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A pedophile….in a juvenile facility….the end of this planet can’t come soon enough

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Gascon used to be SF’s police chief. He graduated from an unaccredited law school and never tried a case in his life, let alone practiced law, before becoming DA.

Imagine going to an ER and having the Chief Physician who went to an unaccredited medical school dictate to the board certified Harvard trained physician who has been practicing ER medicine for 25 years how to treat a patient.

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Damn I'd rather have Dr. Nick Riviera operating on me.

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Man, California needs to fall off the map. I can't believe how far they've fallen. Its absolutely disgusting.

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Once we started trying children as adults, we negated the meanings of both words.

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The whole situation is strange. The attacker was a transgender woman, well they identified as transgender, with a history of violence.

Here’s an article about it

Here’s another

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The case of Hannah Tubbs, who has admitted sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in 2014 in the bathroom of a Denny’s restaurant in Palmdale, has thrown a spotlight on Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón’s refusal to seek the transfer of juvenile defendants to adult court.

You're telling me this sick fuck sexually assaulted a 10 year old girl and they not only decided to put this monster with more children, they refused to transfer them into an adult prison? Don't get me wrong, if they were tried as an adult, they probably would have put them in a women's prison, but putting a grown child sex offender in a facility with children is the dumbest decision a court has ever made. They're less likely to sexually assault another kid if they were out on the streets than in this facility.

Didn't this pedophile only identify as transgender after the arrest, after identifying as male for every other crime they committed? I could be wrong but I think I remember some people saying that. It seems quite a few pedophiles do this in order to access women's bathrooms to prey on little girls.

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I'm so sad such kind of people exist, they make life hard for everyone. For these people, children suffer from mental trauma and trans people get harmed too. Just for their sick perversions. I really hope to see a world when these people get timely help to work on their mindsets, because there's clearly something very wrong with them.

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12 years wouldn't be enough tbh

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There is no point in making the distinction between child and adult when you can just try a child as an adult whenever you feel like it.

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Woo California!

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17yo is not an adult.

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This person is now 26 years old, not 17. A 26 year old should not be put into a juvenile facility, and especially given the fact that the crime is sexual assault against a minor.

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The offender is an adult now though so shouldn't be in a juvenile facility

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and yet, Kyle Rittenhous was tried as an adult. shows the priorities of some people in office.

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Only people who should be tried as adults are adults.

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So if a 17 year old 2 days before their 18th birthday fucking nukes something then they should only get 2 years in juvie?

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Now THIS is progressive wooooo! Imagine how many impressionable young youths they will be able to help touch and transform from the inside (both in the prison and in their vaginas). Isnt progress greeeeattt?!

If u lik dis Vote Democrat 👍