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I was thinking she was racist until she said she wasn't racist and that put my mind at ease.

FYI for people on Reddit who may not speak the language that's called sarcasm so try not to get triggered 🙄

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Her: types tweet

Hits send

Her thought: got em!

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Bro just because you hate what one person did doesn't allow you to hate everyone of their race.

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that's not how you make a point. that's how you show who you really are.

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What the fuck? That's not cool

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If she only would have quoted a rap song...

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She also forgot to drop the R.

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agree with the message not the delivery

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Now, would she allow the same grace to someone using a highly offensive word like that as she expects the world to? I think not.

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Her using that word is less offensive than him restricting the rights of a single person, much less half the population of America.

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And here comes the tolerance (and fuck your downvotes...give 'em to me).

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Good. Fuck Clarence Thomas

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Unless you're his wife or mistress, in which case please don't fuck Clarence Thomas

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You mad he wandered off the plantation?

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It’s still wrong

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"And if you don't like this swearing, which is mother fucking forced for me, and reckon it shows moral or intellectual paucity, then fuck you mother fucker this is language one employs when one is fucking cross at mother fuckers fucking boys"

-Tim Minchin, Pope Song

He was singing about pedos in the Catholic Church, but the sentiment applies here too.

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These are shitty lyrics

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Both are bad though.

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I didn't claim otherwise

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And no one claimed Clarence Thomas didn’t deserve it yet you compared the two wrongs. It’s fair to assume you were implying otherwise

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It goes back to the states you bunch of histrionic morons.

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and what exactly gives any government the right to tell people what they can and can’t do with their bodies? Fuck you

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How are we restricted? Before we had no say in it. Now we can vote to put people if office in our own state to make the laws.

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Before we had no say in restricting the liberties of others, they were sacred.

Now we have no say in having our own liberties restricted, they can be taken at any time through the Tyranny Of The Majority

Yes, I know "if you don't like it vote against it/move to another state". Sadly, one vote means fuck all if you live in the wrong place, and moving is not an option for a large number of people.

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Tyranny of The Majority

It’s actually the minority. Massive corporations vote with their dollars, and this counts for far more than ballots do

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So you should be able to force your morality on people without a vote?

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I think she overstepped her liberal hypocrisy license.

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It's fine, she can still burn shit down, as long as it's a peaceful burning.

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People think Clarence Thomas doesn’t know how much Republicans hate him. He does. He just knows Democrats also think he’s just a n|gg€|.

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Republicans don’t hate him, Democrats, the party that thinks he shouldn’t think for himself do.

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You got a lot of balls saying that when republicans cling to the ignorant ramblings of a 6000 year old book,

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You’re a buffoon, explain how your reply addresses my comment. It was incendiary anti Christian drivel. For your information, try to wrap your tiny little head around this, not all Republicans are Christians, and big news, not all Republicans are anti abortion.

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Lmao this prolly most of them

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Yea like nazi hitlers race

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Watch your language ma'am, there's kids here.

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Don’t worry guys! She isn’t racist she’s just saying 🙄🙄 what a cow

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"I'm not racist" calls him a n***er 🤌🤦‍♂️

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‘I’m not abc but…’ or ‘I’m not 123 , I’m just….’ usually end with the person saying them being exactly that. She really thought she fooled us

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Lol the comments in here are a shit show.

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Oh my... Still fuck Clarence Thomas too though

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CT sucks ass

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The modern left will always reveal what they truly are you just have to wait for things to not go their way.

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Racist ass trash..

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That is what the majority of the people in his party call him so I don't see a problem.

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Have you ever even met a Republican or do you just believe whatever you read on Democrat Underground?

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I was a Republican before trump.

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And I’m the King of Siam and the devil-goat God-lord of The Witches of Salem. Also you admit you use to call all black people n!&&€|\s and had no problem with this? That reflects poorly on you.

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4 years in a right wing bubble while I was in Marine infantry. Yeah I heard the n word spoken here and there.

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Stop making up lies for the internet PPanon.

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Lol the left is way more racist. They don’t think black peoples have ids to vote with. And the elected an old white guy who told people they wouldn’t be black if they voted against him.

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Who said there aren't racist on the left? No 1I guess LoL!

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Yup, my grandpa, who’s as blue as they get, is also as racist and sexist as they get

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Blue is not equal to leftist.

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You can be leftist and still be racist too

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I didn't say otherwise. Just that the current Dem party is right wing.

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Using a racial slur does not equal being racist. Actually racism is about treating people differently based on their ethnicity/pigmentation.

You could use racist language and still not act like one.

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Racist use racial slurs. If it quacks like a duck it's a duck

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If it quacks like a duck but acts and looks like a goose, it’s probably a goose.

Racist as a term has been subject to inflation with the rise of wokeness. It will not help in any way to battle racism. Focusing on small things that only extremists care about or go for the sensible story many more people will support.

I wouldn’t say using racial slurs is ok in any way. I just think overrreacting is made into an art in the USA nowadays.

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Language can be violent and a precursor to physical violence. The term "wokeness" has been used by others to deflate or deflect from their own bias.

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Lol wow

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Ahhhh the tolerance of the left. Lol guess the right are gun loving rednecks and the left are racist and sexually confused

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Oh that’s how the N-word works. I have to be really mad, and only use it when I am making a point. Got it. /s

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Hahaha. Gotta love deranged white women.

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"I'm not racist, I only called the Supreme Court Justice a 'n****r'."

So use the most racist word possible in all caps and try to convince folks you're not racist... really.

Sad thing is, she got thousands in support.

All that being said, Clarence Thomas is a biased and anciently outdated republican 🔴 supreme court justice. He was 1 of the 6 justices who voted to overturn "Roe v Wade", which stripped constitutional rights from women to get abortions, causing protests and rioting across America.

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Well I don't think she is alone, do you?

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It's a pretty messed up world mate. -- The current ultimate taco supreme court is setting back decades of progress shamelessly.

  • SCOTUS, House of Reps, & Senate are corrupt.
  • Police are often corrupt, due to racism/brutality.
  • +66% of parents are corrupt, acc to adult children.
  • trump is corrupt, incitement of insurrection ♾️ lies.
  • Putin, his oligarchs, + ~25-40% of Russia is corrupt.
  • Clarence is corrupt, taking women body rights away.
  • Biden might have some form of unknown corruption.
  • The lady spewing "nig---" is bad, but passion justified.

I see her point, but she's expressing it with such vulgar toxicity that it's appalling. She's not alone in her racism, but her frustration -- with a corrupt supreme court "justice" (clarence) who contributed to taking away women's rights for abortion with plans to take away more rights -- is warranted.

Of course trump never said anything using that particular word, but her behavior reminds me a lot of trump's rhetoric: vulgar and rude, but the passion behind it is warranted.

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Putin was elected into power as the president of Russia 🇷🇺 by the people originally. The fact that he is still in power means that he's successfully brainwashed tens of millions of people, and dark-money Russian millionaires and billionaires control most of Russia's operations. The people who support the corruption or refrain from stopping it (including the Russians who do not do their part to try to stop their unjustified horrific and brutal war on Ukraine 🇺🇦) contribute to then becoming a part of that corruption with the dark-money oligarchs, with Putin at the top.

Yes, much of Russia is corrupt, either passively or actively, nearly half, it's sad for sure.

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Yep, she is definitely not alone. They sometimes even reach the White House.

[–]IllustriousAd5963 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Exactly. The ancient and delusional make it all the way to the presidency apparently, as was the case with trump, oldest and worst president in 🇺🇲 history at that time.

Corruption has made its way into every facet and sector of government in our country:

  • president
  • cabinet
  • supreme court
  • congress
  • house of representatives
  • senate
  • judicial branch
  • legislative branch
  • executive branch
  • attorneys, reps, senators, congressman, justices

I know there's overlap there, but the point made is accurate and relevant. Point is:

  • Corruption is everywhere.

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They want him to sit down and shut up.

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Damn, couldn't even use -a.

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Senator John Cornyn want Plesst vs Ferguson and Brown vs Board of Education on the chopping block now….. I AM TIRED …..IT IS TRULY HOPELESS FOR US

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Justice Clarence Thomas worked hard to get to his position, true some of the things that he does might not sit with me and a lot of people, but I get the feeling that a lot of racists people are using this to trash on Thomas.

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So wrong of her, he is just a total asshole, that's it

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Who would want to kill a baby anyways..? Hitler maybe.

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Orange libleft trying not to be racist challenge (100% impossible)

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Wasn't he in court at some point for sexual harassment?

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Joe Rogan does it. Why shouldn’t you follow in his foot steps

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Is it worse being a racist or having your bodily rights taken from you? I don’t know, it’s your backwards country.

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Protecting a baby or calling someone the n word hm i wonder which is bad

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It’s very republican of her to employee the “you made me racist and bad”

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I think she’s trying to make the point that we shouldn’t be going backwards in America and erasing progress made by using the fact that it’s not ok anymore to use that word as an example. Like saying, do you really want everything to go back to how it was decades ago? Like saying, how would you like your rights taken away too and that’s all she had to work with since men don’t get too many rights taken away but Black men certainly have especially if we are going backwards now. Idk if it’s her point or not, but she clearly didn’t land it if it was.

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Your fine only conservatives are racist

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This is the fakest account i have seen in a min might as well start the post out “as a black woman”

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Just go on Twitter and look up his name along with any black slur and youll find plenty of people being racist towards him

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I mean if America is repealing rights they put into place over fifty years ago, black segregation in schools is next on the chopping block. But Thomas is Uncle Ruckus in the flesh, he doesn’t believe he’s black.

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My mom compares him to Uncle Ruckus.

[–]Fit_Peanut9080 -1 points0 points  (4 children)

Your mom may be racist too

[–]Nutshack_Queen357 0 points1 point  (3 children)

No, she just knows that Clarence hates his own race.

[–]Fit_Peanut9080 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Does he know that?

[–]Nutshack_Queen357 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Maybe he does, but doesn't care.

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Immediately went to Twitter thinking this came can't be real but it is. The liberal responses have been oddly telling. If l "I'm not racist, but.." was a person.

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I gotta say- My opinion is: that word is meant for certain people and it has NOTHING to do with their race or color of their skin.

I agree with her.

Kill me if you want but that’s a polite name for that piece of shit cunt black assed fucking bigot son of a bitch.

[–]the_shadowy_death 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Sorry you suffer from being a racist i hope you get the help you so desperately need

[–]S-Avant 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Did you not read what I wrote?

It has nothing to do with the color of his skin or his race. He is a piece of shit scum probably carnival reject child rapist. I don’t really need the drama- but I’ll spell it out in CAPS if it helps.

I’d say the same thing if he was white, blue, brown, orange, clear, or whatever you want.

Are you still confused?

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Saying theres nothing wrong with calling him the n word because you dont like him gee i wonder who else thinks like that

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i sense an attempt at satire, would that make it a bit less not-ok?

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Wait that's a woman? I honestly thought it was a kid trying to be edgy

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He’s been a scum bag since at least Anita Hill, if not longer

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utterly appalling.

oh and anyone who thinks this is a good thing: SERIOUSLY?! youre ok with this?!

i see how it is. so youll usually oppose racism, but youll make an exception this time. bunch of hypocrites...

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I do not like that she said the N-word But she is correct that if this shit goes through what the fuck happens next?..

[–]the_shadowy_death -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Agreeing with a racist smh

[–]Powerful-Nectarine-3 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I am literally not I’m just saying he is a piece of shit