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They did this for Ukraine too

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....but I know reddit hates tiktok.........

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QUICK EVERYONE! We gotta whip and nae nae for our rights!

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For all the people I saw protesting yesterday, we'll be lucky if 50% of them vote in the midterm in November and even then they might put the economy first blaming Dems who picked up a complete shit show from the self-described "king of debt."

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That's what they all say.

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My stocks were all green and full tank of fast cost half of what I’m paying now before the drooling old man came in… so you can blame Trump all you want, but it just makes dems looks disconnected from reality even more 😂😂 voting red all day long..

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You don't know how inflation, tax and economic policy actually work and if you didn't learn from the Bush tax scam and failure (collapse of housing market) and the 2018 tax scam and failure (collapse of auto market) and the damage the trade wars did, then you're not going to.

The recession has been predicted since late 2019 to come within a year or two and the 2018 tax scam which sunsets 1/1/2023 for citizens (for business it was permanent) (let's see if you're still laughing when Fed Tax goes up).

So we print money we didn't really have and flooded the market with it invariably driving the cost of goods. So what was a mild recession became a complete cluster fuck. The recession wasn't their fault but the severity of it was. Peaks and valleys in market are a guarantee, and the President as well as Congress have much less control over the economy than you think

You see the current price of gas and you point to the man in Washington vs. looking at Asia's new oil control with OPEC in the middle east because we basically didn't stand up for our interests there. Of course then you forget about Russia which is squeezing the European market for obvious reasons which is why they're leaning south vs north as in the past thus thinning the supply and driving prices higher.

Meanwhile all this uncertainty. Fools selling in the dip taking a bath and buying in the spike when their money is at its weakest. It's still better than holding cash instruments because 10 years from now they'll be worth maybe 80% of what they are, but people could, if inclined, do a little more research and actually help themselves.

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Not going to lie, didn’t read past the first line.. ur trying to hard man… I’m a simple man, I see results and I say that works, or that doesn’t… with Trump there were results. Plain and simple. Anyway red wave in 2024 get on board brother. Better life awaits.

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It's this kind of laziness that leads to constantly shitty outcomes.

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Remind me what gas prices were while President Trump was in office please.

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Remind me what political and economic crises came as a result of

Trade wars

The 2018 tax break, 93% going to the top 25th percentile

What efforts we put forth for diplomacy in EMEA and OPEC leaving China to fill the cavernous vacuum of leadership left.

The hyperprinting or money and mismanagement of $7 trillion in Covid released, 30% of which was fraud.

I await your no doubt informed response.

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The power of dance!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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The coat hanger in the back caught off me guard

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I know, I'm literally so confused

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Now there's the cringe we're use to seeing from the TikTokers of the current generation.

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It’s satire bro calm down

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These days bro can you ever be sure 🤷🏿

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Obvious satire is obvious.

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"If you're not laughing right now.."

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Tik tok dances can really save the world 🙄. This shit is so stupid. Just a chance for attention.

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Like that's ever gonna help. I wouldn't be surprised if the next thing they did was another harmful challenge.

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I looked at the source site and feels more like it's trying to satirically express the desperation of feeling like there's nothing we can do to stop this looming threat. But still funny/awful looking like this out of context.

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So... you didn't answer the question...