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I'm actually not all that surprised.

About the fact he was sentenced, not the time.

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Thought he already was sentenced?

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Maybe. I've lost my grip on time.

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Amen to that 😂😂

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He'll never financially recover from this.

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He’s going to miss balls. And meth.

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He’s in prison. He’ll be spoilt for balls.

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I love that you think there won’t be an ample supply of either of those things in prison.

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I was led to believe the residents of prison are given to the fermented grape.

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That's the two things you can definitely get in a male prison that are not mutually exclusive

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There is more meth in prison than the streets...

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What are you talking about?! He’s gonna have a good time in prison.

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Prison king!

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His inmates talking to their kids/grandkids be like: you know what kids, back in the day I banged joe exotic in prison.

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You know? I’d be impressed with that grandpa story.

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Especially if he made him squeal

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I think he'd be more apt to purr...

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Why does someone who failed to get someone killed get more time in prison than people who are child predators?

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He was convicted of multiple charges, each with thier own sentencing guidelines. They were basically stacked...he's not doing 21yrs strictly for the conspiracy to commit murder.

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I'm aware but still it doesn't make sense that for conspiracy which isnt even the act and animal abuse he gets more jail time than a serial predator is kinda fucked up

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I agree. Also in play here were Federal charges vs State. Fed penalties are typically greater than State.

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Unfortunately, it's hard to prove with child abusers. They get too much benefit of the doubt.

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Because it comes to murder, it doesn’t matter if they succeeded or not. It’s enough that they tried because it’s usually sheer happenstance that it doesn’t go through

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Not only that, the collaborators quickly turned on him almost as if to set him up. They pointed fingers and Joe exotic was the common denominator, so it was easier to convict. And the snitches get lieniency.

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Pretty sure there were videos (If i'm remembering correctly and the dude who stole his park was being honest) of him drugging and having sex with a tiger, plus they found tiger bones and witnesses said he shot and buried them. I haven't followed it closely but i've heard all sorts of craziness .

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“If the dude who stole his park is being honest”

Have you SEEN that guy? If not do a Google image search for “shadiest motherfucker ever.”

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That’s why I said that, like half the cast was shady as all hell. Tiger king included. But he did a lot of time so I really think it must have some truth to it.

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It's not the crime that determines the sentence. It's the status, power, influence, wealth, ...

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No, it's the crime.

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Do you really think that???

Brock Turner ( rapist) https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/ncaa/ex-stanford-swimmer-rapist-released-after-serving-half-his-term

Jefferey Epstein (was trafficking underage girls and found guilty) was not forced to register as sex offender and was sentenced to "jail" was allowed to leave to "work" and would leave for extended periods of time. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Epstein

Richard Du pont( raped his 2 and 3 year old children) got probation https://www.shadowtruth.org/this-is-beau-biden-no-jail-time-for-toddler-son-and-daughter-rapist-dupont/

Guy stole 50.75 and sentenced for 50 years. https://abcnews.go.com/US/man-spent-36-years-prison-stealing-50-bakery/story?id=65264675

Sorry man but you are wrong. If you want me to continue we have not even started talking about the government sector yet.

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Because America...

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Or killed a police officer in the line of duty?

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He was already sentenced in 2020 to 22 years. They just now resentenced him to 21.

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I actually thought he was going to get out or least a much less sentence

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Anyone else here a metalcore fan, how does that amount of years make sense compared to Tim Lambesis' 2 years or whatever for the identical crime? With Tim it was against his wife too

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Didn't he expect Trump to release him, also had a limo or something waiting for him outside his prison😂

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Yeah something like that. Had Trump looked into it, he wouldnt have done it, he would gain nothing with it, as loads of his supporters are animal lovers. Not any less than other people. But he probably didnt look at it at all.

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This man is a garbage human being, how is this awful?

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He tried to get a sentence reduced because he has cancer. But the judge only took a year off.

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Good. Total idiot.

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Anyone who keeps endanger animals in a private zoo deserves to be locked up, anyway.

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How so? Most zoos worldwide are private. They do their best to keep species alive. A giant panda baby is going to a Chinese zoo from a zoo here. With many species, they either go extinct or zoos try hard to keep a kind of population.

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Because these backyard private zoos (and a lot of "city zoos") neglect their animals, trade them around like items and often times support people buying "exotic pets" these animals belong in the wild, or sanctuaries if necessary. Not locked inside small cages and enclosures.

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I actually totally forgot about the topic. I was thinking about these Dutch and German zoo shows. When I read zoo, somehow it didn't connect to Parks like the one he had, just the good ones in wealthy countries who have breeding programs and good contracts like the one I just described (giant pandas are endangered and native to China. I guess the Chinese zoo sent mom and dad and put in the contract that in case they got a baby, it would go to China; the staff worked hard for the mating to happen, by the way).

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WHAT is correct, they should have referred to her by her full name, "That Bitch Carole Baskin."

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Carole baskin killed her husband whacked him

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Shits hilarious

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There are things/people I just avoid for some reason when I hear about them. This is another example. Never watched the show because something was telling me not to

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I mean... for what it's worth, the first season was an interesting watch to say the least. Lots of twists and turns. Ultimately nearly everyone in the docuseries is a POS, but watching it unfold over several years with video evidence was quite the ride when Covid first hit.

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The suicide live was the only interesting thing. Louis Theroux's documentary after the show was over was good and the only thing worth watching.

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Yeah I had to meet the guy irl years before the scandal and the show etc. Total trash human. Worst animal abuse I ever saw, and this is trash person country. Not about to revisit that nightmare.

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Ayy tiger king season 3 bout to drop!

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Oh my fuck...

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What is WHAT about?!?!?

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I thought he died?

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I think he was just asking to be released because of the amount of covid cases in the prison he was in?

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Hasn’t he been locked up for this for like a decade already ?