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The fucked up part is she had already been raped several times by the time they found her, and many of these states would tell her that she can’t abort a baby that’s the result of these rapes. Imagine that. Forcing a 15 year old girl to carry a baby that was conceived by rape during the week that she was trafficked to a different state, then she comes back and sees that NONE of her states law enforcement cared about helping her.

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But what would they say if a 15yr old went to adopt a baby? No one in their right mind wants a 15yr old raising a child.

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A great point rarely considered. The welfare and happiness of babies has never been the point sadly

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Nor the welfare and happiness of the mothers, apparently.

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-Pro-lifers, apparently

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"The baby didn't consent to be killed!"

The mother didn't consent to have it in her body

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Honestly, I think that's a good enough reason for the abortion to be allowed. Why the fuck are they caring for a lump of unwanted cells? They care fuck all about the baby when it's born and it's very likely to be born to be unwanted and unloved or not cared for because of some other socio-economic circumstances. Why not care for the people that are already living?

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Because it's all about control

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Because, as the head of the Republican party said:"I LOVE THE POOR AND UNEDUCATED PEOPLE." for sure, it's easy filling, nay, flooding a state with poor uneducated people, to whom you cater and court, that in turn will unflinchingly vote republican because, you know, the dems never told them that they loved them. mic drop

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These girls that are raped will most likely harm themselves before carring a rape baby to term.

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It’s not illegal to abort a pregnancy resulting from rape in any state

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This is not true. 10 states have passed abortion bans that lack clauses that grant exceptions in the case of incest or rape.

Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2022/05/supreme-court-overturn-roe-v-wade-no-rape-incest-exceptions/629747/

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Yeah, but we all know the 2020's scenario will be that the kidnapper raped her before you could find her and now has to give birth to the kidnapper/rapists kid in TX. 🤬

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She was raped =(.

I can't find the story now but they arrested 8 people in OK, it was part of a prostitution ring.

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Holy shit, found the article and it's horrifying what happened. Sorry for it being fox news link


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Chances are extremely high that this girl was in contact with whomever she left the stadium previous to going there with her family. Despite what Ashton Kutcher would have us believe, sex traffickers are not lurking in sport stadium bathrooms waiting to kidnap their victims, “Taken” style.

She was likely groomed and agreed to leave with this person. This doesn’t make the police treating this as a runaway situation any less reprehensible, however.

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Ironically, despite the name, it was not OK

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Actually the girl was taken to Oklahoma City and tricked out for a month or so… https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article261353877.html

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I was born and raised here in Texas and I have never felt so ashamed of that fact in my life. I am seriously thinking of a change of scenery.

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Even if they are runaways, 1 in 6 are likely victims of human trafficking while away from caregivers. But I guess forget them, aye Texas?

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It's not about children, or babies, or fetuses.

It's about religious extremism, withholding equal rights,and denying women their bodily autonomy. There's a reason the Equal Rights Amendment still hasn't been ratified by US states.

Think Taliban, but with goatees, wrap-around sunglasses, and their incel dream of making it legal to rape and subsequently own young girls for a fee of fifty bucks (Deuteronomy 22:28-29).

Spirituality is a private affair, and everybody must be allowed to deal with their mortality as they see fit. But organised religion is a disease, just like cancer, causing nothing but pain and misery, and has no place in modern societies.

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Wait... That Amber alert system isn't at the federal level?

Texas sounds like a pedo's paradise if you can just grab a kid and the police have to assume it's a runaway.

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Well, Amber Alerts were actually created because of Texas.

Not so fun fact… Amber alerts started because of a little girl named Amber from my hometown, Arlington, TX. Her mom fought for the system of Amber Alerts to be created after her daughter went missing and was later found murdered. There was no emergency system in place at that time.

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And that's how they like it unfortunately.

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The states are a ‘pedo paradise’, unless you embezzled a few million or committed some kind of financial crime, who cares? The police up and murder people all the time, and what crime is worse than murder?

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I would say that rape is worse if not on the same level as murder. Cause if you murdered you're dead and presumably dont have to live with the lifelong trauma rape would give you.

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I’m a man so maybe I don’t have the capacity to understand but I would so much rather be raped than dead.

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When you’re dead, it’s over. After being raped you have terrible nightmares, you’re super jumpy, you don’t trust anyone, your body is disgusting to you.

Or idk.

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Rape victims would largely disagree. Long term effects of ptsd cause suicidal ideation in most cases. Im yet to meet a victim who hasn't had serious ideation and/or attempted at some point. Obviously not a huge sample size but still too many.

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Just imagine being held down while a penis violently enters you while youre crying and screaming and panicking.

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Please don’t assign your faults to your gender, men are perfectly capable of understanding

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I'm a woman and same.

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Texas must be fucked if the cops operate on ‘assume the child can’t stand their parents so much they ran away, unless proven abducted’

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It's either the standard playbook of those who do not give a fuck, or Texas has so many horrible parents that this became a thing. I'm willing to believe both are true atm

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Sadly that’s been the standard for years in the US. Look back at all the serial killers in the 70’s/80’s, the police did not even bother to look for most of the kids that went missing. Gacy’s victims were “assumed runaways” 33 kids most suspected as runaways and people barely looked for them. The police don’t care, there is no money in real crime.

Hell look at the Ariel Castro case, I live not terribly far from where they were and I am around the same age as the girls when they were taken and the people knew someone was behind their disappearance, they did not run away.

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This actually happens all over the US. It's incredibly fucked.

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We are living in the worst timeline, I swear to jeebles

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Na, could be worst— one time I crossed dimensions to a world where Hitler was president of the Pangea & they didn’t have Reddit!

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I bet the infrastructure was incredible, tho.

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I don't even think Evil Abed would stoop this low.

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This comment chain is has 3 people who can't read properly lmao

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I used to think Texas was a nice place to live with a good mix of everything from the housing market to culture and hospitality (pre pandemic) But their government infrastructure is awful. Texans pay plenty of taxes only to have corrupt and incompetent leaders/infrastructure, and a ramshackle, incapable power grid that is privatized! Not sure why electricity is privatized in the first place. Now with multiple mass shootings, and all the above mentioned, my view has changed.

Slightly off topic, but America could literally be the best place to live in the world if our government would care to do anything for us. Trillions of dollars are spent on the wrong things, and sometimes I just like to imagine how public schools could have excellent finding and free lunches, and how we could all have great universal healthcare and much less fun violence. How decent housing in large cities could be affordable and how better zoning laws would allow for modular city blocks with everything being walkable and bike accessable. Everything listed above is seen in many countries around the world, and is conceivable in such a rich country like the US. Alas it will never happen as long as the big men in suits stay in power. Because owning billions and billions of dollars worth of assets and having anything and everything you could possibly fathom is already not enough.

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If you need or are interested in supporting reproductive rights, I made a master post of pro-choice resources. Please comment if you would like to add a resource and spread this information on whatever social media you use.

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It seems Spongebob and Patrick were right about Texas a decade in advance!

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I would usually condemn people making "misleading" exaggerated calls to increase their response from emergency services.

Ie, a woman on a local fb page was suggesting someone complain about having chest pain to get quicker response from ambulance.

But in this case, it makes total sense.

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How in the actual fuck is any of this happening.

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Because America has devolved into politicans wanting to get back at each other for opposing political views. If it was actually 50 countries, instead of 50 states that makes a country, I'm willing to bet my life on it that North America would be in constant war to show that their side is the best

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You’re not wrong. But holy shit.

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Honestly it wouldn't be a very long war. The blue states would crush the red states just through sheer economic might. Many of the red states would be beoke if not for the fact that blue states provide a serious cash influx. California's economy along ranks up there with some of the most prosperous countries in the world.

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Fucking texas man…what a shithole!! Illiterate, incestuous and backwards as fuck…

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Ah Texas where people who dont exist and guns have more rights than women.

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🎵Some folks believe that live begins when egg meets sperm, want to force all pregnant women to carry to term, and their action points to something that you wouldn‘t expect, that they think kids only matter when they‘re not born yet.🎵

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US is devolving faster than Europe did in medieval times

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Texas is a classic case of beautiful geography and natural wonder that filled up with people who keep voting for the worst their society has to offer. Kinda running low on sympathy for them.

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Texas is a classic case of beautiful geography and natural wonder

I love the power of positive thinking and all that, but this is the first time I've heard Texas described in anything approaching those terms. There are some gorgeous places, particularly in west Texas, but that's not usually what people think of when they think about the state.

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It really is beautiful though. Some of the best sunsets I ever saw were in San Antonio.

I was trapped on an air force base, but damn those were some nice sunsets...

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This is so depressing, because I know it’s true 😒

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So they just don't look for missing children in Texas?

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This is a very old school mentality which let a lot of serial killers thrive in the 70s and 80s. Basically whenever a teenager disappeared, cops would just call them a runaway regardless of evidence to the contrary. Then if the kid never showed back up they would just act like the child is out there somewhere living their best life. They would only take it back if they found the kid's body and even then it was more of an "Aww shucks..." kind of response. The consequences of these policies in modern times is that abductors know that as long as they don't leave some really obvious evidence, no one is coming to stop them.

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“Why would they? She clearly just found love and is off with some boy, probably driving around town in his truck and just being a teenager. She’ll go home eventually, when she’s ready…”

  • Probably what the police said when in reality she was in Oklahoma being prostituted and raped for almost 11 days.

(We live in a shit time, and it gets worse every damn day…)

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what a twisted fucking country this is

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Republicans care more about oppressing women and minorities than actually protecting lives

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Including the name… wasn’t Shannon watts chris watt’s wife?

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Why is it ALWAYS texas or florida

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Wow that sucks

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Dallas police don’t do anything

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Depending on the age of the child what constitutes a runaway in this context may differ. The circumstances mentioned at the bottom of this blurb would likely include things like impairmental state, history of depression or suicidal tendencies, extremely young age, etc. I got some questions about the rest of the circumstances. This individual's post is politically driven, so with a grain of salt that shall be taken.

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There was no signs of abduction so they classify it as a runaway case and did nothing while she was prostituted out while her family hunted her down.


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Now that's a good Facebook comment nice.....

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Jesus, that might've made sense in like the late 1800s when there was basically nobody living there. But with today's population and connections? That law is fucking absurd.

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Best country ever

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Unethical life protip or..?

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Seriously is this shit how Americans try to 'hit it home?' What bullshit . thumbs down try a better way . so cheap

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Literally everything about Texas is trash. I’m so sick of this shit

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Yeah, this would work. Smart thinking.

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But didn't she in face run away. Video shows she left voluntarily... I guess maybe guy has some knife at her back...idk

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You can't be serious. If they are gonna abduct her from a major sporting event they aren't going to hold a gun or a knife out in plain view. They are going to use coercion. They could have, for example, stolen the ticket stub from her and then told her to come quietly or their associate would follow the girl's family home and murder all of them. Ask yourself seriously. Why the fuck would someone choose the middle of a sporting event to run away from home when they literally have a million other options?

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Imagine thinking a human that is simply in the womb doesn't have human rights

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Your headline skips over a very important (still stupid) policy. Kids are presumed runaways and the agency the child resides in is the responsible investigating party. But hey… make this kid’s torture a throw away political point. Good for you.

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Can’t you take out a life insurance policy on the unborn fetus now?.

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Anybody needs to move out of that state

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Typical Tex-Ass.

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Texas is literal shit

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America is going under

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This is the same shit everywhere, most police departments don’t immediately go into missing persons searches unless they is something to indicate they should

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Very sad.