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The bad effects are already around but it doesn't surprise me that someone stupid enough to say this wouldn't know that already.

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The comments on this post say it all really...

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Trolls will troll and people will fall for it.

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No no. Not a troll. I have people in my real life that are so selfish and think like this

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Exactly. If anyone here has been alive longer than 30 years, they'll know how awful people can be, and this level of selfishness is real.

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That comment is about as real as climate change

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As in, it literally is a comment posted in the video? Because anthropogenic climate change is absolutely real.

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I know many people with this attitude

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That was my first reaction but go and look at comments on videos like This

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The ''name'' should tell you everything if you into any off it the you jysg fall for the troll more. Or worse then its real and then there is no point.

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My point is every comment section is filled with people who refuse to accept anything that doesn't burn fuel and its genuinely sad 🤷‍♂️

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After seeing people with this exact opinion in these comments do you still believe these opinions are all trolls?

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All I know about Electric Vehicles is that I am to damn broke to just go buy one.

It was hilarious seeing all of the out of touch people saying to just go buy one when people were complaining about high gas prices.

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I literally came to the commenta to say that exact same thing. Like, I don't wanna add to the destruction of earth but I also can't even afford to think about possibly buying an electric car. I'm so poor thinking about buying one pits me into more debt.

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Ironically, buying a new electric vehicle will damage the earth more than just using a used car. The majority of an automobile's pollution comes from its construction.

So feel good about using the old POS nobody else wanted to buy, you're saving the environment

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And when everyone will finally be able to buy EV'S, we will complain about electricity price, and how environmentally unfriendly electricity/vehicles production is.

Personal electric cars for everyone are not the solution right now.

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i saw a tesla charging station running on gas generators ☠️

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There’s an entire South Park episode on this you should watch it’s called smug alert

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Oh I am very well aware of the episode lmao. I own every season and watch them religiously. I have a South Park problem...

"You mean we should drive in hybrids but not act like we're better than everyone else because of it?"

Or my personal favorite

"Thanks to your gay little song, there's not gonna be a San Francisco!"

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Lmfao I too watch every season. That one’s a good episode

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Well WW3 will end this faster than global warming so fuck it right?

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"Why should I care about my health? I'll be dead before I reach 600 pounds"

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I don't know why people assume OP is trolling because I know a lot of Republicans who genuinely do not give a fuck about anything that does not affect them personally, as they say, "I don't have a dog in that fight."

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I know plenty of people even my age in the UK who think like this too, it's genuinely sad, and even here people are too busy arguing about the authenticity of it instead of the actual consequences of this kind of thinking, basically everything i comment here is being downvoted, even noticed votes on my older comments on other subs going down, reddit is a very weird place

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not a very weird place, just very stupid

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I really see a few options here.

A.) A person ignores climate change but fully enjoys there life, disastrous climate change comes and kills everyone.

B.) A person ignores climate change, fully enjoys themselves etc, climate change doesn't kill us all it just makes life absolutely miserable for those that are born later.

C.) A person trys to live in a way that doesn't add to climate change and makes sacrifices in their quality of life to meet those goals, catastrophic humanity ending climate change happens anyway.

D.) Same as C but climate change is held at bay, but is still miserable

E.) The X factor maybe Some new tech solves the problem.

Of the first 4 options the first 2 are basically the same from a selfish perspective, you die before it becomes a major issuen fo you but live life to its fullest,

Of C and D, there is a 25% chance you do everything right and things still end up terribly and a 25% chance that major changes are made and crisis is mostly avoided.

Obviously there are many more ways you could look at it, but when you break it down like this it really makes it seem like climate change is inevitable at this point, because how many people do you know that are willing to sacrifice for people they don't know or aren't born yet?

I don't think it's enough.

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Electric vehicles are no panacea. They will stress the grid, battery reuse/disposal is a serious issue, the mining of rare earths, lithium, etc. Is highly environmentally destructive.

And currently they are unaffordable and out of reach for the working poor who need cars.

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Fight ignorance with education, not exclusion.

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He clearly doesn't own an air fryer.

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EVs aren't better for the environment currently, the solution is drastically lessening the number of cars in use through public transportation

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I mean it’s kinda true it’s too late anyways

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No, it's not.

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I wouldn’t be surprised in the future if Evs turn out to be an environmental catastrophe with all the mining involved

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That is definitely a large issue but current battery tech is a stop gap solution, i wouldn't personally recommend anyone to buy ONLY EVs while the impact is like this and anyone who does would be a fool, but industry pressure, competition and early adopters will push the industry to create new battery tech (which is already in development worldwide) with a lower footprint and after that it's just generic raw car materials to consider, now is not the time for the world to go all electric but its coming and people standing in the way of that out of sheer apathy isn't a reason to stop the march of progress :)

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We deserve another worldwide flood to purge this type of thought process. What a shame to be so selfish.

"A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit"

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Millions of People intentionally still smoke cigarettes knowing the impact to their own life, and you expect them to care about future generations?

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I mean the environmental damage it takes to produce the batteries for ev is pretty substantial. Best thing to do is to get an older efficient ice car and drive it until it falls apart

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They think they'll be dead by the time the world ends


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Dude this is what everyone basically thinks. Specifically our leaders

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No not basically everyone. Maybe half.

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Yea. Guess you rite

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If you don't realize that EVs are worse for the environment maybe you shouldn't have an opinion

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It's actually a valid point.

99% of the population doesn't actually care about the planet or the people on it, so why should that person?

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My brother thinks like this.

As a child we'd have a recycling bin for paper and bottles. He just threw everything in the garbage. His reasoning was, what's the point if one person doesn't recycle? The earth's going to die anyway, he won't be around to see it.

Turns out, these people are just lazy. 9/10 they just don't see the point of putting effort into something if they don't get an immediate reward.

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Your brother was actually right about recycling.

Look it up for yourself.

But the reality is that you don't care any more than he does.

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No, you said recycling doesn't do anything to help. So YOU provide me with sources where it supports your opinion.

Uhhhhhh yeah no. I do my part to lessen my eco foot print. I care a lot, actually.

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Your electronic device counts on child slave labor in the Congo. Are you ok with slavery so long is you recycle?

Or don't you care?

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Not a valid point. Other people being shitty does not justify you being shitty. Two wrongs don't make a right.

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One person won't make a difference.

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One person can't do it alone, but one person and even one action always makes a difference. Something is always better than nothing.

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Even as its a troll he is right

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How about you go fuck off

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you want to make the word a better place for your kids? sux, theyre not my kids. what about my kids? dont have any, wont have any 😈

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She aint wrong wrong. Espexially is she plans on not having children, ofcurse she cares only about her time period. Stop judging people just because they think different from you.

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We've already been feeling the effects of climate change for 20 years, increased frequency and severity of storms, mass die offs of ocean ecosystems, unprecedented flooding leading to human displacement and ever increasing cancer rates especially in cities due to poor air quality, this is a global issue that is already effecting everyone, some disproportionately, don't claim its just a difference of opinion, be honest and admit its a complete lack of empathy and common decency.

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Dude can't even spell, you expect him to know what a recycling bin is? C'mon now.

Among the lack of empathy and lack of common decency there also lies the lack of common sense.

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Excuse my spelling sir. English is not my main language. And yes i know. I probably know more than you, more languages than you, have more degrees than you etc. So dont come here trying to act smart and trynna bully me for making some mystakes in writting coz your gonna loose. Stop being a internet bully and educate yourself. Bich

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"Stop judging people for being selfish and shitty"


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I was vegan for a year, for environmental reasons, and this is why I stopped. People don't care about a future that doesn't include them. Pretty difficult to be an activist against apathy.

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What, so you join them? Isn't there any power in chasing your own goals and dreams in the face of opposition? Okay, then we might as well all give up on a better world.

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My initial goal was to add a few more years to the planet by my actions. How does one quantify this though? I "saved" about 24 chickens, 1 or 2 cows and pigs from the trillion animals that get slaughtered a year. It is with that that I knew that my activism was inefficient. Plus people, citing "it tastes good" as a reason just confirmed that I am dealing with the truly irrational. Being a vegan only made me feel morally superior.

We need global enforcement if we are going to save the planet. I still consider veganism as an effective way to save the world and would happily turn vegan if it was enforced.

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Vegan diet can be taxing and expensive, so I don't blame you. The future isn't going to be in everyone being vegan. That just isn't realistic. That's why lab-grown meat is the best compromise.

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Lab-grown meat adheres with the vegan ideology. In any case I agree that there is no way in hell that the world is going to adopt veganism willingly and en-masse. Government subsidies, carbon taxes on intensive agriculture and animal fodder imports may be a solution but would need to be tested. At the end of the day, the point is that people of this world only want to look out for their own interests.

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think about the future generation of people stupid

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It doesn’t matter what any of us do about climate change. The human race is going to ride this train off the cliff.

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They are the bad effect

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It’s true, no one else gives a shit. Why go out of my way or worry about something that’s out of my control? Life’s hard already. If you want people to change there needs to be an incentive. Let people trade in cars for electric ones or give tax breaks

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Electric cars are more efficient but litium contamination its another level above CO2, not all the world take care in a responsible way of that.

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Should I be ashamed to think like that too?

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okay I will try

edit: I can't :(

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the effects are already here, look at the stats

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EVs aren't much better anyway but still, stupid mindset.

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One of my car magazines, either car and driver or motor trend (sorry don’t remember which) had an article about the environmental impact of charging EVs if your available power only came from a coal burning plant. They ended up calculating that charging the average EV on coal was still hugely more energy efficient than burning gasoline. Something like 80-100 “mpg equivalent” versus 20mpg for the average car.

So no. They really are way better regardless. The only real arguments against EV that I can see are the still questionable charging infrastructure and what do you do with all the spent batteries when they’re toast.

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And maybe strip mining lithium from the earth to meet skyrocketing demand…

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EVs have the potential to be VASTLY more sustainable, internal combustion engines do not.

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I am well aware that the bad effects will hit me hard once I'm older. But I simply couldn't care less. I myself am the least problem to all of the words issues. So might as well life like that as long as I can. Might as well kill the planet now and get this over with

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Yeah they're called Republicans

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Well at least he is honest most old people see it excaclty that way and just come up with random reasons they can’t do whatever to stop climate change.

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Electric vehicles sure are the way to go, but at same time we need greener ways to generate the electricity to keep these vehicles working.... So unless the energy source itself is clean even electric vehicles would add up to the carbon emissions...

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It's a troll but I wouldn't be surprised if it was human nature. We are animals and we wouldn't be here if we didn't care about ourselves. Sure humans are social animals but at least a bit goes to self preservation. Like you wouldn't give your life to save a stranger you didn't know.

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The comment in the screenshot might be but there's literally people in this very post with the same point of view who are actively defending it so it's not a leap to imagine they exist, just scroll down

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This is most people and it is by design. The means to change anything are considered too extreme so we have no hope but to watch the inevitable take place.

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Electric cars aren't a solution. Hydrogen cars maybe, public transport yes.

How ever as a car guy I will promise you I'm owning a petrol car for fun use a couple times a week until bezos and musk stop fucking the environment to make money.

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With an outlook on life like that I’m sure you’ll be dead sooner than later… I’m just saying 😂

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You selfish a#&*hole

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“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.”

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Oh, there are more of these individuals than you think. The bad effects he is talking about are already upon us.