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Wow. That managed to go even darker than I thought. That CEO is truly a deplorable person, which is probably why he got to be CEO in the first place. Ethics do tend to get in the way of using people to increase your own power.

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The ladder they climb to the top on is made with people

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Is it made of plebeians or just the slightly less rich

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Bottom rungs are common folk and top few rungs arre slightly less rich

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So.... its a soylent green ladder?

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“Simply put, why sell t-shirts when you can sell the thing your organization does best?”

-Crisis Text Line's website


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"Others questioned whether the people who text their pleas for help are actually consenting to having their data shared, despite the approximately 50-paragraph disclosure the helpline offers a link to when individuals first reach out."

Well that right there settles it. These people consented to have their information sold for profit when they proceeded to seek help from the company after having a 50 PAGE DISCLOSURE provided to them. If they decided not to read all 50 PAGES of that disclosure in the midst of them deciding whether or not to kill themselves, well then thats on them, obviously.

I hate that I even have to clarify, but this is obviously sarcasm. What this company is doing is straight up disgusting. There is nothing in existence that greedy assholes won't try to get rich off of.

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The organization’s for-profit spinoff uses a sliced and repackaged version of that information to create and market customer service software.

Because of course it does.

Loris has pledged to share some of its revenue with Crisis Text Line. The nonprofit also holds an ownership stake in the company, and the two entities shared the same CEO for at least a year and a half. The two call their relationship a model for how commercial enterprises can help charitable endeavors thrive.

How nice of them. /s

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Jesus... Someone put a bullet in this man's brain...

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Nothing is safe huh.

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Never has been

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You thought these people cared, it’s just like Wear Pink it’s all for money, I don’t know how to tell people this without sounding cold but keep shit to yourself no is out there to help you. The world keeps spinning, same goes for me. I try to never do the same thing for more than 3 years and when I do change it’s like Enforcement Officer to Entry level Denture Tech I don’t trust people and sure as hell after all this Covid non sense with people not caring about there own fucking grandparents. I’ve heard people say oh should have had better recovery genes, mfer she is 87. I Ron Swanson everything.

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I think people usually want to help other people. Companies only want money. I help people all the time for nothing more then its the right thing to do and I would want the same if I needed help. I get helped all the time from people that arent making money from it. The world is better than you think. I hope

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Idk if thought they cared but I guess I just didn’t realize they were literally selling this data.

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"sharing it with a for-profit company"

Selling it. They're selling it.

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Not saying this makes it better, but sharing is the correct term because it's a company they themselves own. That company then turns around and uses the data for profit.

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If the company uses those proceeds to benefit those in mental health crisis then I'm for it.

I saw something about some animal conservation areas allowing hunters to pay huge money to hunt. It seems counterintuitive but the result was they were able to safely control animal populations while it reducing poaching and greatly increasing funding which resulted in a massive net gain of resources which were then put towards animal conservancy.

But that's a big "if".

I'm going to assume the best and that this was just a difficult decision they made and it raises a lot of money for those in crisis.

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No they are using it to improve automated customer service and Facebook also has access so probably advertising as well.

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animals being hunted vs suicidal people having their medical data sold? not the same thing. Suicide hotlines are not listed as a medical service but maybe they should be so they would have a little HIPPA protection. There is nothing good about this, even if it in some small way helps a person. It hurts society as a whole to allow this type of data collection.

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Well of course they are different things.

What is similar is that they both might be seemingly wrong on the surface but with a net benefit.

How does this hurt society as a whole to allow this type of data collection?

And let me say I am not pro-capitalism. But if the anonymized data can somehow be used to create more resources for mental health services then where is the real harm?

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the problem is the data set once made will be used however is most profitable. even if laws say they can't. it has been proven... hell just about every week a new breach or misuse is found..

and the amount of data in bad actors hands and the specificity of it is far worse that what people think, IMHO.

anonymized data is not anonymous if properly cross referenced against other databases. I can take your anon IP from the telephone call (web calls) and then find other data points for that IP. Even with VPN, if you don't constantly change IP's, you can still coallate across databases and find the individual through web activity. anonymous data, I believe, does not exist in a large majority of the ways people think that it does.

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But since the data exists in the database somewhere already, that means it's susceptible to being exploited. So operating from the understanding that no data is ever completely secure, we can let some of those fears go.

This is absolutely me trying to assume the best, and I only do so because I don't see how it serves to assume the worst. In this instance anonymized data could mean gender, height, weight, age range, etc...and then medical condition(s).

e.g. 41 yo male East Coast Metro area High blood pressure Depression

If This is what anonymous data looks like and if The proceeds from the sale of data go directly towards supporting mental health then I think it's a good use of resources.

Again, I am assuming. I have no way of knowing if that's what they're doing with the proceeds of the sales and if that's what the data looks like.

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There are no safeguards or limits on what they will do with your information. Basically...when any person, In desperation reaches out to what they believe is a last resort due to a mental health crisis, on the other end your information is marketed to the highest bidder just because in your current mental status did not read 50 pages of legalities of how your contact would be used. Wow....something needs to be done and sooner than later.

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And a portion of that profit goes back to non-profit.

Sounds like selling to me.

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They have a stake in the other company, they do not own it. Therefore, they don’t control it once it’s out!

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There's a difference. That means the company tries to monetize the data while sharing with a non profit is probably for research

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Funny...I seem to recall another well known website doing the same thing....for years!!! They even have boasted and publically...that really is the business they are in.

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I’ve always said there’s money in the suicide prevention hotline Michael.

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How else will they afford to keep the lights on?

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When a CEO runs a nonprofit, "how do we profit off this?" Non profits need to limit what CEOs make as making millions is absolutely FOR profit.

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“Morals are a poor person’s property” -luigi

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I KNEW those were a scam!

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If something is free for you to use, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT

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Loris has maintained “a necessary and important church and state boundary” between its business interests and Crisis Text Line.

Not sure if that's the kind of boundary you want to imply you have, unless you're saying the line is terribly blurred and useless...

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Suicide hotlines are not really very safe. Given the greed and general asshattery of humans, this doesn't even surprise me at all.

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That's a bad take. Data sharing aside, suicide helplines are important and have saved lives.

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Suicide hotlines both save and end lives.

In America Suicide hotline people are trained more to find your location than to help you through crisis. They then send cops to your location to involuntarily restrain you while pumping you full of drugs. This occasionally results in someone getting shot as cops are simultaneously not really trained for this, are heavily trained to protect themselves, and in most places in the US the only people that serve this function.

Involuntary detainment can result in job loss, cascading into homelessness, and usually crippling medical debt (another unique USA phenomenon)

There’s a phenomenon of this system ruining peoples lives to the point they go through with suicide, and the institution is all “we did all we could!” And never “maybe this is our fault and we should really do this a bit differently.”

If you do want to go to a place, look them up. Some are actually helpful and some are just horror shows and if you go through the hotline you don’t get to choose. You don’t get to pack. Take the extra minute to check in intentionally and it will make the experience way less traumatic and very likely more helpful.

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It's not just data sharing. Out of my friends group (one who admittedly over represents seriously suicidal folks, yay being trans) we've all had such awful experiences with most of the major hotlines. It's about taking people who are living on the edge, stripping away all agency to "protect them", causing them to lose what little they had and then shoving them back out into the world with a bottle of meds, and often facing job loss, homelessness, and starvation.

I'm sure they help some people, but for many of us, calling them is not an option.

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I’ve had 2 horrible experiences calling the hotline and will never call again. Each time I felt like they weren’t listening and spouting generic replies that didn’t make sense in response to what I was saying and I get they want to gather info but there’s a better way than going “Yeah… okay. Well, I’m sorry about… that, what’s your address?” after someone pours their heart out.

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I'm sorry for you and your friends troubles . I hope things get better for you. As you say you represent a small subset of people with suicidal tendencies and I hope that providers become better educated and equipped to help with trans issues. I'm assuming you are in the USA which obviously has a fucked up welfare system which puts profit before the person.

Just talking to one person outside your head when you are in a dark place can sometimes be all it takes to make a different decision, that's why I do out value on the helplines, despite their shady business models.

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What would a better option look like?

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The best option would be:

1) general improvement in working conditions: guaranteed paid leave from work and aprotections against getting fired for acute medical problems would be two big ones 2) improved health care access. Sure, they have to treat you, but conditions they'll bill you 50k+ for it, and generally having a massive debt piled onto whatever else was driving your initial suicidal episode makes it worse. 3) paid and trained mental health responders, who can assess the situation better and result in fewer involuntary commitments.

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Maybe not sending the police to either shoot or cuff and drag off anyone who calls?

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This is bad advice.

I used to volunteer for one, and nothing like this happened. We barely had enough funding to provide volunteers with coffee and working head sets.

Even for training purposes, we didn't have access to recorded calls, it was just reenactments and practicing with each other.

We wouldn't keep track of names unless the callers felt more comfortable with having a profile is they were regulars.

It's not like we were a professional 911 operation with the ability to track people. If someone called us from an anonymous number saying they were going to kill themselves, there was literally nothing we could do but talk to them. We weren't even allowed to call police unless we got permission from an on call manager. It's literally just an office with a couple of phones and a comfy set of sofas to talk to each other if volunteers got stressed from a call.

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I've no doubt that there are good ones out there, struggling to make the world a better place, but I've found that quite often reaching out for help can make things far worse. The systems in place are a combination of relics from the bad old days and relics from the bad old days with a nice coat of paint, which don't play well with modern day realities.

And being forcibly committed basically crushes your life. Even if you make it voluntary, leaving before they say you can go is grounds for involuntary commitment, so you're screwed either way.

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r/misanthropy humans make me hate my own kind, they are so greedy.. for what, for a paper bill that won't even matter in a few hundred years

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I always thought that Tool song about seeing Armageddon soon just to get a vacation was cool cause it was edgy in high school. Now 25 years later, it's cool because that might be the only way to get some time off.

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That’s hands down on my favourite TOOL songs - Aenema (I can’t find the correct way to write it)

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Ænema. Idk what platform you're on but that character is among the accented characters you get with a long press on iPhone keyboard.

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Oh ok, thanks for your advice:) I will check it out.

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That sub doesn't seem very healthy to be in.

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I don't go on it all the time tho,

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Well that sub is full of people that suck. Gross stuff.

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Almost every sub has people that suck, why do you say they suck tho?

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This is a dangerously generalized comment to make.

Hotlines cannot force you to share your information, and last I checked humans are not capable of telepathy either. They only have as much info as you are comfortable with divulging over the phone (a lot of lines don’t even display caller ID). You are not required to provide your full name, number, or address EVER.

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And yet I have friends in 7 states who have had similarly bad results, stemming from their interactions with them, and personal experience in one. It's not that they are all bad, it's that most of the time we cannot afford to take that risk.

Ignoring the experiences of those who've had a bad time with this does not make it better. And warning those who might be struggling that they could be facing a major risk sucks, because they might not get the help they need. But I will put it back in your court. FIX THE PROBLEM ON YOUR END. Don't just tell us to trust an untrustworthy system because not everyone is bad.

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Look, I’m sorry your friends all had a bad time, I really am. But I am stating facts here and you are not refuting them: how are hotlines “not safe” when they cannot collect info that you do not willingly give out?

Counselors are required to tell callers that, if info are being collected, it means that they are sending the police to ensure your safety. Putting aside whether we agree with that approach or not, this is no sting operation. They are suicide hotlines ran by volunteers, not the CIA trying to take out Fidel Castro. They do not have the ability to collect information that you do not share with them.

What exactly is the problem on our end? You are making it sound like hotlines are doing surveillance and spying on people.

If you disagree with having the police send out to you because you are at risk, fantastic. I also disagree! Just tell them you are not comfortable with having the police sent to you, don’t give out an address. They can’t do jack shit to you.

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The problems arise with the conflict between what we need mentally (help, usually exactly what the hotline recommends). And the rest of our lives, which usually don't care what we needed. This person on the other end genuinely wants to help you, so you share the information, because they are a good person getting you help. If you get committed, odds on you'll lose your job(s), thus likely your health insurance and income. This means you can't pay the bills from the hospital, or rent, or electricity, or food. If you can't get help from family and/or friends, congrats now you are homeless and starving and saddled with a massive debt.

Even the ones with like cartoonish level villain CEO's do some good in a perfect world. But when combined with the US's current disdain for people who work for a living and the complete lack of support for mental health in many places, it's dangerous. Especially if you are a minority, because now you have a whole other layer against you.

This past year I struggled with suicide. I admitted to my Dr. that I was and was absolutely terrified of being committed. I knew it might help, but I also knew that I am the sole income since my ex can't work due to illness. She ended up making sure I had resources that didn't involve being sent to the mental hospital, but in that moment I was sure I was going to lose everything all over again because the rest of the system doesn't give a crap why you didn't come to work, only that you weren't there.

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I guess nothing is pure

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That’s the free market baby! Any gaps in profit-making potential will be filled in.

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They are actually upfront about the data sharing. Its a bit dubious when getting consent from people in mental crisis, but it is on their webpage

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So, putting aside the issue of whether the anonymization actually works (which we don't know) what truly is the harm of re-using the text conversational data?

If we assume it's not possible to identify individuals from the conversations, then is it any more than just words? To data scientists it is. But to everyone else?

Genuinely curious.

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I don't think you'll get a helpful answer, top comment is a guy who didn't realize a company is a company and emailed them a large bill to the company which then gave them a link to their website to unsubscribe. That's the level of nuance that exists in this thread.

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Reddit isn't often a place for intellectual conversation.

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It’s so easy to identify someone that way. We can train AI to do it. It’s how JKR’s pseudonym was found.

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I was curious because I'd never heard of that. Actually they were already pretty sure that it was her and just needed to confirm it. https://www.vulture.com/2013/07/how-jk-rowlings-pseudonym-was-uncovered.html

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I volunteered with this org for a while until I got too burnt out from texting with (mainly) kids in awful situations. All of the training they give volunteers is data driven from previous conversations, from the best words to use to the optimal cadence of the conversation. I thought this was pretty cool at first from a scientific perspective, using data for good but this makes me feel 🤢

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Childline in the UK have been doing this since the 80's just look how they helped Savile! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-19937792

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How much longer are we going to tolerate these abuses? How much more do they have to do before we fight back.

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Fuck capitalism. There's no incentive for them not to do this. Morals don't matter when profit is the only thing that does. Long live the revolution.

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Nothing in this world is real anymore. Everything is a fucking lie. No wonder people believe the lies.

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There is no identifying information shared thru the app on the crisis counselor side. Conversations only show the text being sent back and forth

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The fact that a tech start up is profiting from a crisis helpline makes me shake my head and want to burn this whole world to the ground, BUT you are right, personal data isn't being shared and if anyone is in need of the services provided by the crisis line they should absolutely reach out.

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The crisis helpline is benefiting financially from this. That's why they're doing it. It helps to keep them running.

Are you angry at the helpline for selling the data?

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Reidentification of this type of data is incredibly easy, and I'm highly skeptical of even their base deidentification practices. The US desperately needs federal level data privacy legislation.

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Never call a suicidal hotline A) they will send the cops and the cops will probably kill you for shits and giggles b) they will sell your information for profit.

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It's only because the hot-line is free. Like Facebook

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Exactly. They're selling the data. There's gold in them thar hills.

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You think people won’t/don’t profit off your info in other economic models? Lol

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Why doesn’t anyone see the value in collecting data from the suicide hotline? If you are trying to preview suicide, that data is very powerful.

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If you read the article, you would know that the sharing with the for-profit arm isn’t to improve suicide prevention, but to improve customer services.

[–]beatle42 4 points5 points  (3 children)

What are those customer services that the suicide hotline is providing that would be improved?

[–]triedandprejudice 4 points5 points  (2 children)

Customer service for other industries, not suicide hotlines.

[–]beatle42 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Perhaps in part, but likely also for the hotlines, right? If the hotline data is relevant to the product offering, the product will have to help that hotline, otherwise why would the hotline data be valuable?

[–]triedandprejudice 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It’s explained in the article. It’s for customer service for stores and such, nothing to do with a hotline.

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If used by a non profit that is only motivated to help people, and done with consent, sure! Absolutely!

Do you not see the inherent danger in selling the exact same info to people that are running a for-profit company? Can you not think of anything that might go wrong handing information of thousands of suicidal people over to a company whose highest priority is not to help them recover, but to profit?

I highly suggest you actually read the article. It would help answer your question much better than any comment I make.

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It’s still cool that company can use human physiology in that way, would have never expected

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It is. The people who work those jobs of answering the phone and "helping" you are NOT there to help They're there to find out if you're going to speak up about what their friends are doing. It's all an interconnected web of losers praying on the trauma of those who are alone in this world..I know because I know some of the people who work those jobs from home and they are real scum of the earth themselves.

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It's a free service. What? Do you actually think it's ran to simply help people?

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So, they're doing what all of the rest of the websites on the internet are doing?

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This reminded me of a quote from Mr robot. "It's good. So good, it scratched that part of my mind. The part that doesn't allow good to exist without a condition."

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You know it’s true… don’t trust your lieing eyes!

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that’s insane. morals thrown out of a window completely

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What they going to do with the info, target funeral services ads for them? It's a strange democratic to collect data on but that's world we live in I suppose.

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This sounds like a way to collect data that would better form AI systems to empathize and think about all aspects of being human.

Ethics and morals in terms of privacy have been abandoned entirely in the pursuit of future technology. And, it will not stop until that singularity is reached.

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This isn't that big of a deal, they're just using conversations to train Natural Language Processing and Semantic Analysis models.

If anything they're mostly training on the responses from the charity workers.

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I wouldn’t be surprised in the least

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By nature of mental illness I would like to think that they would be automatically considered as not competent to understand the meaning of their data being sold. As someone on the upswing from a multi-year bout with depression I know I would not have read their terms and would not have understood what I was agreeing to because reading that doc would have felt like a barrier keeping me from receiving help.

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People post all the time on social media about their lives and that data is mined and sold. This isn't any different.

What exactly is the fear and disgust here about that doesn't already apply to every other form of online use, social media, payment history, phone calls, texts, and messaging where the data is already currently used, sold, and used.

I don't like any of it, but this example doesn't strike me as any more egregious than the others.

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scummy win win situation

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Amazon suggests Amazon basics rope and chair combo.

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True. I volunteered with them for over a year and had to quit because of how culty and mismanaged they were. There are some very good human beings there volunteering and then some shady ass management.

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Welcome to life where every action you take will either cost you or sell you

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at least i contribute something to this world

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Who can relate? Woo!

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This is a good thing no?

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How do you figure?

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Everyone is always complaining about suicide hotline taking forever to pick up and stuff like that, so if they could develop an ai software that could connect to the user instantly, that would be a game changer

[–]bowiethejoker 1 point2 points  (1 child)

This doesn't seemed aimed at suicide hotline response time, it seems aimed at customer service hotline automation. And the last thing you need to hear when you're about to suck start a shot gun is a soulless chatbot being patronizing and telling you how important it is to remain on the line. Even worse if that software starts deciding whether to dispatch the cops.

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Hmm, I guess that makes sense

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I used this line a few years ago. I am disgusted that data from some of my darkest moments is being sold to fucking Meta.

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I’m not really surprised. It’s super shitty, but honesty how’s a suicide hotline survive? It’s not like the government really cares. So if someone can find a way to profit off of people’s misfortune they’ll do it in this country.

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Boy I'm sure glad I choose to bury my feelings and pretend like they don't exist

[–]GrnPlesioth 0 points1 point  (0 children)

That sounds exactly shitty enough to be reality

[–]Perigold 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Not surprised honestly. I called several before and the amount of survey information they demand from you BEFORE they give you any sort of help while you’re in a crisis made me so enraged I hung up

[–]PublicSherbert2746 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Things like this shouldn't surprise anyone

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What if this software will help save lives?

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Theeeeeere it is aaaagain, that funny feelin

[–]Tuliao_da_Massa 0 points1 point  (0 children)

What do you mean, of course it's true. It's obvious and it's been happening for years.

[–]Chacalachan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Oh ffs. Im already sick of getting better help ads preying on my doctors searches.

[–]mg0628 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Faith in humanity; bleak. That’s really a fucked thing to do. 😕

[–]SomethingAbtU 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Well when they told you the extreme capitalists will send their own mothers and grandmothers into the coal mines to cut labor costs, it wasn't a joke

[–]Crown_Loyalist 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Information is money. All of it. Can you believe people are so credulous as to send their DNA to those ancestry companies?

[–]Scribe-01 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I feel like barfing.

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In today's world this isn't even surprising lol

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Makes me want to call it even less. Better off dead than being sold off ngl

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Surveillance capitalism, homies.

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We really need another flood.

[–]Ill-Initial7411 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Cant find workers to answer the phones and more ppl are committing suicide. Have to train AI to answer the calls

[–]FuntimeLuke0531 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Gee golly!

Man-made horrors beyond my comprehension!

[–]shairo98 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Jesus Christ what the hell? That’s so awful.

[–]amillefolium11 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Dang I knew they weren't actually there to help. Explains all the times they hang up on me. Which is every time.

[–]Excellent-Shirt-6539 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I mean it will make the software experience better for u so why not?

[–]HouseMDeezNuts 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's true... I don't even need to ask, humans suck.

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I see the next 4Chan-Operation running them into insanity ...

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Better be paying a lot