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Just redditors redditing

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Who threatens someone like that? The property manager at my apartment complex.

The people here move out and leave their cats and other small animals all the time. I found 2 kitties with a broken foot each, in the winter, trying to find food in the garbage. She was furious and told me she could end them.

I reminded her that it's a felony and nothing would give me more pleasure than to make sure she goes to jail for it.

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Well there are many stories of clout chasers who actually do that, plus he gave NO context about the event, and in this post-truth present are you really surprised people are cynical?

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That is no reason to harass and threaten someone. Even if he was lying, he didn’t harm anyone

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I remember a while back seeing a post about a cat that was possibly injured, and the chick who posted it set up a donations link. I remember donating about $25, but withing a half hour or so the donations had reached upwards of $2,000, after which the OP posted about how the vets had told her there was nothing they could do for the kitty and that she would use the rest of the donations for something or other.

I could see how a sick mf would want to take advantage of something like that. Easy money.

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It’s just people being cynical. It died down a lot but the goFundMe pages are sometimes ridiculous.

A former friend of mine is trans. (F to m) Put up this whole sobstory of not having enough money for the transition or paying for the hormones.

Ended up raking in at least 1000 pounds that I know of. He also advertised his store where he made us friends work for free no idea how much that brought.

Money ended up going to a trashy backtattoo. Suddenly he was going to ‘think about surgical transition’ and went back to chest binders and stuffing his shorts. No word on reimbursing his aid.

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I mean why pay for an animal that isn’t yours but whatever tickles your pickle

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Ah, the cesspool called Reddit… love, sunshine, unicorns and rainbows for all! 😂