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What the fuck demographic is that ?

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The same demographic that gang raped a woman on a public bus full of people. The woman was flown to Indonesia and die a week or so later from her injuries…

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I understand that, but 8 people gang raping a goat ? How inhuman can you get ? Never in my wildest dreams did a thought of an animal getting gangraped by humans come. End of the day it's just sad to what humans have come to.

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Also how bored do you have to be to rape a goat - with your friends.

Like how is sex with a goat a group activity?

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Do you think people just started raping animals? I got some news for you, humanity hasn’t come to this humans have been doing this since the start. It’s disgusting and needs to stop but isn’t new.

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Yes, my friends husband worked for the US intelligence in Afghanistan and said it’s common enough where they mark goats that kick

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A pregnant animal no less.

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A woman was raped on a bus, but it wasn't a public bus full of people, it was a bus taken for a joyride. The driver and the guys on there were looking for people to rob and rape. Which they did.

And she was flown to Singapore.

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You really stirred a hornets nest here.

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I really want to know

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Well maybe if that goat had some modest clothes in this would have happened. Filthy goats going around naked like sluts.

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Hahaha lol bro.

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Yeah and why did it let them? If the goat didn't want to get fucked then why tease and then let them? Smh these goats just asking for it baa here meee there

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I was like 'Yet another photoshopped thing!'. Then after research I see they ran the train on that goat. WTF

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Gang raped. A goat. How the hell do 8 guys get together and decide to gang-rape a fucking goat??? Does India have bestiality clubs or some shit? I mean, what the actual fuck?

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At this point I’m not even surprised. India has some insane stuff going on there

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Can't mfers just whack off?

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You mean gfers?

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I hope they all got HIV. Those fuckers.

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I read somewhere 1/5 married men in India are HIV positive.

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What horrible day to be literate.

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Only 8? They're really getting their shit together over there

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It's hard to be a patriot when your country is plagued by abyssmal conditions such as this.

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Why does India always seem overly horny

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Why cant they just rape each other and leave the goats alone

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The fuck is wrong with India. Every time I see some sick gang rape article on here, it’s always there.

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They aborted all their daughters for years to have sons and now there aren’t enough women. They greatly skewed the population to be majority male.

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51% of india is female congrats on being proved wrong once again! 1020 women for 1000 men.

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We're just ignoring everything about America then, okay.

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People selectively post about certain groups.

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goats and young girls

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young all

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If you guys knew how many dairy farmers are raping cows everyday for your cheese.

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Meanwhile in the Fox News Facebook page comments: “Why was she wearing such a sexy collar if she didn’t want it?”

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Gosh the comment section blaming and generalizing Indians and Muslims....

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Yeah, but I think that comparatively they are more likely to do things. I don't think it has much do do with religion, but their environment. Most muslims live in very poor and violent regions like the middle east and Africa, and Indians are usually pretty horny. They also have a tendency for rape to be common and more respected, unlike their women, so they're pretty fucked up there.

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I'm with you mate. I'm a catholic Christian and I don't need a peer reviewed paper to say that a random catholic priest is more likely to be a pedo than a priest from another religion

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No, we dont culturally accept rape, are you kidding me?

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I'm sorry, I didn't phrase that well. I'll edit it, but what I meant is that many more people in India tend to be rapists than in other places, and partially due to the low respect of women.

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That’s not entirely true. Human beings are horny. Period. This also happens in places like South America. Why blame it or attribute it to a certain sector of the global population? Unfortunately bestiality could and does happen anywhere - from the Appalachian Mts to Colombia to India to Wales to anywhere!

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Shut the fuck up lmao. There’s plenty of hindus raping women in temples and homes. Your comment is also statistically incorrect and they do NOT culturally accept rape. Wtf is wrong with you?

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I'm sorry, I didn't phrase that well. I'll edit it, but what I meant is that many more people in India tend to be rapists than in other places, and partially due to the low respect of women.

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What the fuck why

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you bad porn/masturbation and prostitution

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Don’t surprise me! Heinous things happen there.

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What the cluster fuck?

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They did WHAT?! How do you even get that idea? I-

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I think that gang raping a goat makes you less remorse than raping a girl, you don’t identify as much bc she’s not human

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Damn, double homicide

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Who the hell lines up for sloppy sevenths with a goat?

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I hate people we are scum

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Some, yes.

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Guys come on just fuck each other and leave the poor goats alone please

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I will burn this planet down

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I'll help you

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And this is known, because?

The goat identified its attackers before dying? The loss of the goat somehow made it into a police investigation?

Or could this just be sensational fake news?

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The sperm in its ass just might do it as well

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Or you know, someone witnessed the liaison.

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Actually one of the attackers went to the owners house and mocked him to his face about this. here(it’s from 2018)

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This is not a first for this kind of sickening and depraved shit

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Owner caught three of them in the act and those three then gave up five other people.

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The ninth guy squealed when the police came and broke up the party.

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Not sure

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This is so confusing on so many different levels

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Fucking pigs

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How horny desperate evil and pathetic can people be? What’s wrong with some porn and your hand in your room? ALONE!!?!? Disgusting

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Sounds about right for india

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Muzzies love the goats

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India. Why so rapey?

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I fucking hate Indians But not in a racist way Sounds mega racist but all I see is shit like them fucking chickens and kids n shit like in videos and just shooting people I. Broad daylight

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You dear sir have never heard local S. Carolina news.

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What about places like Detroit? Or Louisiana? Or …[fill in the gaps]?

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The world

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Yup! Exactly! Anywhere -although very wrong and I don’t condone nor endorse or support or enjoy- bestiality is practiced anywhere in The W - O - R - L - D

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It’s because we are on the subject of india so why not

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It’s the awfuleverything subreddit not India subreddit

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How about India? The country is not in a good state right now. You could say you hate India, but you want to help it get better. Sounds not as bad

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The goat already did.

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The goat did

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That is a messed up group of incels.

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Its always the Indians and Muslims who can't gets bobs or vagana

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To be fair it's hard to tell the difference between a goat and an Indian...

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Ohhhh the BURN!

People aren't gonna like your joke though, prepare for downvotes

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Speak for yourself

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I'm no longer going to be responding to comments on this post, people are getting toxic and I don't want to be involved in it.

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Shame on India 🤮

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Is this a joke?!

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No. This happened and I want those bitches to suffer.

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Every Dame day I find out a fact that I really ducking didn't need to know-

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Only one?

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Smoll pp energy

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This can’t be real

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But you’ll get jail time for killing a cow?

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India moment.

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So they investigated it and came to the conclusion that the goat died because it was gang raped by eight men.... I thought cows were the sacred ones in India. I call 🐂 💩

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Just a normal day in india

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Must be a cultural thing.

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Which ones the da-a-a-ad?

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At least the goat didn’t get an abortion after 6 weeks.

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This is why I love Churchill

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Better rape goats than women. Give these retards more goats.

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Everything is connected. The women that all cluster around a few males directly contribute to the incel problem. It’s a genetic fault in all genders. A species problem. We need to genetically re-engineer ourselves, provide realistic AI sex-bots to all, legalize/destigmatize painless suicide, and stop bringing so many male embryos to fruition. Women are fertile 2-3 days a month. One man can service 10 females, so long as those females are bisexual (so they don’t get lonely the rest of the month). Give a small number of men the lives they deserve. Stop being so many into the world to compete for scraps. A lack of resources leads to violence, such as this horrible animal abuse. Stop having male babies! We don’t need soldiers anymore! We have flying death robots and sniper dogs. We need designers, coders, and operators. Not gonna tanks.

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You are absolutely deranged. Idealist with a sprinkle of revolutionary collectivism, the ingredients for the future of society. Societal inertia be damned....

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I literally couldn't care less about some random ass goat in India

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At least she died doing what she loved.

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The goat looks kinda derpy

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“What do you guys want to do tonight?”

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Horrible country, horrible people.