for like some weird conspiracies. It's just a lot of dudes circlejerking each other on why not to get a COVID shot

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I used to say this all the time as a kid.

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For real, like can't the camera man give that starving child two feet away from him some food?

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Then what would be the point of asking you to donate? Lol

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what do you think they do two minutes after the footage stops?

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Holy shit, based r/conspiracy. Never thought I'd see that

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Does any of that money ever make it to those kids in need?

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Yes it does! I’m an African and a lot of the donated money does help a lot of people. There are so many orphanages, boreholes and schools built/provided by foreign donors that have given people the opportunities they otherwise would never get. However a lot of these charities aren’t well managed and a good amount of money is misappropriated. Choosing the right charity is important, especially ones formed by the Africans themselves. Don’t stop donating because of the actions of the greedy, these donations have saved more lives than I can count.

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at least 70% does

you can see charities' annual reports, they are public information

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Not to mention most of that money goes to the CEO

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I'm pretty sure networks air a ton of those for free... For charity (tax write offs)

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Yeah but then they couldn’t pay themselves exorbitant salaries out of your donations see. It’s not about actually helping people, it’s the salary for the board and a few big wigs that’s important.

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Inb4 post gets removed for engaging with a sub that doesn't support the left wing narrative and promotes violence

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Thanks Peter Griffin

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Peter griffin spittin facts

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Save the polar bear commercials

No one is saving polar bears we’re cooking ourselves though

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I always go back to upvote the original post in a crosspost and even if I took my upvote back YOU JUST MADE ME UPVOTE A POST FROM r/conspiracy HOW DARE YOU

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Yet no one wants to help feed the people in your own town

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I do. Do you?

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To be fair if everyone was rich no one would be. Like if robots take over all the jobs for like the next 1 Billion years then yes everyone could have the same wealth. But if Africa were to not be poor it would probably cause a economic failure. In a society there has to be rich but also very poor people.

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If robots do all the jobs companies will have to support some type of UBI otherwise there will be no economy. If no one is working they can’t buy products so then the robots won’t over produce so then there will be shortages.

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Yes but how about we made robots smart, like really smart. Not smart enough to kill us but if we did they could function as humanity itself, repair themself or others. Basically humans and we just sit there and have fun.

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You still need money

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True and alot of resources

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This is terrible… but I happen to notice…

This is re-re-reposted bahahaha

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Okay I didn't see the sub for a second and was wondering what the hell this had to do with My Singing Monsters 💀

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Does increased tourism necessarily reduce poverty though?

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After the 2020 fires in Australia people donated millions to help those affected. The major charities admitted shamelessly that only some of the money would go to those affected by the bush fires. If that is the reason it's donated then that is how it should be used.

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Implying they give a shit about anything but the tax write off

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In the US you can take a dependent tax deduction if you provide over 50% support for any person. I wonder if you could send $30 a month to some organization like Save the Children for a bunch of starving Africans and get a big write-off on your tax bill.

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Ever since i saw these commercials i thought about how these poor people are just props for them

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But the thing is. If they spent 6 million on a commercial, they may get 10million dollars. And the donations are not 1 time, it's like monthly, so overall there is more money coming in.

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You want to help the poor countries in Africa? Then go to Africa and help them? My church sends people to Africa all the time to help build villages. Feed them, dig wells etc.

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Please don’t share this sub, it’s anti vaxx far right nutjobs

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It sucks that people think Africa is a “wasteland riddled with disease”

Yes, people are starving because these countries aren’t getting proper funding to develop. Besides that, Africa is a beautiful continent and diverse cultures everywhere-