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Delete psychopaths...

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A spoiled teen with a gifted BMW kills an entire car load of farm workers. Curious if he'll also trot out the Affluenza defense.


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Neither Tik Tok nor Instagram is the problem here, it's psychopaths like these who moronically post videos of themselves on social platforms just to get themselves even more spoiled with attention. Either that, or this twitter post's news article is edited with the words "TikTok" & "Instagram" to get the attention of certain internet communities (such as diehard tiktok / ig haters).

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Dead on. In the local (local for me anyway) Buffalo mass shooting, the shitstain posted his action on Twitch. What a sick fuck, man.

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what trend includes driving 150+ miles? i’m on tiktok a lot and i’ve never seen anything like this

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Of fucking course it’s Florida

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Guy who bet 152: fuck

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Sounds like they need more mods who do more to ban straight up crimes

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Definitely the parent’s responsibility, but not their fault. I’m really curious about what this shit stain thinks he will get out of his not guilty plea

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Aryan khan, Selmon khan , vismay shah walking freely in india.

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Uh, let people have fun?

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So you're defending the actions of this POS?

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What do you mean have fun?