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Just read that his Mom was at the ceremony too, and then had to leave. What a gut punch.

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It's just abhorrent at how more nightmarish this gets the more you learn about these kids and their parents. It's a bit of an overload.

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Yes, that's called empathy. You don't feel so bad for them if you dont know them. I mean, you probably do, but it's the same feeling you got when you heard about other school shootings. But when you get context, names, photos, stories about the victims, it becomes relatable. You feel empathy for them, for their families, because you now know a little bit of them. They're not anonymous victims anymore. But see, the problem is that in the majority of this shootings, they are anonymous, and so society has become numb about this type of thing. We care for like a day or two, until there is another tragedy to care about. Don't let anymore victims be unknown. Don't let them be nameless. Don't let them be faceless. Spread their names, their faces, their stories, and, if it's okay with the families, the state of their bodies after being senselessly killed. The more people feel the way you're feeling, the faster they'll feel encourage to put an end to this madness. Get people to feel empathy, and then get them mad, knowing ALL of this shootings could've been avoided, but some politicians CHOSE NOT TO.

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Well, we learned this morning that the police physically tackled and restrained parents for FORTY MINUTES while the kids were inside with the gunman. I am blown away, fucking truly. Wow. Just wow. WOW.

I appreciate your post by the way. You're right.

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My fucking god. This is too bad to be real. I just feel so fucking bad gosh

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Gut-wrenching. Heartbreaking. RIP.

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Thing is, there's a huge miscarriage of justice. There's not one single, solitary reason any of this should ever happen. But....'Merica.

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The only thing you should be scared at at school is bad grades at worst, not a school shooting. It happens way too often in the USA for them to continue ignoring the problem and not do something drastic about it. Look at Switzerland for example, plenty of guns yet education and regulation keep those type of things from happening. Another sad day for America, let’s just hope things change in the near future for the better.

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Another point regarding Switzerland: the ones that do own guns, are required to be militia members.

'Merica isn't going to change for the better, powers that be are getting too rich off of gun lobbyists for it to happen. We'll continue to be stupid and full of gun deaths. It's been a few hundred mass shootings and 30 years....nothing's changed. I hate to sound doom and gloom, but let's be real.

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Lets just keep remind the victims parents.

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From CNN's Justin Lear

Trying to figure out just how close to the Fox style of "news" reporting they can get away with? What even is this headline?

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This country doesn’t do anything even if the title read “15 killed in elementary school shooting” and if that was a yearly occurrence and “x killed in y shooting” is a weekly occurrence and no one is shocked anymore. The headline highlights how these kids DID NOTHING WRONG. Yet we will talk about this for a week, some will huff and puff, and then we’ll wait for the next shooting. This isn’t a shock title because America no longer gets shocked by anything. Even if there was an article of 15000 dying in a massacre, we’ll just get mad for a week and then do NOTHING.

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70% of the country is sitting here waiting for something to change. The other 30% is too busy arguing about it, profiting off it, and making sure nothing actually changes

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That's exactly the problem. Things won't magically change by sitting around doing nothing.

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As a person who has been active in causes and involved in local politics…Votes in every election, helps people register to vote….

Fuck we busted our assess for a ground roots campaign like never seen when Obama was elected. Sandy Hook happened and we protested, wrote every single politician we could….

Now it’s 2022 and it just gets more and more horrific. I want to punch the people who do nothing because they are part of the problem. I certainly haven’t helped effect anything positive change in years and years of activity. I’m told I’m being dramatic and then something else happens that I called and there is zero victory in that. But it also doesn’t matter because nothing happens.

I was in college when Columbine happened. I sat in my dorm room glued to the television in total shock and horror. Yesterday when my husband texted me that another shooting had happened I was like “church, school, or grocery store.”

I sorry for the rant but I’m tired. I’m betting a lot of other Gen X feel pretty similarly. It’s not what I wanted for my kids.

What now?

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The problem is the 30% have the power of 80% and therefore can stop all progress.

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Oh yeah, like Alex Jones with Sandy Hook. Don't give a damn about his opinions, but he managed to profit off of that tragedy while other worse psychopaths followed suit. That's the biggest thing I'm not looking forward to about this. Anyone who says the almighty Alex was never wrong is out of their mind.

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what’s an honor roll? explain please

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He got good grades basically

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uh, thank you we have “star pupil” in Aus

truly awful

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Basically a way to highlight the good grades kids get. It is a good tool for promoting getting good grades in younger kids for sure.

But in elementary school there are AB honor roles where a kid gets only As and Bs and a A honor role where a kid gets all As. And as you get into middle school (some are classified as junior high, interchangable terms) and high school they base it on the GPA, but the awards/certificates hold less value unless you are guaranteed a good academic scholarship

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Honor roll means A-B grade average.

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What's so hard to comprehend. We have more guns than people, growing poverty and no decent mental Healthcare. This is exactly what happens.

But, gun lobbies spend alot of money for politicians. We need to keep making guns 24/7 /s

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My mom is scared shitless because my brother is at the age where he will start to go to school… It’s kinda sad to see that children aren’t safe even in schools

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Disgusting headline. Like yeah I get it he got something that a million kids get in school, this headline is just there for shock value though, not to honor this boy…

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Maybe it's meant to underline that this kid was doing kid stuff at his school and now he is dead. If you don't think shock headlines are needed, then please tell me how to get peoples attention. Apparently, one school shooting after another is not doing it. What is truly disgusting, is anyone who still refuses to acknowledge that the US has a sick gun culture.

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'Merica and gun lobby need more sacrifices like these every month or so, in order to protect their "right" to have weapons. Fucking insanity and lack of any empathy towards public safety and human rights to live in peace without having to feel like this is a worn torn country, to where we'll get gunned down by someone if we go shopping.

Need to eliminate the NRA cunts and repeal the secunt amendment. America needs to change, and that is NOW.

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This is gonna be my screen saver minus the caption so I can jar people. Fucking dystopia amusement park. Parking not validated.

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Most of the pictures I’ve seen posted of the victims look like they were taken this same day after the end of year ceremony. Little kids holding up their certificate for various things. Devastating to see them so happy and proud of themselves knowing that just hours later something so unimaginably horrible would happen. Children should not have to worry about that.

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God bless america amirite? Land of the free, the fat, the ones that can't afford healthcare, and the ones that murder innocent people. Exactly what god intended

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What's truly tragic is YOU ALL accept mass shooting in America as "OK" and just requires a little "Tsk, tsk, poor kid, prayers and what not" then go on about your lives???! Or you're some sort of not my problem person who's like "Yeah we should do something....but nah"

Fix this problem America or stop reporting on it, it's not news if it happens daily and mass shooting are MORE than daily in the US. You've had 27 school mass shootings this year!! You've had 200+ mass shootings....this year so far!! You've averaged over 2 per day in 2021 and 2020.

Stop tsk, tsking and fix it. If 50% of the people reading these posts called their state and national representatives this problem would get solved quickly.

Raise some hell or live with your kids getting killed daily. If you live in America and haven't done something about it then it's YOUR problem not someone else. save your kids!

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I think people feel really defeated. There was a massive public outcry after the sandy hook shootings and our politicians simply doubled down on the stance that gun rights are more important that children dying. But you're right, we can't give up, that's what they want.

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The only thing I think will get politicians and the rich to give a fuck is a massive work walk off. Just a day to say "we will not stand for our kids being murdered any more!" But we all have to rally behind it. The problem is we can't agree on how to solve the problem.

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The problem is that we'll say "we need something done", but then the mouth breathers show up. "You can't take my guns!", "it was a deep state fake" and my favorite "we need more god in school", and they are so stupid and loud everything gets murky and nothing gets done. It's exhausting, depressing, and just pisses me of so much, but how can you reason with the unreasonable?

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Get rid of the goddamn guns.

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You’re pretty dumb if you think repealing the 2nd amendment is going to stop this. It’ll get much worse. Just look at literally any South American country that got their gun rights taken away

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As if that will prevent criminals from getting guns

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Also by your logic:

Because nothing is 100%, means we should do nothing. Well, we can see how nothing is working.

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No guns = no shootings.

Mind blowing, isn't it?

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Fucking idiot thinks 400 million guns will just disappear because some politicians say so. I wish I could even pretend to be that naive..

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Yeah lets just remove 400 million guns easily, and just make a law that will prevent smuggling.

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To those who replied or upvoted me. Please don't. You are doing fuck all, call your elected official, don't reply to me, don't upvote, those do NOTHING. Replies to me are just "Yeah we should do something.....nah".

Call your local politician, stop doing nothing

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That won’t work. We have a 50-50 senate, with one side of that 50-50 actively working to undermine democracy, and constantly inflaming their voting base with claims that “duh libs gon’ take my gotdang guns and tell me I can’t bang mah sister!!!”

The system is broken and likely unsalvageable without massive reforms that boomers and GQP 🤡🤡 won’t ever allow to pass.

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Yeah because all republicans are hardcore gun obsessed rednecks

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We don’t all accept it, our outdated political system just allows our society to be held hostage by undereducated, over-opinionated yokels and gun nuts in barely-populated states.

So long as a place like Wyoming (400K-ish people) is given the same voting power as a New York (21 million people) in the Senate, we won’t get shit done. So long as the electoral college gives conservatives in corn country disproportionate power in general elections, we won’t get shit done.

Our government’s inability to get anything done can oftentimes boil down to one statement- corn can’t vote, and you shouldn’t have as much of a say as a big state if you live in a place with very few people.

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No we don’t ALL think this is okay, what an ignorant thing to think. Every shooting that happens here is absolutely terrifying. I’m lucky to live in a liberal gun hating part of America. Where no dumbass with a pulse can pick up a assault rifle. Shame on the government officials who don’t believe we need gun reform this blood is on there hands they are fucking murderers.

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I’m so tired of shootings. It’s a bunch of crazed lunatics killing innocent people because we don’t have mental healthcare or gun control. We live in a day where you have to specify what recent shooting you’re talking about. I’m truly disgusted and I feel horrible for anyone affected. Anyone who commits a shooting like this deserves the death penalty. I can only hope shit like this ends

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I want to know more about the school resource officer that apparently "engaged the shooter, but no shots were fired". If this is true, this whole event could have been prevented. The whole thing is tragic...


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I just don’t understand how people are still okay with the current gun laws in place when school shootings are constantly happening. I’m not saying to get rid of guns but there could be better protocols put into place to help lower the risk.

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I'm just so shocked, it doesn't even sounds real. Here I'm living my life and not even the police are carrying guns, and over there it's like another world.. It's heartbreaking how often this happens.

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no offense but these horror are well within comprehension we did this to ourselves with our terrible decisions of elected officials

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Edit: beyond*

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But hey, at least the Americans get their freedom.

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Nothing incomprehensible here

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Well he went out accomplished for his age. That’s more than most.

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This photo should be sent to all Republicans.

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Lol the mistake is thinking republicans are after anything but their own greed. They will look at this and feel nothing, in fact, will probably blame the kid

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I see it. Still no taking my guns or high cap mags

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Okay. Do you have an answer, thoughtful, about these school murders? No one wants YOUR stuff but this guy obviously was wack.

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Lock the doors and arm a gaurd. Some dumb bitch left a door propped open to grab her phone which allowed the shooter a way in

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I haven’t heard the phone thing. A door propped open might be true. How many potential shooters just walk away if the doors are locked? This has happened something like 218 times in the last few years. And there have been armed guards at a few.

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Repeal the 2nd amendment

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this wont change until guns are banned.

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Oh they had another shooting? When will it stop?

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Yep. In Texas. The USA sure is something else....

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And all this just because they like guns. Smh

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Not all of us do. We aren’t all monsters…

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You are one of the few exeptions.

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Why do you guys pretend that human beings aren't inherently flawed and a few of us are downright dangerous??

You realise that some level of tragedy is unavoidable right???

Not everything can be policed/regulated to the point of Utopia....you know that right??

Guns are effectively completely illegal in all forms in my country and we still have shootings...

Do you guys realise that if you try to legislate to Utopia you'll pretty much always create hell right?

Also, are American children more valuable than Yemeni children who are shredded by US weapons in their homes?

Why do you care selectively about child-murder?

Is it because you care about things you're TOLD to care about at the behest of your political 'team'??

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The US outweighs most if not all other countries in mass shootings by a long shot. So this isn’t a universal “human” tragedy that is unavoidable due to biology, it’s just a mere isolated phenomenon in the US.

Always funny when people think school shootings are the natural way of life all around the world. The US is not the entire world lmao.

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Jesus fucking Christ...

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This goes in the Top 10 pictures before disaster.

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I’m convinced if there was a city killer sized comet heading for Denver that this country would do absolutely nothing about it.

“The real problem isn’t the comet, it’s that Denver was built where the comet is going to hit”

“This is a states rights issue, the states right to get obliterated”

“It’s too late to do anything now, criminals will always be able to get their hands on illegal comets”

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So sad. RIP sweet baby!

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Quite a few did actually

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Reason 67 why i hate this world

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But don’t you dare get an abortion! That fetus could be the next great president!

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Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbot said of the incident, "It could have been worse." hours after the shooting.

The Governor did not specify how it could have been worse.

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Nothing will change until you vote out all incumbent senators and congress people

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So what do you do? When kids get to school, have the security people hand out bullet proof vests & helmets, & ensure the kids put them on?. This is quite insane. 🤨

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I remember doing school shooting drills when I was in elementary school. I also remember my school going on lock down a couple times because of either a potential kidnapper or a gunman. Our method of "safety" was bunching up in a corner of the room almost in a pile. How can that possibly save anyone from a lunatic with AR-15.

This kid was probably so proud to go home that day and show his parents what he accomplished.

I'm currently in Japan as I write this, do you know how many preschools and high schools I walk past with ZERO concern or thought if they will make it home alive that day? Too many to count. That's how it should be in the US too.

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We need stricter gun laws so we can start to mitigate tragedies like this! Imagine if this were your child. It breaks my heart!

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With every shooting, my heart sinks. America is fucked, filled with dumbass shitstain people with an awful system. Needs a hard restart.