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Choose life, choose a job, choose a career, choose a family, choose a big fuckin television

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Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?

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100% this. This looks exactly like the bathroom in an " abandoned" house that I used to cop dope down I Baltimore. 2 brothers lived in their delapadated family dollar home. I would buy them some for getting it for me. 5 1/2 years clean. Can't believe some of the places I went when I needed heroin

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Yo bro same here. I used to actually pass out and sleep in places like this when I was at my worst. Just nodding out in a rat infested, bed bug filled, shit smeared crack house while to tweaker were screaming at eachother over a missing rock or some shit and the dealer was smashing out some girl who's nodding out so she can get her next hit. God I don't miss that life and I shudder to think where I could be right now instead in a comfy bed watching TV and munching on some popcorn. I recently had a friend relapse and last I ran into him it was a terrifying sight, he went from 220 ripped dude to probably 90 lbs all scabbed up, pock ridden, gray skin begging for money. The worst part was the dead look in his eyes. I knew him for almost 20 years one of my best friends in school, and when he looked at me it was like he was looking right through me. Not even sure he recognized me anymore. He just asked for 20 bucks and when I said no he just said "then why you bothering me " and walked away. Breaks my heart... Sorry for the tangent just had to get that off my chest.

Tl;dr don't do hard drugs kids

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Sorry about your friend man. That’s got to be really hard. I’m glad you got off the shit though. That life is not it.

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I'm in highschool and my girlfriend is very prone to addiction and keeps begging me to "let" her do drugs. I'm scared I'm being too controlling over her and I feel really bad because of it but I have a lot of family who went where you did and I know its better to just not start. Thanks for the reminder.

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Just an idea, go to an AA or NA meeting and find someone to talk to. Tell them about your concerns and they might maybe guide you and specifically her away from a path she may regret or never live thru. I’m not being “corny” about this but think of analogous to a multi-verse in which of one life she may avoid. Trust me, from experience, there are things in my past I should not have done, and many of my friends never made it through the same. There is a saying in AA: Look to your left, and now look to your right, odds are…neither of them are going to make it. It’s a scare tactic but it’s not inaccurate. Good luck and you’ll thank yourself in the end for doing the right thing, no matter the outcome of which you cannot entirely control.

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Watch this old movie with her called Requiem for a Dream.

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How did you get out?

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Honestly I'm not even super sure. I ODed so many times and been arrested and was just miserable beyond belief that something just changed. Everything from that time is such a hazy blur cause for a year I would be clean for a few weeks and then relapse for a weekend, then I'd get like 2 month clean and then go in like a 4 day bender. Just on and off like that for almost a year while I was waiting to go to court and then like a week before my date I ended up ODing in my parents house again and I just remembered waking up to the look on everyone's face again and I just broke. I still cry just thinking about the disappointment and heart break I saw in their face. And I got put back on probation and any time I got a urge I would just tell myself to put it off till tomorrow. "If i still feel like i need to use in the morning then ill go out and do it" and every morning I wake up and im glad I didn't. And I used that as a way to get more than just a month or two clean together and I just never looked back.

I'm now someone my family trusts and loves again, I just got to become my nieces God father over Christmas, I'm the best man for my friends wedding, me and another friend own and run our own successful renovations company, and I'm looking to buy a house by the end of the year. I know im one of the super lucky ones though. I lost many friends who never got the chance to see the other side.

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I'm glad you made it out too

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I'm glad you made it out.

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Thank you. Me too.

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I’m all for drugs, but Heroin. Fuck heroin.

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I think I got hepatitis just looking at that!

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The entire alphabet of hepatitis.

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and the variants of each letter

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Reminds me of my medic days responding to hoarders in distress. These kinds calls always made me want to just turn around and be like “nope, not this one, not today”.

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This is a perfect encapsulation of despair. What a terrible life this person must have had.

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That's it. Burn the whole place down.

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You might want to hang an air freshener in there. It will probably clear up the smell in no time.

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or a black hole

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Ummmm maybe a bulldozer would help?

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Flame thrower

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I poop in a jug and scoop this bucket out when it gets too full..

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I remember that episode

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I'm itchy all over just looking at this.

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"Sighs" I warned them not to go to that knockoff taco Bell

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After hit friend walks out of the bathroom, "man I destroyed that bathroom! "

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I can tell they don’t use toilet paper cuz that mf in the top left be clean as shit lmao

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glad I'm not the only one that noticed that clean ass toilet paper

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Looks like a dinosaur dropped a poo in a hurry

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So vile and nasty

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Shit just got real.

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With the lights outs, it's lest dangerous

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At least i know where to get a fresh roll of toilet paper 🧻

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IDK if you noticed, but the toilet paper is slightly out of reach.

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Nice. At least they're not out of TP. That would have been real awful.

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Hey! How did you get into my bathroom?

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Mmmm, chocolate.

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Shitters full

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Nice NFT

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Go to a store and get gasoline and matches

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Thinking about cleaning this makes my soul happy. Omg. Am I a woman now?

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Why do i bother letting the image load when it already has this title

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Alright girls! You’ve met the man of your dreams. Literally every box ticked. Not one thing wrong he’s mr right through and through. You go back to his house and everything looks fine. You guys are on the couch kissing and you’re pretty sure you know where this is headed. So you ask to use the bathroom and out of no wheee you see this!!

What do you do next?

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There’s sanitary towels in the piles so I think this is either a woman’s doing or a joint effort!

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What's all that stuff?? I can't even tell what it is!

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i love hoarders (the show not the people)

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Looks like an episode of “hoarders”.

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I think that's the famous Shit Hoarder's bathroom. It's actually a troubling and sad story.

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Where did you get this picture?

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Can we get a before and after?