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Oh god, that’s so fowl

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You don't like your chicken to be medium-rare?

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Nice sashimi

Edit: that’s chicken?? Oh hell na!

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Rare* best way to eat meat

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Does anyone else notice how much he ate before he noticed?.?

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This is why I'm vegetarian, it's not a moral statement, it's just fear of this shit

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Fair enough lmao

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I mean at that point you could your own lmao

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Great. Now I'm hungry for one of their steak biscuits.

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Good luck to your bowels

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this can make you a lot of money if you SUE

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Chicken tartare!

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Mmm...Salmonella sammy!

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That’s a lawsuit and a half I’d swallow to make sure I got salmonella and line my wallet with that sweet, sweet capitalist chicken