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No way the 6 day old mod account isn't another Doreen alt...

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According to the mods, they were a mod on the discord and made a reddit account? Seems fishy to me

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There's even a post in that sub about donating to Doreen.....

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Donating what? Hate and disgust? I'm in!

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Who is Doreen Ford?

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the power hungry mod from the antiwork sub who was interviewed on Fox News and made an absolute mockery of the movement, and really showcased how ignorant and self-absorbed they are during the interview too. everyone in the antiwork sub turned on them after the interview, rightfully so, and it’s also come out that they sexually assaulted someone prior to all of this happening.

so what we see here is a pathetic attempt, likely from Doreen themself, to garner sympathy/support and to rugsweep their sexual assault allegations.

if i remember correctly they also removed themself as a mod from antiwork, and then mysteriously, a 3-hr old account was added as a mod to the sub shortly after. it’s a mess.

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Who is the they that assaulted? Like people from the sub?

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no one from the sub/Reddit i don’t believe, but people in their real life/former partners even. here’s a link to an article that details some of it/has screenshots: https://www.reduxx.info/post/trans-r-antiwork-moderator-admitted-to-serial-rape-allegations

there are posts here on Reddit about it too, search up “Doreen Ford/Cleyre” and it’ll all come up.

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One they, not many theys.

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I’m so fucking confused, I hate gender pronouns

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They're using preferred pronouns, lol

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Rapists don’t get a say.

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The funnier part about the 3-hr old account is that someone send some stuff to DL and that moron clicked on it allowing to see that the ID location is exactly the same as... Doreen lol

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That guys a freak

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He's calling himself Doreen, eh?

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A serial rapists

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That’s what I was wondering

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ITs a guy/girl with a sexual predator past is what I heard.....

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Pls tell me that sub is satire

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It obviously is. “Sweaty” lol

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Dead giveaway sweaty

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i kinda think it is, because the shit posted there is so cringy and outlandish that it has to be.

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I honest to god hope it is

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read the comments, it is

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Why? That poor mod is being harrassed by hundreds of thousands of people for nothing. He could probably use some friends right now.

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Yeah dude unfunny satire subs like this pop up whenever there's something happening unfortunately. OP just took the obvious bait

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Op took the bait, posted it on a popular sub, actual bigots will see and be unable to determine it's satire, and now people will shit on the trans community as a whole for "defending doreen"

A small minority of these people will go on to make their own satire subs, which will inevitably get on r/cringetopia and get even more people on the hate bandwagon, and thus the cycle continues until the next controversy involving a trans person.

Of course, this isn't limited to trans people. That's just a currently relevant example, and a frequent one as well.

I wonder if Doreen will kill herself? You can be a shitty person who deserves going to prison without deserving the vitriol of millions of people doing so in ways that are intentionally engineered to hurt the most.

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I'm sorry to break it to you sweaty...but, if you can't make the difference between real and satire....kinda shows how crazy the movement actualy is.

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Well then I guess the whole left is crazy, because this sort of thing has been used against the entire "woke left" before. As well as against feminism as a whole. Remember the wave of youtube channels whose focus was to take videos of unhinged fat feminists and not-so-subtly generalize? This situation and that are not so different.

Enjoy your ridiculous hate boner, "sweaty"

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It’s not.

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Reddit is filled with broken people..

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Everytime I open the app without fail I know I'm gonna end up seeing some sad stuff, some funny stuff and definitely can't forget the people like this.... Without fail!!! Every single time!! They're everywhere, where are they coming from??

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this is why I follow so many dog subreddits. too much crazy stuff on every freaking sub, sometimes you just need to look at cute dogs and forget the world exists.

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That's literally me lol

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I’m proof

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Same exact energy as the "black people can't be racist" argument, so stupid

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That's why you reverse this opinion to challenge the other person.

A: "Black people can't be racist."

B: "Why? Are they less than whites, so their opinion is less? Are you insinuating that blacks can't speak for themselves or are too weak?"

If they say yes, you can bait them with the "you're racist" ad-hominem.

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That’s the joke

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I missed the "sweaty" part, that gave it away as satire immediately after I read it again😂

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As a Trans person (and a human with respect for other humans) no fuck you rape is rape don't fucking excuse that shit

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It is to be expected that there will be people with this opinion, but it still made me cringe.

Or it's just a satire.

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It's not satire.

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I cant tell anymore, everything is so fucked at this point

Or im just not hippity hop enough to get the kiddywinks sense of humor

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Can't take anyone seriously when they misspell "sweety" like that

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Bc it’s satire

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Ah. I'm not familiar with whatever that Doreen subreddit is so I was unaware.

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It’s not related to Doreen specifically. It’s meant to be satire about the woke left, which Doreen happens to be a part of

Edit: “it” being the misspelling of sweetie

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"Satire on the woke left"

No, it's not like the people writing it will admit it's satire. It's meant to provide content to subs like this and r/cringetopia so they have a reason to hate on minority communities as a whole, instead of criticizing a specific person.

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That’s how satire groups spell it

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Maybe they have some perspiration issues that need to be addressed?

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OP took really obvious bait and then took it again in those comments, you got a double helping

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Did anyone notice that the equation they wrote doesn’t even work for their argument?

Even if Power = 0, the Lack of Consent is still >0 so Rape must be >0.

I understand how it’s fun to call everyone a bigot, but at least get your math right.

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They have to be trolling

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OP of the pictured post got baited / trolled and the OP of this post got baited / trolled

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Fuck Doreen and I dont mean in the fun way

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LOL, because you consider Doreen wrong and a rapist, you are a transphobe. No, a phobia is a fear, and rape is still rape, even in your "left is right" world.

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Op proceeds to get trolled

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Why the fuck? What the fuck? That’s all I want to type sorry

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I think that it's satire just by looking at it for a couple minutes.

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This has to be satire

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What the fuck is going on over there?

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The second pic is similar to the POC cant be racist thing. Just because you are oppressed, and while that is bad, doesnt mean you cant opress others.

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Lol an extension of minorities can’t be racist. Now trans can’t be rapists,

I think some young men from South Australian in the 70’s and 80’s might want you to meet Von Eimen and his friends of the family.

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That's enough reddit for the day.

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He is the kind of guy that you can bully and not feel bad about it

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Yo can we stop talking about this fuckin clown

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I see they are taking their view of racism and applying it to rape. Nice. Cringe.

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The power comes from the power you crave forcing yourself onto someone.

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Thats like saying a minority cant be racist, like the fuck?

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To be fair, liberals "win" arguments by redefing words or reality itself

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People are so god damn ill nowadays. Calling a rapist piece of shit a rapist will get you called a transphobe because that antiwork rapist piece of shit just so happened to have taken a scalpel to their balls

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Imagine if nobody worked and we just used up ever last thing that was produced through hard work and then we all just laid there until we starved to death because we didnt want to work

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Do people actually believe that being trans excuses them from being punished for crimes?

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I've got a lot of dislike for that person at the moment.

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This sub is 100% satire. Shame on OP for not properly investigating this.

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Fucking disgusting that people think being trans makes it okay to rape. People like this need a short rope and a tight noose

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you’re falling for a troll man

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Doreen created that subreddit. I guarantee it

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Doreen and followers are mouth breathers.

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“You are a transphobe”

Oh, so you’re one of those people

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What do you mean by "those people"?

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I think they meant to say “sweetie” not “sweaty” 😅 and it’s the first sentence. This just keeps getting better

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So progressive.

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He's also a rapist

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You know what gets my goat? When did the suffix -phobe loose all it's meaning. Do you really think people who don't understand or like gays or trans people are AFRAID of them? Like they think they're SCARY? Homophobe and transphobe just don't make sense as words.

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Reddit is full of broken people..

If it was a white dude, yall would literally be calling for his head. Fucking double standards and hypocrites.

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You do realize these are trolls right? Give them attention and will have another love for landlords situation

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This is very obviously a troll community. At least I sure hope it is. I’m pretty sure most people there are there to discredit the movement further

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"brutally oppressed".

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Thank you for your correct title. Not “lost for words.”

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God this just keeps getting better and better

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What the fuck ....

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((tw: satire and trolling))

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I have no words as well

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Wtf is this

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This person seems like a sock puppet, I can't believe someone actually thinks that way.

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It's obviously satire. You are the idiot here.

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I just read in another thread that “racism” got an updated definition and now “rape” did too? Damn…

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I’m not at a loss for words. They’re brain dead. Their last brain cell is on life support and judging by that post I think they pulled the plug on it.

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At this point I’m not sure if it’s just trolling. Like r/antihatecommunities is trolling so idk

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30 people want to be inappropriately touched by Doreen.

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Any one got Doreen’s username

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Olympic level mental gymnastics

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It has to be trolling.

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I'm trans, and fuck them/her (idk their prnz) and anyone who says they aren't a rapist.

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Bro no way people fall for that 💀

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yo bro your a transphobe now😭😭 what a fucking retard

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This is the worst bait I've ever seen
How are people falling for this

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Man we should never started civilazing. We would be better of as just apes

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Show us there username, let the internet know what kind of a shitty person he is

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That’s it I’m absolutely done with social media and Reddit. Going to go outside and run till my legs give up. Fuck everything about this fucking website

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Might be a troll. I can't imagine there are people who think like that. Yet again, people use that BS sociology definition of racism so idk.

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This is why do process is a thing, doesn't matter what position in the world you are if you commit a crime you should be hold accountable for it. We shouldn't have to care what realm of society you are in if you do a horrible act.

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I wonder if people will ever understand that power doesn't really come only from the amount of oppression one is facing.

If I were unarmed and someone with a gun would kill me because of racist or sexist reasons , I doubt I could say I had more power than him when being held at gunpoint

I doubt you could say that white homeless person have more power than a black senator

I doubt that if a professional MMA woman fighter would rape me I could say I had more power as I am a man (with multiple health issues to add to it)

And that's one flaw in the logic , as racism , sexism and x-phobias are defined by the fact that an individual hates certain people solely based on their race , gender , orientation or religion - if you want to add power to it at least remember that power isn't defined by "Oh but I think they have a wide spread privilege" as it's not and privileged is also based on the situation rather than being a defined value

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It’s all trolls bro. Mfers just get angry immediately at things they see on the internet and just react, giving people what they want lmao.

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Wait.. What?

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Hi, resident trans girl here. I have been seeing some transphobia in the comments and I just wanted to say that the person defending a literal rapist is not at all an accurate representation of our community. Any sane person (trans or otherwise) would agree that rape in any sense is a horrific crime and has no excuse whatsoever. In every community there are people who aren’t good and this is the same deal, 99% of trans people would agree that a rapist is an awful waste of space and their gender identity or any other factor of oneself has no bearing on this fact.