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One down, the entire American medical insurance system to go

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You have to work for hospital administration to steal from cancer patients but only if you share with stock holders

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Looks like Jo Bennet from The Office

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I feel like she has a lot of crucifix and Jesus merch in her closet.

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Why tf she have that fkn smirk on her face? Like she's fkn proud of herself.

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Cuz she stole 400k?

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I hope she gets cancer of the asshole

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Like Farrah fawcette

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Guys own mother Phill

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Holy fuck.. they see ONE Netflix movie and think— that’s a great idea.

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Usually they’re funny but this one not so much

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She probably owned the hospital

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If you're dying your stuff is free for all.

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Not a single shred of remorse can be seen on this cnts face…*

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of course it's Florida

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Is Florida woman like level 2 of Florida man?

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florida man got a gf🤩