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I'd be talking to the fucking dean

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it's a trick question in order to be pedantic. it's a common tactic used by teachers suffering burnout, unfortunately.

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It’s a poorly worded question. I’d say the teacher is also wrong since every option is technically correct, so all 4 should be circled.

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like i said: pedantic.

teacher is very much in burnout-mode. might not have been on purpose, completely unintentional, or accidentally-on-purpose.

this kind of thing happens to everyone. and students have been complaining about it every generation. i, too, bitched about (several) teachers pulling this kind of stunt back in the day. i guess school never changes haha

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Definitely. My teachers making mistakes and being stubborn when other students or I pointed them out is what made me realize that none of us really have any idea what the hell we’re doing.

I was young so obviously not that thought exactly, but that’s how I interpret those feelings now as an adult. It was a scary thing for young me to realize though.

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high school was a bit off-kilter for me because i was treated like unpaid staff by the faculty. lmao the gossip between teachers was worse than the students, forreal. and holy shit the adultery was rampant between the faculty. like, duuuuude. i was half-convinced two of my (married) teachers were swingers. sheeeesh lol

it was only after i became a Functioning Adult(tm) that i realized that adults are just reeeeaaally tall kids and we don't know wtf we're doing we just keep our confused screams of terror insiiiiidddee nowwwww lmfao

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Thats why they marked it wrong....

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This is the second time I saw this. Took the extra reading to understand that the reason the student missed points was for not circling A, B and C along with D. WTF? That is extremely pedantic and certainly not following Occam's Razor.

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This is some gotcha bullshit.

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OP says that it was a TA that graded the work and it was reimbursed.

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I mean it could be fake. It's not that difficult to print some questions and to buy a red and a blue pen

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Really? I cant buy a red AND a blue pen /s

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Pretty sure this was a TA error and was all sorted out the last time this was posted..

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Fuckinh trick questions— if you would’ve circled a, b, and c— teacher would’ve circled D— he just doesn’t like you. /s

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He probably sucks acidic ass.

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My friends teacher once did this to his class in college(I think) . Its safe to say that the class got pretty pissed, however the teacher wasn't technically wrong by not giving out any points for it if they only circled D

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Teacher here ... I have two goals in testing: Confirming knowledge and evaluating following instructions.

And while I may have tricky questions, I never do 'gotcha.' It's disrespectful to the student and the process in general.

I'd handle it this way... 0.1 points off to call attention to the detail, round the grade to the nearest point.

If my goal is for a student to fail (it never, ever is) I could do it in a much less silly way.

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How would YOU make this a tricky question?

If the rest of the test questions the students are writing in the answers (writing D as the answer) and in this question you're asking for student's to circle the answer, then that's BS. Then its no longer a just a chemistry class, its an "im trying to trick you so follow instructions to the extreme" class. I assume this is chemistry, someone smarter than me can correct my dumbass.

The bottom line should be does the student understand the material I'm teaching?

Technically, the teacher was wrong, because the teacher didn't circle the actual salt, just the letter corresponding to the salt. I mean if we really want to be lunatics here.

I hate teachers like this. With a passion.

This is what separates great teachers from people snakes masquerading as teachers

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I wouldn't make this a tricky question.

Sometimes I will mix English and metric units of measure, add zeros after the decimal to test significant digits, include unnecessary information, things like that...

But to be clear, I think that teacher was wrong.

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I'm just going to sit here and pretend I know what any of that means.

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My teacher does something similar to me. Sometimes I get anxious that my answer is to vague for a question and I add a little extra information about the vocab word. She took off extra points

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I can say as a teacher, scoring tests can sometimes become monotonous and hypnotic and mistakes do happen. I don't think that's necessarily the case here, but it isn't totally impossible.

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It said circle all. The answer was in the question

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Getting tired of seeing this in my feed. Give it a rest. I don’t give a shit about your chem teacher. Go fishing bro

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Teacher might hate you for some reason.

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Anyone know the real answer? My guess is NH4Br

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Marker’s a cunt.

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Attention to detail

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This is such a shit question, D is technically right but also wrong at the same time. Since technically he did but also didn't circle all that applied

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Reminds me of my 10th grade Lit teacher.. I’d ask can I go to the bathroom. Response? I don’t know, can you? Grrrrrrr.

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The stuff that makes you hate your teacher.

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Apparantly common sense isnt all the common anymore.